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Guidance Beggar. Made Worse By Trusting in God GPS?

Guidance beggar? Or a spiritual hero from the Age of Faith?

Guidance beggar? Or a spiritual hero from the Age of Faith?

Guidance Beggar  — a controversial term that we’ll discuss in today’s article. This is Part Two, concluding a short series on the theme, “God is my GPS.” Part One was: God GPS? Surrender To That?

Certainly that first article was well received. And I haven’t heard comments suggesting that any of you were deeply offended. However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In which case I apologize.

Of course, you’re going to do what you want to do!

Nevertheless, as indicated by the caption for today’s post, one person’s spiritual hero is another person’s guidance beggar.

Which do you believe? Up to you. My job is just to help you to think through that choice.

God GPS? Surrender To That?


Sure I could tell myself “God is my GPS.” But do I really want to follow instructions from a God GPS?

The God GPS. No, you won’t find it in stores this holiday season. But do you wish you could? Let’s explore the popularity of slogans like “God is my GPS.”

"The New Strong" in a Christmas Poem for 2016

Rose Rosetrees Christmas poem, an annual celebration. Enjoy!

Rose Rosetree’s Christmas poem, written the year of publishing “The New Strong”

This Christmas, Let A New Sweetness Begin

Call in more than the lovely old Christmasey sweetness:

White Christmas, bright Christmas. I’m under mistletoe — give me your kiss.

After a tough year, we wait so eagerly.

When will it be given? Our must-have. That usual, wonderful, peace.

Name Alignment™ Sessions in RES

ISABELLA CATES is one of the first people to do Name Alignment with me.

ISABELLA CATES (center)  was one of the first people to do Name Alignment with me.

Name Alignment is one of the specialties in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). It falls under the category of Enlightenment Coaching.

So many clients have been doing this lately. And the resulting benefits for them have been just remarkable.

Yet today someone brought to my attention… oh how ridiculous! Never yet have I devoted a blog post to explaining just what it is. So here goes!

What is Name Alignment? Why do it? And how does it work?

Face Reading Nikki Giovanni. Second Prize, Our Latest Contest

Face reading Nikki Giovanni

Face reading Nikki Giovanni — what a treat!

Face Reading Nikki Giovanni — that’s a prize for all of us who enjoy Face Reading Secrets®.

Okay, technically this would count as Second Prize in our DIVERSITY Face Reading Contest.

Who won Third Prize in our Diversity Face Reading Contest? That went to Face Reading Novelist Chimamanda Ngoza Adichie — and to Blog-Buddy KYLIE. Just one prize remains after today’s article, First Prize.

Why Choose Nikki Giovanni For This Face Reading?

Caring People of Earth

caring people

Any evergreen tree can remind you how all of us humans, deep down, are caring people.

Caring people. That’s us.

Gotta love us humans. We’re not always too bright, nor too spiritually awake. Logic is seldom our strong point. However, just about every one of us cares about people. Caring about people other than ourselves — that is so very human.

You Blog-Buddies care, for instance. I know so many of you, and you care deeply about people. Moreover, you care based on principle, not only sentiment. In addition to caring about people, don’t you also care about principles and knowledge, integrity and spiritual growth? What a magnificent combo!

Valuing the truth comes naturally to you, since you have experienced some degree of spiritual awakening. And that informs what you happen to care about. Because, as a wise man once said, “Knowledge is structured in consciousness.”

Did you know this inspiring truth about the distinctive specialty of Earth School?

Your Presence. Top 10 Posts

your presence

Your presence. How could a stronger personal presence help you grow spiritually? Or empower you to help others!

Your presence matters a lot. How could a stronger personal presence win you greater success? And spiritually, how can you develop a more inspiring, powerful presence?

Unless you’re living alone on a desert island, you might find it hopeful to read these articles about presence. How to improve it. Why to value it.

Because what’s the point of personal growth if it doesn’t show in your presence?

ONEderful Reasons to Celebrate This New Month, December 2016

Come celebrate with me. It's ONEderful December 2016.

ONEderful December 2016 has begun.

Come celebrate with me. It’s ONEderful December 2016.

Let’s begin our regular opening up to possibility. This December is a shiny new month here at Ever-Fresh Earth School. What can that mean for you?

I do hope you’ll comment below, sharing your reasons to feel excited about the month to come. That’s my favorite part of these monthly blog posts.

Of course, I’ll contribute my share — set things rolling

ONEderful December 2016 Will Include Singing