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Truth Light. What You Can Do During the Trump Years.

Truth light. Let yours shine every day.

Truth light. Let yours shine every day.

Truth Light is a form of spiritual volunteer work. Can you take two minutes a day to help send the light of spiritual truth into America and the world? Because if you are, today I will teach you one way to do that.

Three things got me thinking about this. And then I had one Aha! about this form of spiritual volunteer work.

Blog-Buddies, first I will to tell you about these three WHYs. Then I’ll share with you the simple WHAT.

Truth Light Motivator #1: Trump’s First Big Tweet-Lie Since the Election

Turning on the radio is tricky now. Usually I’ll listen to a congenial public radio station while getting meals ready — WAMU or WETA. Unfortunately what has happened since the election? Now I never know when I’ll have leap across the room to turn that radio off.

When Trump’s voice comes on the radio, for instance. Too creepy for cooking anything other than curdled food items. 😉

This morning I heard that America’s President-Elect Donald Trump has tweeted a very big lie: Supposedly he personally stopped the Ford Motor Company from sending a factory to Mexico. A total fabrication, according to the Ford Motor Company.

Absolutely stunning, right?

I’ll assume this has been his first major lie on Twitter since the U.S. election. Guess I could find out if I followed him on Twitter? Ooooh, I think not.

Truth Light Motivator #2: Passionate Disregard of Truth as Everyday Crazy-Talk 

Driving my car in the neighborhood yesterday, I thought I’d add to the fun by listening to a talk radio show, also on WAMU.

What came on the air?

It sounded like a voice clip from a movie. Yum, movies! America’s refuge of pop culture. 🙂

An actress was saying, to paraphrase, “Money was so tight.”

Then the woman, whom I’ll call “Josephine,” continued like this. “Obamacare was so awful. I had to make a choice between insuring myself and my old, sick father. So I cancelled my health insurance.”

“Golly,” I thought. “This is some powerful actress. She’s putting out such intensity, sounds like Academy Award quality. Funny, I don’t recognize her voice.”

Then came the clincher. Josephine shrieked triumphantly, “And that’s why I voted for Trump.”

Aha! Josephine was on the radio because she was a voter. Not because she was an actress giving the performance of her life.

Emotively, the impact was stunning. Yet spiritual light, the light of truth, was entirely absent.

Why Do I Count This True Expression of Feelings as… Crazy-Talk?

Clearly Josephine’s subjective feelings ran strong.

What about objective reality, though? Was voting for Trump going to bring back this poor woman’s health insurance?

Look everybody is entitled to a point of view.

But this passionate outburst only seemed to be about objective reality. Seems to me, Josephine voiced heartfelt and passionate sentiments… which she cut-and-pasted onto a tiny bit of reality. Emotions aside, what she said — and did — made no sense.

And speaking of what has happened in objective reality

By 2016, Obama’s Affordable Care Act has succeeded in insuring 20 million Americans. Otherwise they would have no health insurance. Neither Josephine’s Dad nor Josephine, presumably.

How did Republican politicians help this program succeed at giving more affordable coverage to folks like Josephine? Congress passed at least 50 bills designed to destroy “Obamacare.”

Trump’s stated idea to “Repeal and replace” is highly unlikely to give Josephine better insurance. Don’t be surprised if all 20 million Americans are left without any health insurance whatsoever. Again.

In which case, will Josephine and Republican leaders blame Obama for that, too?

Truth Light Motivator #3: Awarded for Telling the Truth

What, you didn’t know that people could actually win prizes for telling the truth?

Yesterday, my client Joe mentioned this in an offhand way. Sweet! Evidently, for five years running, Joe’s Fortune Big-Deal company handed out awards.

Guess what? Every single year Joe won an award for Most Honest Employee.

Why? He would tell the truth to people at work. Combining that with his exceptional intelligence and diligent work habits — no wonder Joe was a standout force for integrity in his workplace.

How Do All these Truth Light Motivators Add Up?

It was my morning Technique Time. I’d done my usual morning routine — which, incidentally does not usually involve Technique Time. This includes asking out loud for God to bless certain people in my life. By now I also ask God to bless Obama, Clinton, Trump, and Pence (and their families).

Fine! Next I sat down for five minutes of eyes-closed Technique Time. A version called, “Close Your Eyes and Hello, God.”

Count this as one of the perks of Enlightenment. When you close your eyes, God is right there. No place to go. Meditation simply removes the human-type distractions.

So I was just doing my personal thing. In my work day to follow, I sure wasn’t planning to post at the blog in my role as Enlightenment Coach.

Lately there have been many daily posts. Sadly, these take away from the time that I’m spending on some other RES projects. (Just so you know, allowing comments takes just about no time at all, and it brightens my day. Please keep up commenting here!)

Well, Rose Got a Truth Light Surprise.

In meditation, I found myself co-creating what I’m about to recommend to all of you, a “Truth Light” Technique.

Took just two minutes. Felt good.

Afterwards, I was tempted to teach it to you ‘all  at the blog. But I thought initially in terms of setting a particular time for us all to do it together. What a puzzle that would be, given some of you live in east coast time, central time, pacific time, various time zones in Europe and Africa and South America and Australia. Oboy!

So I did a bit of “Questioning” to expand my thinking. (BTW, you can learn my “Questioning” technique from any of these RES books: “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” OR “The Master Empath” or “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality”).

While “Questioning,” I asked if there was any feasible way that I could invite RES people to do “Truth Light.”

Then, Aha!, came the beauty part. What if all who choose to participate would do “Truth Light” at any convenient time, whatsoever, once a day?

Picture little candles shining out at random times all over the world. Yes!

So, Blog-Buddies. Consider yourself invited to bring this troubled world the blessing of “Truth Light” Meditation. On your schedule.

