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Finding Purpose in The Age of Awakening

finding purpose

Finding purpose in The Age of Awakening can point you in the right direction.

Finding purpose matters now, in The Age of Awakening. Finding purpose and then following up! Doing this will get us through, I believe. And help generations to come.

This post began in response to the lovely comments that greeted your Blog Host this morning, from ZOFIA, SOPHIE, PERSONA,  and then KATHLEEN’S Howl. (Comments 20-22). Thanks, everybody.

I Share These Personal Thoughts to Help You with

Finding Purpose

In extreme spiritual addiction, people wind up sharing their auras — their consciousness — their lives — with astral beings. And especially with Extra-Terrestrial entities (ETs).

KATHLEEN beautifully expressed her outrage that people would allow this to happen.

I wonder. Is what happens to such people mostly due to allowing, their weakness, or whatever? Or…

Is it more that, at this time in history, beings from other worlds have found people with a weakness, while targeting earth for a sort of conquest? Could earth be going through an experience akin to interplanetary war, a war with extra-terrestrials?

Not My Preferred Way of Finding Purpose

Even raising such questions takes me far beyond my comfort zone. Reading the occasional work of science fiction is my limit. But I do have the professional expertise to notice what’s going on now, with unusual shifts of consciousness.

Right on the surface of life, some signs show to me when a person’s spiritual awareness, or consciousness, isn’t functioning normally. Much as would happen to an alcohol rehab counselor when he wasn’t at work. When you work in a service profession, you notice when people are having certain problems.

Hey, my beloved hairdresser Vanessa Rose probably notices bad hair days, bad hair lives, whenever she walks down the street!

After Finding Purpose, It Won’t Let You Go

So, as an Energy Reading Coach, I do notice when people develop something unusual with consciousness. Witness something delightful that happened recently while I was watching the Kennedy Center Honors. Like any fan, I smiled when Yo-Yo Ma made a brief appearance. He’s such a fave of mine. But then right away, I saw more.

On the surface, I sensed a certain something. Because it seemed as though his consciousness had shifted.

What, could Yo-Yo Ma have finally moved into Enlightenment? I made a note to research his aura.

(Technical point, for those of you who know what I’m talking about here. I read the great musician’s aura during Technique Time. Not casually messing up my energy hygiene! Because I really do practice what I preach.)

When appropriate, I used my Enlightenment Coaching skills plus Stage Three Energetic Literacy. And yes! Soon I will add Yo-Yo Ma to my Enlightenment Life List.

Incidentally, I apologize that I’m behind in attending to that list. Just doing my best to follow up on the biggest priorities of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Working but not overworking — important for all of us after finding purpose, right?

For Now, Not a Great Finding.

The Comparison Figures Aren’t What this Enlightenment Coach Would Prefer

The number of celebrities moving into Enlightenment is far smaller than the number of influence makers who fall into extreme spiritual addiction. For every Hillary Clinton or Meryl Streep there’s a Donald Trump, a Melania Trump, a Mike Pence. And a Jackie Evancho (singing at Trump’s inauguration). Now Paul Ryan, too.

For me, having fun, I was just watching my tivoed version of the Golden Globe awards. When, sigh! I was saddened at the sight of Nicole Kidman.

For so many years I’d been a fan. In recent years I’d heard rumors that she was going a bit overboard with cosmetic surgery. Sad, though understandable.

But watching Nicole Kidman this time, what I saw — right on the surface — was different. One look at her metallic eyes and I felt, “New acquisition.”

Something similar seemed obvious to me when I looked at the metallic eyes of Eddie Redmayne. Then Leonardo DiCaprio.

Of course, I didn’t just guess. To follow up, I took some of my Technique Time to research them. Yep, new additions to the list that I share with my RES experts: People with extreme spiritual addiction.

Something Else I’ve Been Noticing

Eddie, Leo, and Nicole are new to this. When folks have lived longer in extreme spiritual addiction, they grow more comfortable with it. Or, to put it differently, the astral beings get very adept at playing puppet with the humans.

Maybe 2% of the human individuality remains. The rest of that person’s consciousness is run by the entities, ETs and astral entities.

Like any skilled puppet masters, they make the puppets seem real.

Yowza, I can hardly believe I just thought and wrote something so blunt. And in public. Sigh! Continuing…

Watching the Golden Globes Award broadcast, I wouldn’t have thought to research Reese Witherspoon or Jimmy Fallon.

Nevertheless I know they’ve been living this way for years. And yes, I just checked them both, using some of this morning’s Technique Time. Oh yes, the entities are doing nicely. Making these celebs pass convincingly for a regular human being.

Only auras don’t lie. So what shows when researching people who have fallen into extreme spiritual addiction?

If you’re not familiar with my work, please know. I’m not a theorist. I use trademarked systems for precision energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills and Empath Empowerment® Coaching and Enlightenment Coaching. Research, for me, isn’t casual. It means using Stage Three Energetic Literacy, plus knowledge of consciousness lifestyles.

The Energetic Signature of Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Besides over-functioning chakra databanks in general, what flags extreme spiritual addiction?

  • Astral beings in charge.
  • The human reduced to puppet status.
  • A revolting travesty of human consciousness.
  • In that person’s aura (to my perception) an astral screech, like fingernails scraping a chalkboard.

Extreme spiritual addiction, sigh! It shows, plain as day.

