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Aura Reading Casey Affleck

aura reading Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck, ready for his aura reading movie review

Aura Reading Casey Affleck, will there be a huge change between the Oscar nominee’s aura… when compared to his famously tragic role in “Manchester by the Sob”? (I mean, “Sea.”)

Well, this is going to be fun. 😉

As a Washington Post TV critic used to write, “I watch so that you don’t have to.”

So far, I’ve avoided any peeks at this movie, reputedly so good. Yet also way depressing.

Lately, dealing with Trump-flavored newspaper stories — for me, this has been tragedy and horror movie combined. I mean, really. While pile on more?

But who responded FIRST to our Flash Contest for Aura Reading Movie Reviews? CHLOE, asking for me to research the nominated performance of Casey Affleck!

How could I say no to her? Especially when she put it so well.

Our First Winning Nomination in 2017 for an Aura Reading Movie Review

CHLOE wrote:

[Critics] said, “Affleck just carries the weight of his character’s grief in everything he does.”

Will Stage 3 literacy prove there was a deep down transformation while acting and what is going on when he is not acting? I’m curious!

Fortunately, aura reading Casey Affleck, I’ll be protected from taking on STUFF.

There’s a world of difference (and energetic protection) between random aura reading (a.k.a. “Stage One Energetic Literacy”) and the degree of energetic literacy that you’re all totally capable of developing, Stage Three. Comparable to word literacy!

Aura reading Casey Affleck it is! He will star in today’s blog post. Twice. Once as Himself. Once in his Oscar-nominated Performance.

This Aura Reading Movie Review of Casey Affleck — Nuts & Bolts

The Film: “Manchester by the Sea”

The Movie Trailer

In the Nominated Role

Casey Affleck plays Lee Chandler, a handyman trying to comfort his teenage nephew while coping with a tragedy from his own past and his grief over his brother’s death.

Ta Da! Here Come the Photos We’ll Use Today

Reading Casey Affleck’s Photo as Himself

Use this link to open our aura reading photo of Casey Affleck — on a separate screen.

Luckily for all seekers of truth via deeper perception…

Blog-Buddies, when you have developed Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, every photograph is an aura photo.

Reading Casey Affleck’s aura as Lee Chandler

Use this link to open our photo for aura reading Casey Affleck in this nominated role — on a separate screen.

Scroll to the end of today’s article for background on how I did today’s aura research.

Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for

Connecting to Physical Reality

Aura Reading Casey Affleck

For perspective, when researching this chakra databank only, Casey’s Gift of the Soul for Connecting to Physical Reality:

Power, expressiveness, and ability to radiate joy.

Okay, now for the standard info in an aura reading movie review….

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 4 inches

Quality of Chakra Databank: Broken up sense of reality. Confusion. Very dim sense of self as a person, when he isn’t acting.

From the quality here, it doesn’t seem to me that Casey Affleck is recovering from an exhausting movie role, as I noticed last year with Leo DiCaprio. (Who subsequently, al

Aura Reading Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 29 feet.

Quality of Chakra Databank: Full of bluster, yet riddled with pain. Layered inner conflict.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 3/4

Yes, there’s change. But it’s mostly in the direction of exaggeration of conflicts already present.

Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra for Sex Appeal

Aura Reading Casey Affleck

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 2 inches

Quality of Chakra Databank: Casey Affleck isn’t doing very well at projecting sex appeal. He’s got problems that keep him suffering, worrying, feeling bad about himself.

We RES experts have a motto, “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.”

So important to remember. However, if Casey Affleck were my new client, I wouldn’t just encourage him. I’d recommend that he have a standing appointment for a while.

Aura Reading Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 2 inches.

Quality of Chakra Databank: Too miserable and conflicted to have sex appeal. Although there’s a pitiful quality that might attract maternal-type interest.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1/2

More turning up the volume of what’s already there.

Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for

Sharing Power in Relationships

Aura Reading Casey Affleck

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 2 inches.

