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Gain Strength Post-New-Age. A Quiz.

strength post-new-age

To gain personal strength Post-New-Age, is love enough?

How do I aim to help you to gain strength Post-New-Age? By inviting you to think intelligently about widely accepted ideas like “Choose love over fear.” Is that a valid way to solve your problems?

Only you can decide for yourself. Here’s where I come from: Certain New Age beliefs have become totally mainstream. However, the stream of life is flowing now in an altogether different direction.  Appealing though certain ideas may be, the sooner we relinquish those old pretties, the better.

Because, like it or not, you’re living in The Age of Awakening. By adjusting your beliefs to the realities of this age, you’ll be in a better position to LIKE living now. As an Enlightenment Coach, that’s my goal. Not only to help you recognize what has changed vibrationally on earth… but to help you adapt well… and positively thrive.

Yes, Thrive in this Post-New-Age Era

Yet most folks aren’t clear yet about what it means. What do you know about this little-discussed change to our world? Have you thought much about The Shift that took place four years ago?

Hey, that’s not “little-discussed” around here, anyway. Already we’ve got a lively exchange of comments going, thanks to New Age Versus NOW Age, The Age of Awakening. Part One. and Grief Howl! Mourning New Age.  This theme has come up while I was in the midst of sharing ideas about prayer. Blog-Buddies, please know that I plan return to that topic pf prayer after this one is complete.

However, in a way, both topics are related. Don’t your beliefs about reality impact how you pray? Anyway….

Here Come Seven Questions

To Help You Gain Strength… Post-New-Age

Just for giggles, let’s make it a multiple choice quiz.

Choose the one correct answer to each question.

Recommended before you begin: Please read BERT’s eloquent guest post about choosing love over fear. There he made his best case for depending on New Age beliefs in The Age of Awakening. Sooooo many of us have been deeply influenced by these ideas.

#1. For Strength Post-New-Age, Live in Reality

Human reality, that is. Believing in “Choose love over fear” involves which of these vibrational realities?

A. Objective reality at human vibrational frequencies, like getting out of the way of a moving car.

B. Subjective reality at human vibrational frequencies, like how you feel about that big, fast-moving car.

C. Subjective reality at astral vibrational frequencies, like how special you feel while noticing your deep emotions.

D. Subjective reality at even deeper astral vibrational frequencies, like immersing yourself in very healing, so-beautiful vibrations of love.

#2. For Strength Post-New-Age, Solve Problems

Of course sometimes you need to solve problems. Which general approach works best, Post-New-Age?

A. Fear all real-life problems, then wallow in your fears. Like worrying about Donald Trump, then watching his news clips as often as possible.

B. Correct yourself whenever you feel fear. Turn that frown upside down and, automatically, you’ll feel love.

C. Heal your problems with love. Try to send loving vibrations through the universe so you can heal the world.

D. Do and say your reasonable best to solve one problem at a time. Then move on to pursue your personal goals, solve other problems, etc.

#3. For Strength Post-New-Age, Get Clarity about Astral Beings

Do We Have More on Earth Now? Or Not?

In “New Age Versus NOW Age,” BERT wrote:

Recently the unseen world and the entities that populate it have become much more visible to many more people. But the astral world and its inhabitants have been there all along.

What do you believe about this? Has astral involvement on earth changed since The Age of Awakening began?

Warning: Three of the following multiple-choice items run long. I couldn’t help it! But if you bear with me, this could be the most educational portion of today’s entire quiz.

A. Whatever! It’s really helpful to take a philosophical approach to spirits, preferably from the perspective of eternity. As with this other part of BERT’s essay: “Entities of all kinds, and worlds of all kinds, existed before we were born and before the earth was born. We live in the middle of our own world in time and space, but we only appear to be at the center of the universe from our own limited point of view.”

Hey, all you need to know!

Yes, It’s a Mouthful. But Chew It Around In Your Brain.

Now, more multiple-choice options coming right up!

