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No Veil in The Age of Awakening.

No veil in The Age of Awakening. So what?

No veil in The Age of Awakening. So what?

No veil — what’s the big deal, having NO VEIL left on earth in The Age of Awakening?

Only the biggest deal that has happened to you in your life! And, look, I’m not minimizing the agony and the ecstasy — in very personal terms — of your entire life story.

This article aims to hels you to understand better what it means for your life right now… that vibrationally there is no veil.  Included is a practical tip to help you start living THE NEW STRONG.

No Veil in the Age of Awakening

Literally, what does it mean? No vibrational veil remains on earth.

Yeah, I know most people haven’t noticed. That’s just because they’re not aura readers. Who ever said Fox News was “Energetically Literate.” Or any of the media. Not yet, anyway.

Of course, the public hasn’t caught on yet. But you can:

For the first time in this planet’s history, there is no veil!

In essence, that means something very different about consciousness — for you, for me, for voters gone wild, for voters gone despairing, for those who “feel no need to vote” because they’re busy doing something that is apparently more important… however their consciousness happens to be positioned.

“No Veil” Means What, in Essence?

No veil means that nothing is left to automatically position awareness in human vibrational frequencies.

Gone is our familiar human default, vibrationally. Goodbye, how people wake up in the morning and continue throughout their waking hours… while paying attention to life.

Farewell, “I do nothing special about my consciousness lifestyle. Yet I still expect life to be normal.”

Normal, ha ha!

“No Veil” Means Zero Business as Usual… with Consciousness

Our blog post to introduce this theme was Veil Gone! That’s Our Age of Awakening

Continuing, now, the faster we adapt to this subtle change, the better we’ll do at all our human values, like life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Like caring about “liberty and justice for all.” Like having progress at manifesting these values… remain the default in the U.S.A. A nation dedicated to these values.

That veil used to make it hard for ordinary people to shift our awareness much.

Only with great difficulty could people like you and me position awareness away from human vibrational frequencies.

“No Veil” Has Changed So Much, Vibrationally

  • With the veil, it was unusual to position awareness at to astral (a.k.a. psychic) vibrational frequencies.
  • Psychologically, it was hard to be perceptive. Especially in the last century before the veil was gone completely, how many people spent how many hours in therapy? (Either with a mental health professional or doing psychological self-examination.)
  • Even so, a person had to work hard to get anywhere near the subconscious mind, psychologically. Or the celestial realms, spiritually.
  • Conscious theorizing was far more common. The content was deep. But the process, the real experience? Not so deep at all.
  • As for spiritual (a.k.a. Divine) vibrational frequencies? Well, for centuries, positioning awareness there demanded a renunciate lifestyle.

Except now, lucky us! Having no veil changes everything. And once we learn how to adapt to the different consciousness dynamics on earth, wow! We can attain far better lives than ever before. Even moving into Enlightenment is becoming possible for millions of people.

For Everyone, “No Veil” Brings New Rules

Since the Shift into The Age of Awakening, on 12/21/12, humanity began to live in the era of no more veil, no more psychic barrier.

Consequently, millions of people are doing too much energy talk, stuck in spiritual addiction. Not enough living!

Or they’re trying to keep energies away, stuck in the inwardly-deadening experience of spiritual shutdown.

Yet this blog brings you countless articles on how to avoid both extremes.

“Human-based spirituality.” We’ve called it.

And now there’s something even more powerful, The New Strong.

In my how-to book for thriving in The Age of Awakening, I point to seven Old Rules that used to help people to be successful and happy.

No veil means that those traditional rules don’t workany more. Just how ridiculously ineffective have they become? Those Old Rules are about as preposterous as using a couple of tin cans and a string… when you could be using an iPhone.

Learn seven New Rules to take the place of what no longer works. Plus that self-help book, “The New Strong,” contains many other ways that you can adapt really well to The Age of Awakening.

Quick Version, How to Live THE NEW STRONG?

When you take advantage of today’s new vibrational freedom, you can make it work for you. As a result, you can achieve THE NEW STRONG.

It’s a way of life where you’ll spend very little time every day on personal development. Yet your self-growth will leap forward as if you were wearing seven league boots. Really, like straight out of a fairy tale!

