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Your presence. How could a stronger personal presence help you grow spiritually? Or empower you to help others!

Your presence matters a lot. How could a stronger personal presence win you greater success? And spiritually, how can you develop a more inspiring, powerful presence?

Unless you’re living alone on a desert island, you might find it hopeful to read these articles about presence. How to improve it. Why to value it.

Because what’s the point of personal growth if it doesn’t show in your presence?

Presence, Viewed With Energetic Literacy

For articles on designer clothes or “Your look,” you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Image is often considered the key to having a powerful presence. Ridiculous!

Energetic literacy shows lasting presence. Meaningful presence. As part of a life where you do important things, don’t just think that how you physically look is hugely important.

Energetic literacy skills inform all 10 of the articles below.

Some of these Top 10 articles come from my perspective as an Enlightenment Coach. By contrast, others reveal an RES perspective as an Empath Coach.

However personal presence matters to you, search for new articles on this topic by typing PRESENCE into our search box. From time to time, this blog will feature new articles on this topic.

#1. Your Presence Improved — If You’re an Empath

Surprisingly, there’s a lot more to understanding your empathic nature if you want to improve that mysterious presence factor.

Many an empath starts here to learn about the method of Empath Empowerment®:

How Many Types of Empath Are There? Which Are You?

#2. Your Presence Improved — By Gaining Energetic Literacy

What good things can aura reading reveal about every individual’s energetic presence? Conversely, how can presence improve just by learning how to read auras?

The Powerful Presence of an Aura Reader

#3. Your Presence Improved — If You’re Energy Sensitive

Of course, if you’re energy sensitive, clarity probably matters a great deal to you. So let this article help you gain more clarity about your presence.

Seeking More Clarity about the ENERGY Aspect of Your Personal Presence? Aura Reading Helps.

#4. Your Presence Improved — Because Presence Impacts Your Relationships

Socially, your presence can help you to get ahead. Or not. Which would you prefer?

How Aura Reading Can Help You with the SOCIAL Aspect of Personal Presence

#5. Your Presence Improved — Empath Skills Make Such A Difference

#6. Ditto.

Because we empaths have much worse presences than we deserve… until we get skills.

The Presence of an UNSKILLED Empath, Part 1 of 2

The Presence of an UNSKILLED Empath, Completed

#7. Your Presence Improved — Oh, Was There More For Empaths to Understand About Personal Presence?

#8. Yes, Indeed.

Note: Both of the following articles are about Skilled empaths. Not what we’re like before we gain skills that make our lives so much better. Presence included.

Such Improvement! The Presence of a SKILLED Empath, Part 1

Energy Presence and Social Presence of a Skilled Empath, Part 2

#9. Your Presence Improved — A Sparkling Success Story

I just love this guest post by IRENE. Let me know what you think.

How This Empowered Empath Stopped Faking It. A Guest Post by IRENE

#10. Your Presence Improved — If You’re Not Thrilled About a Trump Presidency

This blog post combines the political and the personal.

Millennials and others who are young at heart, find encouragement in this perspective about your presence and how to spread it around.

London Bus Conductor Effect. Bring It, Millennials! Others, Too.

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    Amanda says:

    Personal growth.. two favourite words of mine.

    You’ve reminded me that blocks and frustrations and difficulties are so overcomeable.

    This blog has seen so much growth for so many people! And so have I.

    Looking at this list, what a huge contribution you make. Thank you Rose! 🙂


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    Explorer says:

    In light of your latest post [about caring people], again and again you show how much you truly care Rose.

    This list is an invaluable gift. Your passion leaks through your dedication and endless work… Its contagious you know 🙂

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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