B. If you’re open to energy — as was encouraged during the New Age years  — you might notice astral entities a lot. But you can’t tell if there are more or fewer, compared to before.

What matters is that you had some spiritual awakening. Aw!!! And you have become energy sensitive! And so now you can notice energies! It’s all perfect!!!!!! You’re going to feel fine.

C. If you develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy (good everyday skills for aura reading) you won’t usually notice astral beings much. Because this type of aura reading differs in so many ways from psychic development.

Also, energy READING skills aren’t skills for dealing with astral-level problems. That requires some completely different skill sets. (RES skills for energy HEALING are learned separately, including Empath Empowerment®.)

If you enjoy energetic literacy, why would it matter to you about the healing part? Besides, if you aren’t noticing astral beings with your conscious mind, they might as well not exist.

D. Certain energy HEALING skills from RES allow you to notice different types of astral being, plus other astral-level problems. Most important, with this training, you’re not randomly noticing. Instead, you’re cleaning up your aura efficiently, thereby improving your (human) quality of life.

#4. For Strength Post-New-Age, Is It Even Necessary to Acknowledge

The Presence of Astral Beings?

Since the Shift into The Age of Awakening, the veil (or psychic barrier) disappeared completely. Personally, you have a new vibrational freedom in how your consciousness can flow from human to astral to Divine vibrational frequencies.

During the New Age years (1980 to 12/21/12), the veil was thinning more and more rapidly. Simultaneously, astral beings were flocking to earth. Not coincidentally, New Age superstars like Doreen Virtue were encouraging people to seek “guidance” from astral beings in order to solve human problems. (For more perspective on the value of that outsourcing to spirits, you might be interested in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Now that we’re truly Post-New Age, more than ever, astral beings are taking advantage of having the veil gone. Many more than ever before are purposely involving themselves in human auras. (Read more about this and what to do about it in “The New Strong.”)

Hence this quiz question about whether to acknowledge these beings or not. Which strategy can strengthen you and protect you, energetically?

A. Seek guidance from spirits whenever you can. All spirits have higher vibrations than humans. (They are astral-type beings.)

B. Emphasize your human life, but learn some basic skills for energy HEALING. If this isn’t enough for you to feel comfortable, invest in a session of energy HEALING with an expert trained in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

C. Ignore the whole idea of entities. Then they’ll leave you alone.

D. Emanate loving vibrations, so you will attract only loving astral entities.

#5. For Strength Post-New-Age, Will Love Protect You

From Problems

Caused by Astral Beings?

A. It’s a fact that many people who try hard to live in love… wind up slipping into spiritual addiction. That isn’t a problem caused by astral beings. It’s caused by the person with that consciousness lifestyle.

Fortunately that’s possible to heal, as well. (How? Your resources include  articles at this blog about “spiritual addiction; you can find systematic help for that, among other things, in “The New Strong“; and if the problem persists, you might consider a session of energy HEALING with an RES expert.)

B. Quite a few celebrities who seek fame and power wind up slipping into a completely different energetic problem, extreme spiritual addiction. (Love doesn’t seem to have anything to do with vulnerability to this.)

Once this happens, the person lives as a whole team of entities, with only the slightest bit of individuality remaining. This consciousness lifestyle is an interesting experiment, where astral presence isn’t necessarily considered to be a problem at all.

C. Astral entities are involved in several other kinds of STUFF (Ener-Junk removed by skills of RES). Neither love nor fear has much to do with causing any of these problems.

Note from Rose: Although my books teach a lot of self-healing skills, it requires professional training in order to correctly identify and remove most of these problems. To my knowledge (as the founder of RES),  what happens to your ability to love after ener-Junk becomes part of your energy field?

Ironically, depending on the kind of STUFF, fear may be exaggerated as a result. But love might be exaggerated instead. Any kind of distortion is possible!

Fortunately, after STUFF-removal and PUT-IN to help with a stronger soul expression, emotions of all kinds become more normal.