Only it isn’t a fairy tale. Suprisingly,living better adapted to NO VEIL is probably easier than what you’ve been doing. Definitely, you really can learn to live THE NEW STRONG.

To get you started…

Here’s One Tip to Start Living THE NEW STRONG

Take an interest in your life.

I mean, really. ‘Fess up. Might you be finding energy a whole lot more interesting, these days, than what people say and do?

You know, vibes seeming more fascinating than what happens in human vibrational frequencies….

Look, noticing energies has its place in the lifestyle of THE NEW STRONG. You do this during official “Technique Time,” to enhance your human life. Never as a substitute for human living, though.

So the next time you’re tempted to vibe situations out, or check out people’s energies, or ground and shield, or psychoanalyze yourself, or wish other people would start working on their issues, or implore Jesus to tell you what to do or ask an angel for guidance or look for synchronicities…

With all respect…

S t o   I t

Go back to living like a human.

Then human relationships will reward you. Human food may satisfy you better. You might even make more money.

It’s a privilege, living here at Earth School, living now, in The Age of Awakening. No veil makes something wonderful possible. I’m doing all I can to help you discover it. Ultimately, though, only you can do this for yourself.

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    This is so huge, Rose. The way you put it here made me realise that. It’s a big Whoa!

    Right. I have the dishwasher to load.

    *runs away into human reality*



  2. 2
    Suz says:

    Thanks. I thought so.

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Here’s something I discovered. There’s actually a breakaway movement in USian Christianity saying that the second coming had already happened and so that the need for dogma and doctrine is not necessary as we have a direct link with the Big Guy.

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    I couldn’t believe this. They’re basically been noticing the veil has gone on some intuitive level.

    (ie Preterist and Futurist. So the Pauline principle of excluding people on the basis of heresy no longer applies as long as people believe they are saved.)

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    Of course, the same people still have the same fundamentalist views about women not being allowed to speak in Church and non-heterosexuals committing sin… but I thought that was interesting.

  6. 6

    How fascinating is that, LILIAN!

    When you write “USian,” are you referring to my country?

    I have certainly never read or heard about this before. This totally preposterous notion! And do such people believe that Donald Trump os meant to be how America celebrates the Second Coming of Christ?

    Please send a few links, if you would. Either you, LILIAN, or other Blog-Buddies.

  7. 7
    Lilian says:

    Yup, “from the States”. There’s obviously more to North America or America than the USA!

    The idea is that the second coming actually occurred in 70AD, so that the discussion about heresy in the new testament is no longer applicable… and so people can think what they like and not go to Hell as we all have a direct connection to Jesus. It’s pretty weird. This has been a recent new idea.

    Though the discussions are long and the pertinant points are spaced out…

  8. 8
    Lilian says:

    The main point is that it’s clear that folk may be “picking up on” something and are creating theological work arounds. It made me laugh.

  9. 9
    Lilian says:

    btw I am not an expert on Christianity or Christianity “in the States.”

  10. 10
  11. 11
    Lilian says:

    Anyways, this is how I kinda work. Whatever my (well, Rose, many things you are basically my reliable source of intuition right now :-p) “intuition” picks up is then converted to some kind of intellectual framework. That’s why I’m always posting links to boring things like the Economist or make comments about politics. I see the spiritual and secular as seamless, everyone is a spiritual being, whether they like it or not!

  12. 12
    Lilian says:

    anyways… thank-you for your guiding light, Rose. If I was reading the papers without your spiritual insight, I would have probably got a brain aneurysm by now.

  13. 13
    Jem says:

    My favourite thing to do in my 20 minute technique time a day, is RES techniques from The New Strong and Power of Command. There’s nothing else I am interested in doing for my 20 mins.

    [What followed has been removed by the blog moderator. Basically, in a very respectful way, JEM lists every single RES technique she has learned from any of my books and asks me to explain how often to do each one.]

  14. 14

    JEM, each of my books gives specific instructions about how often to do a technique.

    The one exception is that recently I recommended — about Remote Negative Thought Forms. Yes, it would be fine to do this one every day or every other day. Period.

    Otherwise, just read what is in the book.

  15. 15

    If any of you wish to set up a session of personal mentoring with me, I will gladly answer questions like these.

    This blog is not the venue for me to answer all your questions about what is in my books. Or to comment on your experiences with them. Much as I appreciate the enthusiasm and curiosity!

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