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Face Reading Fireworks… Complete our YouTube Party in 2016

Face Reading Fireworks! Let's complete our face reading party.

Face Reading Fireworks! Let’s complete our face reading party.

Let the face reading fireworks help to complete 2016, our year of huge spiritual awakening.

Because personal growth happened, you know, along with all the chaos.

In 2016, some of us even began to live The New Strong!

Face Reading Fireworks, Just The Right Kind of Explosion

You know how fireworks end with a whole bunch of Boom-Boom-Boom-Twinkle-Twinkles?

On the final day of 2016, I’m gonna give you the three last videos from our Face Reading Party. Therefore known as “Face Reading Fireworks.”

Official links for the entire series can be found towards the end of this post. Or just click right here, if you wanna grab a quick look before you go off to your party:

And Here’s a Summary of the Whole Batch

Face Reading Party #1 with Rose Rosetree. Welcome!  

That’s your introduction. Not about your nose, especially. Still worth watching if you could stand to love your face more.

Face Reading Party #2 – Great Cheeks!  

Really, how much do you love your cheeks? As much as your nose? Enjoy this regardless!

Face Reading Party #3 – Out-Angled Ears

Love your ears — and you may even find they make a fine frame for nose viewing.

Face Reading Party #4 – Eyes

With all the other reasons you love your eyes, let this YouTube add even more. And inspire, perhaps, additional appreciation for… you guessed it. Your nose!

Face Reading Party #5. Rose Rosetree Finds A Diamond

Behold a Diamond-Shaped Face… and a Danish hug. Love your face, everyone. Nose and all the rest: I’d love to help you do that.

Face Reading Party #6 – Read His Lips

Until you had language for this item of face reading data, you may have never quite consciously noticed when people have this wonderful talent. Read Joe’s lips!

Face Reading Party #7 – Love That Nose

Face reading fireworks can add sparkle to noses. See how!

Face Reading Secrets® Party Concludes

Wow, just in time to go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve!

That’s me, anyway. Enjoy these face readings however and whenever you like.

Big thanks to every Joe, every Gladys, who risked public… glorification… through all these YouTubes.

In Conclusion

If you have a face, own it! Own the joy and power in it.

For crying out loud, don’t just look at faces in the same old, same old way.

Then you’ll only learn the same old, same old cliches. (Probably most of that knowledge is about expression. Not the soul at all. There is a difference, you know.)

Wonderful though reading expression can be, you can do better, Blog-Buddies. Much better.

As a face reader, you discern so much more than expression.

In my how-to, “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” there’s actually an entire chapter just on noses. Enjoy!

Because today’s Face Reading Fireworks have just been an introduction.

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  1. 1
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    Wow!! This was such a fun series of videos, Rose. Thanks so much for doing them all!

    And thanks all the Joes and Gladyses. And especially from this post, Joe with lovely lips and Gladys with a great nose! Thanks for sharing your beautiful faces and talents with all of us. 🙂

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    Fun! I like videos!

    Gladys looks more beautiful than ever!! 🙂

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