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God GPS? Surrender To That?


Sure I could tell myself “God is my GPS.” But do I really want to follow instructions from a God GPS?

The God GPS. No, you won’t find it in stores this holiday season. But do you wish you could? Let’s explore the popularity of slogans like “God is my GPS.”

Today’s blog post gives you the chance to consider the appeal of that idea. Pathways Magazine has published the following article, which I’ve updated. And I’ll be moving comments from my placeholder article  in October to this more current one.  You see, I had to wait until the Winter 2016 issue has gone live. N0w it’s appropriate to share with you my latest “Energetic Literacy” column.

God GPS — The Appeal

Such a bumper sticker! I saw it first on my neighbor’s car: “God Is My GPS.”

Immediately I fell for the appeal of God GPS. And fell hard.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in such a graced relationship with God where, ah! Awe!  Mystical guidance would transport me at every turn. Never having to decide a thing. No worries. All you have to do is follow simple directions, courtesy of God GPS.

“Turn right on … the road.”

Phew, that idea brought instant relief! Instantly I adored the idea of God as my GPS. I adored this for about two seconds. Then I came to. With a start.

A start of today’s article, actually. 😉

Here I’ll be referring to you as “Spiritually Superb Reader.” Because what other kind of person would see the headline to this article and choose to keep reading? Depending on God as your source of direction? Whether or not you agree with what I write here, this topic matters to you, right?

Notice? In this article I just use that controversial name “God.” I’m gonna keep using it, too. Granted, nothing is more personal than one’s relationship with God. You may like that particular name or, maybe, not.

In that case, might I suggest a workaround? First, think about what you prefer to call That. Maybe Highest Power. Or Jesus. Maybe Kwan Yin. Perhaps, The Intelligence That Rules the Universe.

Choose your favorite whatchamacallit name for the Divine, something respectful! After you make a choice, substitute That whenever I use the word “God” in what follows.

God GPS — Insanely Popular, Actually

Just how popular is the slogan, “God is my GPS?”

Out of curiosity, I just googled it. Why could I do that? Because I own both a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a working computer with plenty of browser help. Haha.

According to Google today, how many hits come up for “God is my GPS”?

Merely 2,720,000.

Evidently, the desire for infallible spiritual guidance is a powerful motivator for millions of Spiritually Superb Readers.

So Motivating, God GPS!

Seems to me, there are many reasons for the special appeal of a God GPS. Imagine it, constantly guiding you, warning you in advance of every bend in the road. Presumably, God GPS would be at least as infallible as the Catholic Pope.

Therefore, guaranteed, God GPS would grant quite a boon: Always you would reach your destination.

Seems like reliability matters immensely… if you don’t much trust your own sense of direction.

Besides, what won’t happen with the God GPS? Never again will you need to squint hard at any map. No need to think twice. About anything, actually!

Simply decide wherever you wish to go. Request directions. Then follow.

Most noteworthy about God GPS? The appeal is so very Age of Faith. (Even if we happen, now, to live in The Age of Awakening.)

Back then what got people through was faith.

Now?  “Age of Awakening” means a time when spiritual awakening is available to anyone who pursues it.

Psssst. A Secret Motivation Behind Wanting God GPS

What’s the appeal  of God GPS to you, Spiritually Superb Reader?

Could you be influenced by a different — and weirdly popular — motivation? I’m thinking of one that exerts far more pull than any gizmo like the alleged existance of any God GPS.

Even though you may not have heard it mentioned before in polite company…. I’m about to spill the sacred beans.

Gulp. Here goes. Might you be?…

Homesick for Heaven

Human! Like it or not, you’re definitely human right now. Meaning no disrespect, have you noticed? That means you’re no angel.

However, being human doesn’t mean you have never been an angel. Undoubtedly you have. Which is just one reason for occasionally feeling homesick for heaven.

What would it be like if you were living in a celestial world, rather than this funny place? Buh-bye to human problems.

Not being human, you’d have no worries. Only sweetness and light for you. Because, back in Heaven, everything was made of astral vibrational frequencies. By contrast, when you’re in a human incarnation like this one, everything is made of human vibrational frequencies.

  • What’s the big deal about that? In Heaven, all you need do is think about what you desire. Instantly it will manifest.
  • Home repairs? Sure. No contractor to hire. Zero delays. Any worries that you might go over-budget? Impossible!
  • Suppose that you dream of giving your bathroom a glorious marble floor. Maybe adding a gold-plated Jacuzzi that produces fragrant rainbow-hued bubbles. No prob. Just wish for it, Angel. Instantaneously, it manifests.

Have you noticed? Earth is a bit different. We humans work for what we get. So annoying, sometimes! Why must we work so much? And even then, we don’t necessarily get what we want.