How You Can Shine a Truth Light to Bless the World

Since it’s Technique Time, please fold this into your regular time period. Which you time with a clock. (To learn more about this, read a full explanation in “The New Strong.”)

Do not, for instance, mix this in with casually reading the blog. For your own good, keep your energy hygiene strong.

As with the rest of your Technique Time, prevent interruptions in advance. Remove pets from your room, and close the door. Alert roommates. Turn of your mobile, etc. Then:

Sit comfortably, legs not crossed or folded.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Imagine, feel, pretend or see… light begins to glow in your heart area.
  3. With your mind, acknowledge that this light helps you to recognize what is truth. This isn’t just any spiritual light. It is Truth Light. Replete with love and light and power.
  4. Let this Truth Light fill you.
  5. Then let this light expand to fill the entire United States.
  6. Then all of North America. And next South America. And following that, all the world.
  7. Mentally, ask God to help all people who wish to learn truth, carrying truth forward through speech and actions.
  8. “May all people who desire it… bring spiritual truth into earth.”
  9. Take another moment to feel this, to relish it.
  10. Open your eyes.

Practial Extra Bits about Truth Light, Including Something Cute

Time yourself and you’ll know how long “Truth Light” Technique took you this time.

Unlike Rose, you could wallow for longer than two minutes, of course. I’m the speedy type.

Just be sure to track that part of your Technique Time. How long, in minutes?

Following the schedule you have set for yourself, don’t go over. Five hours a day of Technique Time, or 30 minutes even… could really compromise your quality of life. (Trust me here, and my experience with helping RES clients.)

So what’s the cute part about the “Truth Light” technique? After first-drafting this post and doing my morning sessions with clients, I went downstairs to lunch. Reading the newspaper, I learned what is the new word for 2016, according to the Oxford Dictionaries International Word of the Year.

Incredibly, the Most Popular, New Word in the World. Can You Guess?

Guess what?


Ha! Do you and I have to live in a post-truth society? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Let’s do what we can to make that a short-lived fad. Like saggy pants and mood rings.

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  1. 1
    Jnana says:

    I just love your tevhniques, Rose. Short, simple but oh so powerful!

  2. 2
    Jean says:

    Great Rose!

    I too have been struggling with this
    ‘post truth’ thing…yes lets make it a short-lived fad!

    Love this “Truth Light” Technique and will now include it in my daily Technique Time.

    Your blog is such a help – especially now…

  3. 3
    Gia says:

    I”m all in. I’m grateful for something I/we can do everyday
    instead of just feeling upset. Can’t wait to do it each day.

  4. 4
    An Avid Reader says:

    Beautiful! Thank you, for being such a light of truth!

  5. 5
    Jem says:

    This is a nice one that would be easy to fit into our 20 minutes technique time, and it makes so much sense.

    I really like how quick yet potent RES skills are. So practical.

  6. 6
    Emily T says:

    Thank you Rose. I took four minutes of technique time today to relish it 🙂 very easy to fit into my everyday routine!

  7. 7
    Amanda says:

    I will be one of the little candles, Rose. Thank you for sharing a beautiful technique.



  8. 8
    Sophie says:

    “When Trump’s voice comes on the radio, for instance. Too creepy for cooking anything other than curdled food items.” Oh wow, yes I can relate to that a lot Rose. Just commented on a previous blog post about my experience, then opened this blog post and read about your rapid radio off switch acrobatics.

    I will try this technique too thank you Rose. We have some wannabe Trumps over here too, and I have direct personal experience with one particular of them flexing their post-truth muscles on my watch. I was so not amused.

  9. 9
    Rachel says:

    Count me in too 🙂

  10. 10
    David B says:

    “post truth”? ewww.
    Perhaps whats underway is more a revision of what truth really is vs “facts” and opinions. A new discrimination.

    Reminds me of the song – this light light 0 mine…

  11. 11

    Three cheers for more discernment, DAVID B! Sooner or later, I think this is going to happen.

    And sooner, I hope.

  12. 12

    Another story to go with the one about Josephine.

    I heard this one about Joe. He scoffed, “Who cares about Obamacare? It’s fine with me if this gets repealed. I happen to have great insurance. It’s called ‘ACA.'”

  13. 13

    For those who don’t know, the real name for the insurance law that has been nicknamed “Obamacare” is “The Affordable Care Act.” (ACA)

    Trump may “love the poorly educated.” And millions may enjoy paying less attention to facts than ever. However, there are such things as facts. Consequences, too.

  14. 14

    Some of you Blog-Buddies may know that, along with the wonderful comments here at the blog, we’ve got more lively conversation going at the Forums for my online workshops.

    Yesterday, Gladys, one of my Spiritually Sparkling students made a Forum comment, noting that she finds this Truth Light technique to be meaningful, and she does it regularly.

  15. 15

    Since posting this article, I’ve done it just about every single day (minus a small number of exceptions). Like Gladys, I find it a meaningful way to make a contribution. And it’s just a two-minute technique, not an elaborate meditation or contemplation.

  16. 16

    Personally, I like to do Truth Light at the end of my morning Technique Time. Out loud, I’ll tell God something like this:

    Now I’ll join with all the people who aim to bring love and justice to all on earth. My contribution here will be to bring in more Truth Light. (And then I’ll do just what is described in the main article here.)

  17. 17
    Kylie says:

    That Gladys is me! I love to do this technique, often right before sleep.

    Thank you for including the words you say before hand.

  18. 18
    Kylie says:

    It does make me feel a lot better to remember that there are people all around the earth who are aiming to bring love and justice to earth–like all of us who read the blog.

  19. 19

    Oh, KYLIE, I hope there are many of us.

    And I believe there are.

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