Thank God, most human beings are doing fine. Even most celebrities, wonderfully wacky though they are. 🙂

All This Leads to a Big Question. A Finding Purpose-Type Question

What can we do about this problem? When so many celebrities and influence makers now serve as ambassadors for non-human consciousness, why is that wrong?

Earth belongs to humans. This is our world. We have sovereignty.

Sovereignty over all animals. Sovereignty over all astral beings, of any kind, from any dimension.

I stand believing that humanity can overcome this challenge. We can thrive in The Age of Awakening. In the process, we are becoming stronger than ever. I call it, “The New Strong.”

For humankind to fulfill our destiny, we must acknowledge this challenge. Influence shapers with big consciousness problems!

Are you appalled by the latest findings about Russian intelligence secretly influencing an American presidential election?

Extreme spiritual addiction is no more far-fetched. Although, admittedly, the beings involved do come from farther away than Siberia.

Otherwise it’s not that different, that non-human-beings might also be trying to influence people outside their own land.

Especially since, I suspect, the attempts to take us over are happening in consciousness. Not science fiction movie-type invaders, landing in spaceships and wreaking physical havoc.

Finding What I Do, How Can I Not Think This?

Some kind of battle is taking place. Even some kind of spiritual war or energetic war or war with beings from other worlds.

I could hold off on making this idea public, and wait for others to put the first words to it. But I’ve hardly been reading this info from Paul Farhi, my favorite reporter at The Washington Post. Or from E.J. Dionne, my favorite columnist there — such a good Catholic boy who might never, ever want to read anything from the likes of me.

So enough reticence already. Today I’ve put it plainly. After today’s column, I’ll go back to just doing my everyday work, keeping my suspicions to myself. Today was just an indulgence, prompted by KATHLEEN’s words.

Please know this about Rose Rosetree. I’m no conspiracy theorist. Wouldn’t be caught voluntarily at a science fiction convention, let alone a gathering of UFO believers. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just not my scene.)

Yet, given my expertise about what happens in consciousness, using energetic literacy — why wouldn’t I notice? This is my field.

That’s why I’ve shared my perspective with you today. Knowing full well that experts in other fields have undoubtedly come up with different theories: What is going on? And what is going wrong. Most important, what to do about it?

May my colleagues in other lines of work also be finding purpose, and follow through in order to solve today’s problems as best we can.

May the Finding of Purpose Continue Until Humanity Lives the Solutions

What I’m calling “extreme spiritual addiction” is one of many challenges to human life in The Age of Awakening.

Totally expectable, really. This really is a new age.

Not the candy-coated dreams that good people lived for, during the end-of-transition years, the New Age Years.

As changes go, this Age of Awakening is bigger and stronger than anything we could have imagined.

Living now, what we humans can do is thrilling. Personal growth beyond what we’ve achieved in previous generations. Millions are going to be able to move into Enlightenment, the Householder Enlightenment kind.

That prospect thrills me the most, but we humans can anticipate so many wonderful things.

What’s needed, seems to me, is simply for us to move forward day by day.

  • Living with honorable behavior grounded in moral goodness; using power along with spiritual light and honest intelligence.
  • Living, also, with kindness — and the best manners we can muster.

Finding purpose, may we pursue that purpose and help to bring human truth into earth.

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  1. 101
    Zofia says:

    Ok. I’ll ask more about what we were dealing with in a session, just so I’m not mixing things up in unhelpful ways. Glad I made those random comments then!

  2. 102
    Zofia says:

    Obviously, there is no way you can really know this stuff without Going through training with Rose. My aim is really to understand what goes on in sessions.

    Well to understand enough to put things in a certain box so that I can get on with my day!

  3. 103

    ZOFIA, thank you for these gracious comments.

  4. 104
    Zofia says:

    I’m not so bad!

    This is really been my aim in participating with blog all this time. So that I’m not stuck batting between “Eh, what now?” and “I must be a terrible person” after sessions. :-p

  5. 105
    Julie says:

    Comment 31 – I feel the same way, wholeheartedly.

    To add one tiny thought:

    We don’t have to be ready; we just have to be willing:)

  6. 106
    Julie says:

    To echo a past workshop participant, on the subject of fears about being good enough, ready enough, for the task ahead.

    To be of service.

  7. 107
    Dana K says:

    News about these new additions and Leo among them is super sad.

    I was so glad to see him fighting for the environment during the election.

  8. 108
    Dana K says:

    When I think of extreme spiritual addiction, I also think about the meek inheriting the earth.

    Our society has rewarded unquenchable ambition for so long.

    I can understand it, a bit, a person being confused in it. Although of course much is unknown to me how this plays out.

  9. 109
    Dana K says:

    Another thought is that maybe there will be some new changemakers and influencers rise.

    Perhaps people living in human based consciousness as well as enlightenment will come forward.

  10. 110
    Dana K says:

    I guess I can only hope.

    But I do know for sure that this past Saturday at the March, lots of “Regular” people were inspiring to me.

  11. 111
    Julie says:

    I was inspired too at the March.

    By so many people putting their beliefs into action.

    So many positive messages on signs (and that behavior modeled in the crowd) of civility, kindness, respect, ethics, love, inclusiveness.

  12. 112

    JULIE, congratulations in ringing in blog comment #27,000.

    And for the wisdom of your comment.

    Thanks to all who have been commenting here so beautifully!

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