Deeper Perception Made Practical

Face Reading Fun #4. Eyes.


Face reading fun with eyes, woo-hoo!

Face reading eyes? Big fun! So let the face reading party continue.

Face Reading Eyes will be our latest video from the Face Reading Party Collection of YouTubes. Do you believe that eyes are the windows to the soul?

To a physiognomist (face reader) every feature on your face contains loads of windows to your soul. That’s especially true of the system I’m using, Face Reading Secrets®. It’s based on the premise that “God don’t make no junk.”

Not junk when it comes to your soul. Not junk when it comes to your eyes.

One out of dozens of eye characteristics in face reading — the one that I read here on Gladys — has its glory and also its potential challenge.

Maybe these will be true of you, too. (Keep a mirror handy while you watch. That’s my advice.)

Face Reading Eyes, Or Other Face Parts, Here’s My Advice

Don’t just look at faces in the same old, same old way.

Then you’ll only learn the same old, same old info. (Probably most of that info is about expression. Not the soul at all. There is a difference, you know.)

Wonderful though reading expression can be, you can do better.

As a face reader, you discern so much more than expression. Yes even in eyes!

In my how-to, “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” there’s actually an entire chapter just on eyes.

Face Reading Eyes Is an Art Form

Start learning about it with this YouTube video. Granted, I’ll be checking out just one item face data — one of so many meaningful characteristics about eyes.

But that’s enough to give you a bit of a lift, and who couldn’t use that these days?

Even if eyes are your favorite face part, you may not have noticed this characteristic much.

Nor interpreted what it means. Ha ha!

Here’s our YouTube Link to the Fun. Start Face Reading Eyes

Here’s your link to this latest sample of Face Reading Secrets®:

Or you can simply click here. 🙂

BTW, Previous YouTubes in this series are:

Face Reading Party #1 with Rose Rosetree. Welcome!

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Comments, fellow physiognomists-in-training?

And big thanks to volunteer Gladys!

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    I enjoyed this! Thanks, Gladys and Rose.

    I long ago gave up on wearing eye shadow, as I have small eyelid thickness and it wouldn’t show.

    I also gave up on wearing maskara, as I don’t have much in the way of eyelashes either (a different face reading feature).

  2. 2
    Grace T says:

    So much fun. One of my favorite features to check out on people. Thanks, Gladys. Thanks, Rose.

  3. 3
    Emily T says:

    Ooh Yay! I also have lots of eyelid thickness! 😀 fun to learn more about it! Also lovely to see Gladys!

  4. 4
    Vinaya Saunders says:

    This is so informative, thank You!
    I have a question,
    My right eyes is big and getting bigger. It seems like my left eye is closing. I want to know what qualities should I focus on my personal life or cultivate, that my left eyes opens a little more. I am trying to balance out my left and right eye.

  5. 5

    VINAYA SAUNDERS, I sympathize over the face change. That sounds distressing. However, we don’t use face reading in that way. Backwards!

    Think of an umbrella. It is made to open only in one direction. You don’t push it beyond it’s structural limits, right? Don’t try to use physiognomy to change your face.

    To change what’s happening with your eye assymetry, you might wish to consult a cosmetic surgeon.

  6. 6
    Vinaya Saunders says:

    Got it, Thanks for a quick reply.
    However I am still very curious about what does it mean to have one eye small and one eye big? Especially after you saying distressing and symphathizing.

  7. 7

    VINAYA SAUNDERS, I sympathized simply as a person who would feel upset about my appearance if that sort of change were happening to me.

    Didn’t mean to alarm you!

  8. 8

    Clearly you’re new to my blog. And I’m glad you’re curious about “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    One of the things we do here is use “Energy Hygiene.”

    That means, mostly the deeper perception skills of RES (Face Reading, Aura Reading, Empath Merge) are used during Technique Time. Otherwise, you live your life.

    Isn’t it a pretty normal, human thing to look in the mirror and feel upset about one’s appearance, if one eye has begun to look way bigger than the other? That’s all I meant.

  9. 9

    Otherwise, regarding your Comment #6, sigh!

    I do have to repeat this periodically. This time, for your benefit and also for other newbies at this blog.

    If you would like me to give you a face reading, or aura reading, or do a Skilled Empath Merge on a celebrity you find interesting, or help you to grow emotionally and spiritually, etc., please book a session with me. My job at this blog is not to fulfill these requests.

    Would you volunteer for such a job, of unlimited scope, for whoever happens to stop by the blog?

  10. 10
    Vinaya Saunders says:

    Yes a newbie ?
    Sorry if I broke any of the blog rules. Thanks for detailed response. Currently I am travelling, I will definitely try to get some deep insight regarding this.
    Have a fabulous day!

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