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Face Reading Diamond! Our Face Reading Party Continues with YouTube #5

Face Reading Fun continues when we check out a woman who's wearing a diamond... right above her neck.

Face Reading Diamond? It will be made of flesh and blood, not rainbows.  Lookee here, at today’s YouTube!

Behold a magnificent Face Reading Diamond! Courtesy of Gladys from Denmark, it’s our latest bit of iMovie face reading fun.

Every one of you readers is a gem. But not every one of you possesses a Diamond-Shaped Face.

That privilege belongs to Gladys from Denmark, as you can see in the latest YouTube in our series of Face Reading Party videos.

Gladys, a.k.a. THE Face Reading Diamond

As always, I’ll be using the system of Face Reading Secrets®.

Let the Face Reading Diamond Be Seen!

Here’s your link to the latest part of our YouTube Face Reading Party — #5.

Or you could just click on the link below. 🙂

Face Reading (Diamond-Less) YouTubes in this series are:

Face Reading Party #1 with Rose Rosetree. Welcome!  

That’s your introduction.

Face Reading Party #2 – Great Cheeks!  

Really, how much do you appreciate your cheeks? Maybe this video can help!

Face Reading Party #3 – Out Angled Ears

Have ’em? Know somebody who has ’em? Than you might find this iMovie must viewing.

Face Reading Party #4 – Eyes

With all the other reasons you love eyes, let this YouTube add even more.

Face Reading Diamond Or Not?

Would you like me to read your face?

Simple Face Reading Reports are a great way to start — both convenient and inexpensive. These make a great Christmas gift, too.

Full 55-minute face reading sessions are available for those who seek more depth.

And such fun, whether with Skype webcam or in person. Choose from one of these seven types of face reading.

  1. Life Potential. Usually a first face reading session is done in this way. It includes info about your spiritual mission at the end. (Ask me during the session and I’ll explain how it is done.)
  2. Transformation Reading In this type of face reading, you learn about how your face has changed by comparing just 1 or 2 photos — from different phases of your life, years ago –with your current face.
  3. Your Soul’s Journey Both Face Reading Secrets® and Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® are employed to shed light on how your face and aura have changed over time. BTW, if you have a Face Reading Diamond in your face, probably this will be a constant from age 18 on up. A regular Soul Signature Trait!
  4. Relationship Reading You and your significant other, be it a spouse, partner, parent, child, fellow musician etc. Face reading reveals so many ways you are similar; other ways you are different. The physical aspect of face reading helps you to understand and SEE it clearly.

Hey, There Are Even More Types Of Face Reading Session. Check These Out, Too!

  1. Genealogy Reading If anybody you know is into genealogy and has pix of ancestors, oh my! What a major treat, to learn what you have in common with some of the relatives — both physically and what each of these items of face data MEANS!
  2. Cosmetic Surgery Second Opinion What would the proposed change mean to you, inwardly? Granted, the motivations to get cosmetic surgery can be complex. Yet face reading can un-complicate the choice for you in some practical ways.
  3. Distinctive Twins Consultation Ah, my favorite of them all! Of all my grateful face reading clients I’ve had since turning pro in 1986, identical twins have consistently been the most grateful. Imagine being told from babyhood on, “You look just like Pat.” Then you learn specific ways that you look similar. Other ways you look entirely different — usually characteristics that you never noticed before. To top it off, you learn what all of this means. Woweeeee!

If you’re curious about any of these types of face reading, read the links provided here. Other questions? Email to Appointment Coordinator Mitch,

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  1. 1
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thanks Rose and Gladys! What a nice face shape and gift. 🙂

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    I recognize that Gladys–hi Gladys! Wonderful video. I especially like the Danish hug.

  3. 3
    Bridget says:

    I love this face reading, and I also want to take this opportunity to say hi to Gladys! Even more reason to like diamonds 🙂

  4. 4
    Lo says:

    I love this face reading also (and the Danish hug from Gladys!!)

    It makes me appreciate my own diamond face shape and power style. I can really relate to not liking to accept help. I’m working to overcome this one.

  5. 5
    Maj-Britt Vassilas says:

    A belated thank you for your comments to Isabella, Kylie, Bridget and Lo.
    Hope to see you in June!

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