Is the problem just that we lack an oh-so-important God GPS?

Nah! Maybe it’s time to realize…

Earth Is Not Heaven.

No God GPS Will Change That.

A different experience altogether — that’s how it is, living in a Heaven.

If only you lived in a celestial Heaven, right now, guaranteed: You would be having a fabulously joyful life.

Heavens exist for every level of consciousness, every religion — including what I call “disorganized religion.” Higher and lower astral worlds all exist. Innumerable heavens!

Just consider. You could have stayed in one of those Heavens. Right now, there you would be… Having a glorious life as an angel. If only you were living in Heaven, you would have:

  • No problems.
  • Nor fights.
  • Nor debt.
  • Never a whiff of, “I can’t afford this.”
  • All that you wish for, you manifest instantly.
  • Another enticement: Your complexion is always FLAWLESS! Without makeup!
  • Neither would you long for God GPS. Or any other kind of GPS. Living in Heaven, getting lost would be impossible.

Everything and everyone there are perfect. Hence the name “Heaven.”

Might you remember, even vaguely? Because you’ve definitely been there. And, therefore, your subconscious mind remembers, if not your conscious mind. Before this lifetime, you really did live in a Heaven. (After this lifetime, you’ll live in one, too.)

Then why did you choose to incarnate anyway? Why risk feeling homesick for Heaven?

Living in Heaven: The Serious Problem

Despite living in that superlatively supernal good place, there is one big problem with being an angel. Spiritually Superb Reader, can you guess what? Take this seven-question quiz. (Answers will be supplied after I list each possible problem.)

  1. As an angel, do you feel connected to God? (Yes.)
  2. Do you feel completely connected to God? (Completely yes.)
  3. Can you explore every possible flavor of bliss? (Yes.)
  4. While in your Heaven, do you feel connected to everybody and everything besides you? (Yes. Which is cool, since nobody spiritual incompatible is allowed to set wing in that place.)
  5. Are the colors, fragrances, landscapes, and music all better than anything you have encountered on earth? Amazingly better! (Awesome though Hawaii may be, and even downtown D.C. in certain photographs. Actually, yes.)
  6. Can you learn? And can you serve? Also, can you love? (Yes, yes, and such a big yes!!!)
  7. However, as an angel, can you evolve spiritually? (Nope.)

Why Not?

And Why Is There No Spiritual Evolution in Heaven?

Evolution requires friction. Like choosing right from wrong. Or choosing the more right in a situation with many, many options ranging from wrongish to rightish.

Spiritual evolution demands using your free will. Deciding for yourself. Then following through.

What else is part of the deal? A human incarnation involves not feeling so close to God, sometimes. Or maybe for longer than sometimes. Lacking a trusty God GPS… while living on earth… probably that will be the least of your problems.

Maybe worth mentioning while we’re at it, Divine recognition may stink. Especially if you came in very evolved, you’re not getting constant signs and synchronicities.

Synchronicity, pardon my saying, tends to be more for young souls. Or to emphasize during parts of a lifetime when one experiments with being a “Guidance Beggar.” (To learn more about that, see Part Two to this article.)

Maybe you feel like you’re not constantly getting Praise Tweets from the Almighty. Nothing personal there!

You asked for this mess. Technically.

Even if, while on the other side, you had no idea how creepy-lonely it might feel, being “ignored” by God.

Fact is, incarnated on a learning planet means that you’re going to be on your own. A lot.

Why? Because that’s how we souls can show what we’re made of. In Heaven, it’s way easy to live with sweetness and light. But here on earth? Not always so easy.

For that reason, even if some cosmic gadget got you this incarnation — which I personally doubt — because computers don’t yet run everything…

That Mechanism Involved More Than God GPS.

For instanced, maybe there was more to your life contract that had to do with you. Like your desires for this particular lifetime. Another factor was your karma, good and bad, from previous earth adventures.

Whatever got you this lifetime, be sure of this: You asked for exactly this incarnation.

This sacred life on earth, this time… as always… guess what? Your spiritual evolution is the big, overall purpose, no matter what else is going on.

Personal growth! Spiritual awakening!

That’s why an ambitious soul like you has signed up for this incarnation, chose this particular learning planet. Excellent choice you made there, BTW. According to what I understand, Earth School is one of the best. And with the very best food.

Still, our learning planet is exceptionally tough. Loaded with challenges, galore! Human vibrational frequencies are so low, for instance. Ridiculous, really.

And yet, what you stand to gain — it’s immense. Your spiritual evolution in this lifetime can be absolutely amazing. Maybe you’ve noticed, much of this has already happened. Now, being so spiritually superb, you’re aiming for even more.