D. All of the above.

#6. For Strength Post-New-Age, Does It Protect You to Analyze

Motivations of People or Groups?

(For instance, “Are These People Feeding On Fear?”)

A. No. Surely you can find more productive ways to spend your time, pursue goals in life, be of service to others.

B. Yes. Especially since it gives you a nice, warm feeling to know when you’re superior to others. Perhaps this emotion is very close to love. All the more reason to feel that putting others in their place will beautifully protect you against all energetic problems.

C. Yes. Protection occurs because everything important in life depends upon your emotions. And if other people have bad emotions, that just might be contagious. You’d better protect yourself negative people all day long!

D. Yes. Protecting yourself happens automatically by analyzing others and their energies. Indeed, noticing energies is your REAL job in life. If you just make the effort to feel good, life will be good, global warming will cease, and all other problems will evaporate, too.

#7. For Strength Post-New-Age, Shine Your Spiritual Light All Day Long.

Isn’t That Enough?

A. Yes, indeed. Enough for you to feel shiny, absolutely. Consider that you’ve done all you can to contribute to life on earth, if only you’ll constantly pay attention to how positive you can make yourself feel. Quite simple, really.

B. Almost. Shine your light. Also, make sure you only speak to other people who are shining their light. Ignore the other (pathetic or possibly, even, energetically-dangerous) people. Quite simple, really.

C. Not at all. What a waste of time, purposely trying to shine your light! Surely you can do more to solve problems in this world. And you can do more to evolve spiritually, too.

D. Yes, and how very, very beautiful this can be as a solution to all problems, really. Just think beautiful and, like, your aura will be become totally beautiful, inside and out. Automatically, ugly people and their bad energies, will simply disappear. Let your positivity serve as a kind of spiritual insect repellent. So simple!


In conclusion, you’re a concluder. Please share your quiz answers by commenting below.

One way or another, every human alive has so much to learn about how to strengthen ourselves Post-New-Age!

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  1. 1
    Sophie says:

    I don’t have time to answer these questions properly, but have read the blog post and have to say that so many of these answers are sooo provocative to me nowadays.

  2. 2
    Sophie says:

    Maybe wouldn’t have been 4 years ago. Surely wouldn’t have been.

    I’ve gained so much true understanding through a certain lady… ??

  3. 3
    Sophie says:

    Correction: 3 years ago. ?

  4. 4
    Zofia says:

    I hear you Rose. Though sometimes its still hard to do in practise… perservere folk.

    Anyways, I’ve gotten tired with using “Lilian” here. That’s my middle name. So Lilian==Zofia.

  5. 5

    Beautiful ZOFIA, I’m so glad to call you by your usual name.

    Thank you for stepping out here as ZOFIA.

  6. 6
    Zofia says:

    It’s OK, I’m not ashamed of you. :-p I just can’t be too open about these things in certain circles.

  7. 7
    Explorer says:

    1) D – seems to fit better here.

    Because I don’t think “Choose love over fear” is used to describe for example, loving a poppy vs fearing a poppy.

    I think it generally implies being in a certain state, more commonly known in the New Age community as in higher vibrations of love vs low vibrations of fear.

  8. 8
    Explorer says:

    Now that I know better, outside of the technique time, I aim to live by A & B in a balanced state.

    2) D – is the obvious answer to me….. although before Rose, I lived heavily with A, B & C (sigh)

  9. 9
    Explorer says:

    3) D – is the one. I love continuing to learn and apply all the RES techniques and skill sets.

    4) B – all the way.

  10. 10
    Explorer says:

    5) D – I could see this clearly only after being cleared from many different kinds of STUFF.

    Even cutting a cord of attachment to a certain celebrity who is in extreme spiritual addiction can bring so much peace and quietness.

  11. 11
    Explorer says:

    6) A – 🙂

    7) C – all the way.

    THANK YOU ROSE for being the pioneer in this new era…. Your work is simply invaluable.

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