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Joyful Name Alignment for KYLER ANNE FORD. A Guest Post

Joyful Name Alignment

Joyful Name Alignment lights up this photo of KYLER ANNE FORD

“Joyful Name Alignment.” That’s what I could call it, rather than simply “Name Alignment.” Calling yourself by a really appropriate name — which aligns with your soul — that’s the single easiest way to accelerate your personal growth. Even your spiritual evolution.

Is it POSSIBLE to find a name that aligns better with your soul?

A resounding “Yes!” Easily done, in sessions of Name Alignment.

Does it really help you, the name you’ve been carrying?

Quite a “No!” Possibly with sobbing included. Based on research that I’ve done for clients, it’s pretty unusual for your name to do much more for you than provide a handle. And honor tradition.

Meaning no disrespect to the folks who named you, most of us can do better.

Although choosing Joyful Name Alignment is not for everyone, this is an increasingly popular service within Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). See more at the end of this post.

Joyful Name Alignment Is Ridiculously Easy.

But How Joyful Is It, Breaking the News?

Sometimes my clients wonder, “How will I ever break the news to my family and friends?”

Here’s how Blog-Buddy KYLER did it. On Facebook. (Cross-posted with permission, headings and formatting added.)

KYLER Announces, Explains, Is Joyful

What’s in a name?

Short version: I have legally changed my name to Kyler Anne Ford. (Nice to meet you!)

The rest of the story:

 It started as a pen name. When I tried to launch any kind of website or social media, I was dismayed to find over 150 Jessica Vaughan’s. I also had to contend with the fact that Vaughan is the less common spelling of a very common name, and if you add in the Vaughn’s, you’re looking at upwards of 300 of us. Anyone looking for me online would be extremely unlikely to find me by my name.

How I Got a Joyful Name Alignment

I wanted a couple of things from a new name.

  • For a first name, I wanted one that was much less common, androgynous, and easily spelled.
  • In a last name I wanted one much more common. The hunt began.
  • I’d like to say it was romantic serendipity or something, but I was searching a German baby naming website, one of dozens, and found Kyler and fell in love.
  • Partly because it ticks all of the boxes and partly I have no idea why.

Then I started searching last names from Ireland, England and Germany to keep to my heritage and sound good with Kyler.

It’ always been my brother’s role as the sole male of my generation to carry on the family name. (The streak of daughters was broken with his kids Owen and Oliver – yay for more Vaughan’s! Sorry about the spelling.)

Adding Name Alignment. Then Making It Legal.

Then there was a dose magic confirming my choice and the addition of a familiar middle name from Rose Rosetree, an aura reader extraordinaire with a really amazing and helpful process for finding people new names that suit them. Kyler Anne Ford was born. (THANKS ROSE!)

So why go the legal/Facebook route? Why not just write under Kyler and live under my given name happily ever after?

It got to the point where writing Jessica seemed disingenuous.

As my first novel hurls towards publication and all the promotion that comes with it, two names is just too much.

  1. I say “Hi” when I answered the phone because I’m never sure where the other person met me.
  2. And also, I have a golden opportunity these next few months as I live untethered by employment or leases to reinvent myself…again.
  3. Plus, I lived in Virginia where you hand over $40 and two sheets of paper and you’re good to go. (You’re good at some things, conservative governments!)

How Friends Reacted to the Joyful Name Alignment

Already, 99% of the people I have told have just nodded and smiled and changed their phones. (THANKS COOL FRIENDS!) and the two people most concerned, the ones who gave me my original name, have given their nod.

Then again, they’re used to the crazy announcements from me (from moving to Europe to not coming home, to coming home and living at a retreat center, to not doing that and moving to the east coast in the midst of the recession without a job, to consulting an aura reader about changing my name, to moving back west, again without a job.)

THANKS AWESOME PARENTS – for this and so much more.

So in conclusion, nice to meet ya’ll (again) as Kyler Anne Ford. And if ye Facebook gods are interested, I have the court order to prove it.

Joyful Name Alignment — An Introduction from Rose

Curious about this form of aura reading research. Have I got a Top 10 set of articles for you: Thrill Your Soul Research and Name Alignment, Top 10 Posts

Just as interesting to you seekers of personal growth, what will you find if you click onto this list where KYLER appears? Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality   People with some pretty soul-thrillish names.

The list wouldn’t show you directly. But I can tell you, 14 out of the 28 listed there have done Name Alignment with me. Also, plenty of others you don’t know about perhaps. This Enlightenment Coach is here to tell you, they are all evolving super-quick now.

It really does make people joyful, doing the two sessions involved in finding a name that thrills your soul, and resonates with every single chakra databank that we research. (Usually it’s two sessions. Occasionally a person needs more.)

So there’s a “word to the wise.” And the self-actualizing….

As for that KYLER ANNE FORD, guest poster, the word is THANKS.

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  1. 1
    Isabella C. says:

    Awwww… so sweet. Love your announcement. Big hugs, Kyler. 🙂

    Name Alignment *is* so joyful. I wish it for everyone that I love!

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Ditto, Isabella! And what a great name! I love reading name allgnment posts. Congratulations Kyler!

  3. 3
    Rachel says:

    Great to read this, Kyler, thanks!

    I have just had my first name alignment session – just this past week. I was not surprised to hear how terrible my current name is for me…. but I am super excited to find a better match soon 🙂

  4. 4
    Gabrielle says:

    Such an inspiring and fun post! Name alignment is another amazing offering from RES.

    Thanks for sharing, Kyler!

  5. 5
    Christine says:

    How many names can one research in one session?

  6. 6

    In response to your question, CHRISTINE, the answer is “As many as can be researched.”

    What are you looking for here, a price per ounce? Please, have mercy! Name alignment is a service, done in good faith.

    How about this? Do the first session and find out how it goes.

  7. 7
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    I saw this on Facebook, Kyler! Just beautifully articulated.

    Beautiful words, beautiful name, beautiful you!!

  8. 8
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    I can certainly second Isabella’s comment #1. 🙂

    Name Alignment has been absolutely huge for me.

    Like throwing off a heavy coat at the end of the day and thinking, “wow, did I have weights in my pockets?!? I feel so FREE now!”

  9. 9
    Eleanor Thomas says:

    Congrats, Rachel!

    On starting the process! I wish every bit as much joy for you as possible!!

  10. 10
    Rachel says:

    Thank you, Eleanor! I appreciate the encouragement :-).

    (Actually my real name is not Rachel hehe…).

  11. 11
    Rachel says:

    My real name is quite unusual, and ever since I started seriously thinking about name alignment I have noticed the huge number of times that people get my name wrong – even if they are responding to an email, where my name is written down.

    I have a very common surname but the doctor even got that wrong the other day! It has all made me think of what Rose says, that when your name is a mismatch, people have trouble with it.

  12. 12
    Julie says:

    Congratulations, Kyler! I second your praise of Virginia government.

    I mailed in my form and had it back exactly one week later, signed, sealed and official.

  13. 13
    Julie says:

    The joys of name change! Just imagine, Rachel, once you have a name that is exquisite for you, getting to be called by that name every day.

    And seeing it on your mail and correspondence.

    And the joy of getting to introduce yourself for the first time under that new name.

  14. 14
    Julie says:

    I’ll always remember the first person I met after my name change. The sudden freedom of introducing myself when he said “What’s your name?”

  15. 15
    An Avid Reader says:

    Belated congratulations, Kyler on your new name!

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