Yet keep in mind: Even a not-that-great life, by human standards, is no failure. No matter what, this lifetime can result in huge spiritual growth.

Yes, Spiritually, Every Lifetime Can Bring Great Soul Advancement

And That’s On You, Not Some God GPS

Spiritually Superb Reader, have you ever heard the expression “Old soul”?

Do you feel like an old soul? Or would you like to become one? Living now, you’re on track.

Because becoming an “old soul” doesn’t just happen. As in, “My cosmic birthday was whenever.”

We become old souls for only one reason. Reincarnation. We choose to incarnate, again and again and again.

Many angels never incarnate anywhere. They know how homesick they’d get. Understandably, they refuse to tear themselves away from God and leave Heaven. Not even for one short lifetime.

Did you ever give yourself credit for that?

Many beautiful souls lack the kind of courage that you have demonstrated, simply by choosing this human lifetime.

Consider yourself VERY evolved. An old soul. Not just a courageous young soul. Why is this likely?

Read about that in Part Two of this article. Questions for now? Any but-but-buts?

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  1. 1
    Jean says:

    Great – very much appreciate the points you make here, Rose.

    Helpful for sure 🙂

    Looking forward to part two.

  2. 2

    Thanks so much, JEAN.

    And now, as promised, I’m moving over the blog comments that were originally at the placeholder post, “Is God Your GPS?” while I waited for Pathways Magazine to publish my “Energetic Literacy” column in the Winter 2016 issue.

    Through Comment #10, all these are now officially moved to the full Part One article.

  3. 3
    AJ says:

    Gosh (or should I say God?), I would love to know your opinion on this type of statement.

    My first reaction is that I don’t care it that metaphor. Especially when it can lead so many away from using their own self-authority.

  4. 4
    David B says:

    Right, AJ.

    And especially if “God” is about beliefs and concepts. “What would JC do” has even become a punchline.

  5. 5
    Brianne says:

    I laughed out loud when I read this. Sounds like an very boring, passive, un-engaged way to live to me!

    Human life is a lot more interesting when I get to choose my direction. It sure helps that I can co-create with the Divine, but I’ve got no intention of taking the back seat in my life. ?

  6. 6
    Cathy says:

    I’ve thought about how to respond to this, since I read it a few days ago ?

    simply because I was raised as a child in that very good old gps way. ?

  7. 7
    Cathy says:

    I love my parents deeply and respect my parents and the many good Christians who live their lives like this. However, it’s not for me.

    I evolved away from this a loooong time ago. With a variety of guilty feelings to start.

  8. 8
    Cathy says:

    What if I was wrong about not going to church?

    Being saved?

    Living a rigid lifestyle?

    Drinking a glass of wine?

    Then I got over it.

  9. 9
    Rose says:

    CATHY, thank you so much for sharing your perspective.

    You might consider it a triumph of how your parents raised you, and how they encouraged you to love. And trust life.

    AJ, DAVID B, BRIANNE, thank you for your wise comments too.

  10. 10

    There could be so many great answers to the question, “Is God My GPS”!

    All the way from “Yes” on one end to “Nevah” on the opposite end of the continuum.

    Isn’t it great that each of us gets to choose!

  11. 11
    Eleanor Thomas says:


    I had forgotten that I was looking forward to this article, and now here it (part one) is! And now I’m looking forward to part two! 🙂

    Very timely, too.

  12. 12
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    I just had a thought today at work about a challenging decision and wishing I could just see all the pieces and know exactly the correct answer and be done.

    I started to realize that I was kinda-sorta just wishing for (basically) a God GPS. Hmmm. Not actually what I want at all!!

  13. 13
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    Maybe more interesting would be my own hand-drawn, old school, scrolly kinda map, that I co-create myself with God’s help, isn’t perfect, and needs to be updated pretty regularly. ?

  14. 14
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    And I guess that’s kinda what I’ve got, given my own human-type gifts and various RES skills!

    (The old school scrolly part is optional. I just think it’s fun. And I like to let “fun” have a say in my mapmaking, too!!)

  15. 15
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    And anyway, it sure beats the heck out of a blindfold, spiritually speaking!!

    Thanks for the article, Rose. 🙂

  16. 16

    ELEANOR, you’re so welcome.

    What wonderful insights you’ve given here.

  17. 17
    David B says:

    Hi Rose
    Good article. On angels – I disagree – they do evolve. But the pace is slower (they have a lot more time) 🙂 . And certain things, much more effective in ‘earth school’.

    Just imagine if you had to learn something but already knew the answers to the quiz? How deep would the learning be? But what if you studied through the school of direct experience? Real learning.

  18. 18
    David B says:

    How do we know what love is unless we experience it’s absence?

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