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Strong Results from "THE NEW STRONG" A Guest Post by ZINNIA

strong, stronger

Holy cow! Now that’s strong.

Strong. Are you feeling strong right now? Enthusiastically ready for personal growth? Maybe even a smidge of JOYFUL could be in the mix. What fun you can have, being you. 🙂

Today I’m feeling contagious confidence in you. In me. Confident about how we can help the people we know, London Bus Conductor effect and all.

  • Free will — you’ve got that. And it’s powerful.
  • Desire, even a demand, for personal growth every single day. You’ve got that, too.
  • Knowledge. Whatever you’ve chosen to learn from Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)… that can strengthen you, too.

For comments at today’s guest post, you’re cordially invited to share which RES knowledge or skills have been making you strong.

Is it the energy READING skills? The energy HEALING skills? Empath Empowerment®? Knowing more about how to move forward on your sacred path to Enlightenment? (a.k.a. The Enlightenment Coaching aspect of RES.)

In today’s guest post, ZINNIA is just bursting with enthusiasm over a certain kind of way she’s been getting strong. Caused by reading a book about how to become a new kind of strong.

Inspired By “The New Strong”

The New Strong” is going to help people SO MUCH!

I am having a ball applying what I’ve learned from this book.

For example! This morning, I was putting on my mascara in the mirror. One minute, I was having my normal flow of thoughts and feelings. Next, I felt a familiar, icky feeling related to a thought about going into my office.

Then had a thought about, “I wonder why I feel that..” and began to “figure it out.”

A-HA! I caught myself with a joyful feeling of discovery.

THERE’S one of those moments, I noticed!

Afterwards I just went back to putting on my mascara. Thoughts and feelings continuing without the sidetrack into the astral!

Worth noting, I have not turned looking for these moments into a new technique. LOL. It’s just noticing.

Strong Positioning Of My Consciousness… Feels GOOD

I continued joyfully to move forward in my day.

About that “joyfully,” I might add this. Feeling a particular kind of joy and satisfaction and absolute feeling of harmony.

This joy wakes up inside of me whenever I am discovering anew a deeper level of RES.

In this case, it makes me feel wonderfully strong…

simply to have better positioning of consciousness. Simple! Surface! Hooray!

Noticing Matters. Simply Noticing Life Around Me

Can Make Me Strong.

That mascara incident was just one small example of how knowledge can strengthen me.

Before reading “The New Strong,” never would I have known it was important to keep on doing what I was doing, the human thing. Rather than pausing to analyze my life or fix myself.

Never would have know what to do about it. (And the doing recommended in that book is so simple, it’s funny! Reinserting myself into objective reality hardly anything at all! I guess it’s more a “not doing”!)

Living The New Strong, I am having so much fun. It’s improving relationships as well, from my side at least! Makes everything easier.

Strong When Setting Goals, Too

I find improvement in this area of my life, as well: Goal setting and organization.

Accomplishing more, well, yes I am. Why is that?

Could be all of these reasons:

  • I have less downtime due to feeling discouraged, and analyzing that.
  • Fewer astral trips occur. These used to be like blank spots all over my day.
  • It’s easier for me now to alight upon just one task at a time. Then I move on to the next task.
  • Persistent action comes more easily, also. Easier to continue, easier to problem-solve.

New Rule #4 From “The New Strong” Helps Especially

Rose’s book with “Rules & Tools for Thriving in the Age of Awakening” contrasts Seven Old Rules (from before The Age of Awakening) with Seven New Rules that work well now.

New Rule #4 goes: “Resist the temptation to solve human problems energetically.”

Have I ever been living that New Rule! It makes such a difference.

A more human approach to problem-solving comes so automatically now. If there’s a problem, I just try something else.

And the “trying” isn’t some astral “looking for help.”

Nor am I “trying to figure it out by thinking/experiencing deeply.” No trip in consciousness.

Instead I say or do something else in human ways. Much more effective, holy cow! Hahaha…. Wow! So simple.

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Love it! Well done Zinnia :0)


  2. 2
    Emily T says:

    I love this post Zinnia 😀

    I totally get what you mean by no more blank spots! No more going down the rabbit hole of analysing stuff anymore…!

  3. 3
    Explorer says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with this informative post Zinnia!

    Living with The New Strong, life got very ‘real’ to me. More vivid, more graceful, and interesting.

    There is so much to explore and to live on this beautiful planet Earth… no more wasting time with blank spots or random Astral trips 🙂

  4. 4
    Somebody Strong says:

    My first job was working as a web designer for the Army National Guard’s Recruiting Website (in Old Town Alexandria).

    This was their website’s core message back in 2004 when I worked there:

    “Duty, Honor, and Country: Do you have what it takes to serve?”

    Here is their core message today:
    “Mind, Body, Grit: Put your heart and soul into it and be part of something bigger than yourself.”

  5. 5
    Somebody Strong says:

    Whatever happened to Duty and Honor? That was such an Age of Faith headline!

    I had to share! 🙂

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