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Guidance Beggar. Made Worse By Trusting in God GPS?

Guidance beggar? Or a spiritual hero from the Age of Faith?

Guidance beggar? Or a spiritual hero from the Age of Faith?

Guidance Beggar  — a controversial term that we’ll discuss in today’s article. This is Part Two, concluding a short series on the theme, “God is my GPS.” Part One was: God GPS? Surrender To That?

Certainly that first article was well received. And I haven’t heard comments suggesting that any of you were deeply offended. However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In which case I apologize.

Of course, you’re going to do what you want to do!

Nevertheless, as indicated by the caption for today’s post, one person’s spiritual hero is another person’s guidance beggar.

Which do you believe? Up to you. My job is just to help you to think through that choice.

What Is A Guidance Beggar?

Just somebody living as if we still were in the Age of Faith. Although we’re not. This is The Age of Awakening, with Rules & Tools that are altogether different.

If you wish to succeed in spiritual terms, as somebody living now — this blog can help you a lot.

A guidance beggar emphasizes obedience. As in, “Let God be my GPS.”

Or, “Give us today our daily bread, and tell us how to eat it.”

Yet you have the basis for an amazing life:

  • Using your free will.
  • Aiming to fulfill your desires.
  • Having opportunities that were unknown to non-royalty throughout most of human history.
  • Or sometimes also unknown to royalty. Ever fly in an airplane?

Why Live Like a Guidance Beggar?

You’ve Got All This!

Admittedly, life can deliver unpleasant surprises. Nonetheless, consider this:

  1. You scored incarnation in a highly affluent country.
  2. You’re educated. Word literacy, that you’re using to read this article, is just the start.
  3. Energetic literacy interests you. Otherwise you never would have found this blog.
  4. In so many ways you have been very privileged, compared to the majority of human beings on earth at this time.
  5. Your basic survival needs are taken care of. Consequently you have enough wealth and free time to pursue personal growth.
  6. In so many ways you have really good luck.
  7. Last but not least, you’re an earthling now. Living at such a pivotal time in the history of the planet! (Yes, once again I’m referring to the Age of Awakening, which officially began with the Shift on December 21, 2012. Details about how to thrive now are in my latest book, “The New Strong.”)

Obedience Teaches Mostly Obedience.

That’s why guidance beggars suffer. Perhaps a lovely suffering. However, you could choose learning instead.

Using your smarts, paying attention, developing skills, using your free will. How much more can you learn that way?

Seems like, life today is complicated. Often hard. Sometimes scary or sad or lonely. And otherwise not pleasant at all. As if I needed to tell you! (Or me.) And when life seems that way, that’s usually because reality IS that way.

Regardless, Spiritually Superb Reader, please know this. The life you have right now is sacred. Using your free will, you can evolve so much. That includes asking God for support.

Choose to live as a guidance beggar and God will support that.

But Can’t You Do Better Than Guidance Beggar?

In one situation or another, you can depend on God to help you. Just not for everything, right?

Because much of your spiritual evolution happens results from what you say and do. Afterwards you will get to learn from the consequences.

Granted, life here is way complicated. At Earth School, every waking hour, you’re dealing with:

  1. The consequences of your actions NOW +
  2. The consequences of your past actions, including previous incarnations. (A.k.a. Your karma) +
  3. The consequences of other people’s actions. Because all humans share the same objective reality

Unfathomable place! That’s our amazing Earth School. Where, if you do your reasonable best every day, you’ll evolve a LOT.

You’ll Evolve Lots While on Earth.

Except If You Snooze, You Lose

Granted, it can sometimes be tempting to go kind of sleepy-like. Slacking in the Free Will Department. Longing to take orders from your God GPS.

Truth is, a person can get stuck spiritually. Or a person might even explore certain What ifs? guaranteed to bring pain.

Ultimately beautiful. Always interesting — including any experiments as a guidance beggar.

Sooner or later, an incarnation ends and then we get something better than a God-voiced GPS. It’s called a “life review,” folks.

After that a stuck kind of incarnation, fascinating explorations of misery result. During life reviews, everybody has a good laugh. You, the soul who’s so glad that stinky lifetime is over. And all the Divine and celestial beings there at your life review.

By then, many an incarnation will be rightly viewed as a “Failed experiment.” Educational after the lifetime is over. Sadly, pretty revolting while that soul is slogging through the human life. Most noteworthy….

Don’t Blame Lack Of God GPS For This

Here are seven examples of ways that folks can slow down spiritual evolution while human. And when we do, it’s on us.

  1. Turn into a professional victim. Blame others for your problems.
  2. Or let yourself give up.
  3. Perhaps become involved in any path that leads to detachment from life.
  4. Or slip-slide into drug dependency. (Potheads and alcoholics aren’t growing nearly as fast as they think, while under the influence.)
  5. Also, not meaning to insult millions of true believers: Live like a guidance beggar.Like, “What does my GPS tell me to do today? Hellllllllllllp. I need my guidance.”By contrast, after making choices for yourself, life’s consequences become informative.
  6. When you think about it, doesn’t this approach turns life into a test of obedience? If you don’t like what happens, you can’t blame your perfect GPS. So all you can do is try harder next time to obey.
  7. Worst of all, demote yourself to become a guidance beggar. Somebody who constantly begs for advice — from God. Or spirit guides. Or some cult leader who’s human. etc.

