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Prayer As Performance Art. Newsletter Announcement.

So often we're seeking a blessing. But the main event might be more like Prayer as Performance Art

When folks are photographed in prayer… the main event might be described like “Prayer as performance art.”

Performance Art? Prayer as performance art?

Maybe that’s just what it turns out to be. Not on purpose, necessarily. But when religious people engage in prayer, knowing that reporters and cameras are present, prayer ceases being just a private moment, doesn’t it?

Joe and Gladys, doing their best. Only now it’s a media event. They’re seeking to bear witness, perhaps. Or even to convert others who see their glow….

I hope all you Blog-Buddies appreciate that I mean no disrespect when I break the Age of Faith taboo about applying skills of aura reading to explore what actually happens, energetically. What a poignant, complex, humbling human story it can be.

No disrespect intended! Rather, I intend to bring through teachable moments, courtesy of those who have chosen to make their prayers public. Discernment for all who seek more spiritual awakening through your personal, sacred path.

Performance Art, Yet So Sincere

When you see a photo of people praying, is your reaction something like this? “Awww, how beautiful. God loves us all. So however we pray, it will work. And everyone will be blessed.”

At most, I have this reaction for no more than a split second. Why do I have it at all? Old training dies slowly. And I’ve had plenty of training of this kind. Haven’t you?

“Let’s sit around the campfire tonight. Let’s sing “Kumbaya,” and feel that familiar, sentimental assurance that God witnesses all, answering every prayer. Answering them in mysterious ways. So don’t fuss too much over the mere mortal details.”

“Hello!” That was my second reaction recently. Since my newspaper showed a photo of people at prayer.

At first glance, maybe beautiful prayer.

But when my glance was supplemented by Stage Three Energetic Literacy, guess what? Maybe that prayer wasn’t quite so inspiring after all.

Prayer as Performance Art

Then, you can be sure I had plenty to say about prayer as performance art.

Some of that information overflows into a follow-up post, which I’ll release in advance of the January 2017 newsletter.

That seems fitting. What is one of the themes I aim to explore at this blog in the coming year? Prayer in The Age of Awakening. Prayer that helps with spiritual awakening and the development of Householder Enlightenment.

Because we’re no longer living in the Age of Faith. In so many ways, we pay the price for living now. One benefit of living in this Age of Awakening is that we can become smart consumers of just about everything. Including what is really delivered by religious practices.

Join me by bringing curiosity and also a heart of compassion. The January 2017 issue of my newsletter is coming!

Plus there’s a follow-up article, coming later today. Energetic literacy research to profile a different person from Josephine, whose aura was read in “Reading Life Deeper.” One more click and you can read the post about Gladys!

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    Rachel says:

    This is great, Rose.

    It was so instilled in me, for years, that prayer meant ‘supplication,’ aka begging!

    I really look forward to reading more about prayer in the Age of Awakening.

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