Sez Who?

At this point, maybe you’re wondering. How does Rose Rosetree come by these ideas?

Partly it’s from using my skills of energetic literacy with clients. Partly it’s from facilitating sessions of emotional and spiritual healing. Sometimes this includes a particular form of past-life regression, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

Many a client has been guided into a life review after one of these failed experiments. That kind of life review might begin with a question: “What were you thinking?”

Later that’s followed by variations on, “That’s okay, you’ll have other chances. Besides, we adore you forever, no matter what.”

Spiritually Superb Reader, you do get the idea about failed experiments and guidance begging, right? Occasionally you’ve seen others do a bit of that, yes? Perhaps you’ve even been stuck in that for a while. So isn’t it good to know….

Better Than Seeking God As a Guidance Beggar

Everyday life shows that God has given each of us humans some very powerful resources. For spiritual evolution, these work much better than a God GPS:

  • A brain.
  • A heart.
  • Courage.
  • Yes, humanity’s basic “Wizard of Oz” desires!
  • Choice about where to find your spiritual home.
  • Not having to settle for being a “whatever” person.

Finally, notice this. What’s conspicuously lacking in you?

Thank goodness. You were not designed with a God-given, built-in GPS.

Check your body. All over. Even under the armpits. Nope, no GPS tucked into those love handles, either.

To parody a certain line of thought, “Forget the GPS idea. If God had meant us to be obeyers, God would have given us driverless cars, all Divinely controlled.”

I mean, really? Why just think God GPS?

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    I like that. Courage, brains, and heart.

    Courage needed to make a choice, any choice. Brains to evaluate the options and make sure it’s a smart choice. And heart to feel if there’s a bit of joy to it.

    All together, self-made luck.

  2. 2
    Vanya says:

    Rose, I have recently been wishing for some sort of God GPS, it’s so tempting when you don’t feel like you know what to do…

    But reading your words I thought, I don’t want to live in this numbed obeying mode, what small changes can I begin making to steer my life in the way that I want it to head in, once more?

  3. 3
    Vanya says:

    Thank you as always, for the food for thought.
    Reading this, I was reminded a little of this quote from ‘Gilead’ by Marilynne Robinson

    “I have thought about that very often- how the times change, and the same words that carry a good many people into the howling wilderness in one generation are irksome or meaningless in the next.”

  4. 4

    Beautiful and true, VANYA.

    And you can only imagine how words that help in one generation or another may really be quite unhelpful for bringing guidance to us in the very new Age of Awakening.

    Not just a different generation. A whole new beginning for Earth School.

  5. 5
    Jem says:

    I wonder if a lifetime’s worth of STUFF creates the conditions where we may a) give up b)beg for God’s GPS.

    All that psychic coercion, negative thought forms, stuck trauma, those stuck spirits, astral ties, astral cords, constant unskilled empath merges – it all had me SUPER CONFUSED for many years.

  6. 6
    Jem says:

    I had myself ‘base over apex’ – ‘didn’t know my bottom from my elbow’.

    Of course I floundered around wondering what higher intelligence would do. I never had a consistent message from within.

  7. 7
    Jem says:

    There was no way I could access my heart, courage or brain before knowing how to get big and use the RES skills Rose has taught us in her books.

    My experience is that knowing practical skills like the RES ones is essential in accessing the joy of knowing my own self and trusting/wanting my human life.

  8. 8
    Jem says:

    It is true that we’ve been given all the healthy circuits we need but in my case, they were deeply covered up by a lot of astral noise and those divine skills may as well have been located on Pluto for all the access I had to them.

  9. 9
    Jem says:

    There seems to be a distinction between this kind of guidance begging and soul thrill research… anyone care to elaborate on that?

  10. 10
    Jem says:

    I do depend on getting big for healing STUFF but I find the natural consequences of healing that STUFF turn into me knowing how to live in a delightful way.

  11. 11
    Jem says:

    Part of that is my soul emerging which is a form of divine guidance in a way…. but it’s not outsourcing my power or my wits.

    It’s embracing them, discovering my self authority and personal power for the first time!

  12. 12
    Jem says:

    Maybe giving up the God’s GPS fantasy makes room for that to be replaced with an authentic, practical, life-enhancing relationship with our creator?

  13. 13

    Hard-won comments, JEM, and wise and witty.

    Base over apex? Haha.

    Of course I can comment about the difference between Thrill Your Soul Aura Guidance and God Is My GPS. But perhaps others of you would like to share your perspective. I’d like to read that.

  14. 14
    Lindsey says:

    Such a good article. Love to co-create with God now, verses the complete surrender model.

    There is much more advancement for me with using my human smarts, body, emotions (like desire) and free will to move, live, create, learn my lessons and solve my problems in the world.

    God gave me all those wonderful human attributes to do so, right? This is fun! Thanks!

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