Quality of Chakra Databank: Casey Affleck doesn’t have power. Sadly, this relates to having very little by way of personal sense of self, not at the time of this photo…. And, this photo captures a moment when the Actor was accepting a high honor in his career.

Seems to me, this sweet guy has really been suffering in a lot of ways; also concealing his suffering and self-absorption from others.

Aura Reading Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 2 inches.

Quality of Chakra Databank: The close to shut-down chakra databank carries an overlay,like, “Due to my victimization in this story, I don’t have power.”

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1/4

Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for

Emotional Self-Awareness

Aura Reading Casey Affleck

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 90 miles.

Quality of Chakra Databank: So that’s where Casey Affleck’s consciousness has been positioned so much of the time. “What do I feel?”

And “What is my motivation in this scene [in life]”

A terrible self-consciousness has a habitual primacy of place.

Emotional experiences aren’t being experienced in that simple, innocent way that works best — as a default — for human beings.

Instead, it would appear from the quality of this chakra databank, this hardworking guy incessantly spends his waking hours “Being an actor” and “Becoming a better actor.”

Aura Reading Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 90 miles.

Quality of Chakra Databank: His suffering is complex and angsty. So complicated.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 0

The actor has been put in a context that displays his usual suffering in a way that — due to to the story — is framed as noble and human and true.

Personally, this aura reader isn’t convinced.

Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra for Verbal Integrity

Aura Reading Casey Affleck

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 1/8 inch. Flatlines.

Quality of Chakra Databank: Believe it or not, verbal integrity doesn’t matter… not at a subconscious and energetic level.

Casey Affleck is too busy chasing after the muse. Or fame.

Aura Reading Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 2 inches

Quality of Chakra Databank: The Lee character can’t help it. Evidently. Life is too hard and painful to just be able to tell the truth.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 0

A shred of story covers this chakra databank’s quality, but the difference is one of changing the charater’s costume and plot. His aura? Not so much.

Aura Reading Databank at the High Chakra for Soul Thrill

Aura Reading Casey Affleck

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 1/8 inch.

Quality of Chakra Databank: It does appear that, in his quest for fame, Casey Affleck is willing to be anything. Or to do anything.

Not in a flamboyant way, but quietly.

The ambition is insatiable. Although severely downplayed.

Aura Reading Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler

Symbolic Size of Chakra Databank: 1/8 inch. Flatlines.

Quality of Chakra Databank: Due to his terrible situation, the character can’t express his soul. Supposedly.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 0


Total chakra change points are 1 and 1/2 out of 5 possible points.

Not a great acting job, energetically. That’s the simple conclusion.

However, will that keep Affleck from winning the Oscar? Not necessarily. Look at my Aura Reading Movie Review of Phillip Seymour Hoffman! A powerful script, well acted on the surface. That’s all most viewers need.

None of this counts as my CONCLUSION, however. So let’s do…

Conclusion. Take Two.

This aura reading movie review may open your heart of compassion. Evidently, Casey Affleck is pursuing a pretty specialized experiment in his life. The A*C*T*O*R experiment.

Where the ambitious soul doesn’t just work hard to succeed. He’s always “Working on his art.” But in a way that diminishes the rest of his life. (And, ultimately, also, his art.)

  • For every Oscar winner as Best Actor, how many men do you think there are, doing a secret something in the manner of Casey Affleck?
  • And for every Oscar Winner as Best Actress, how many women do you think there are, starving themselves nearly to death? While inwardly they’re constantly breaking down the natural, spontaneous flow of life. Just so that they can become famous, famous, famous.
  • Finally, for every actorly ambitious sibling of a famous actor, how many choose a distressing path in life like Casey Affleck’s? Striving to win Oscar glory by working extra hard. And it just so happens, figuring out a personal hack into acting… that robs life of its joy?

May fans of Casey Affleck shower him with admiration. Or just plain compassion. Caring from friends and fans may energetically give Casey Affleck a boost. It would be lovely if he could graduate from this way of being so stuck.

Every human alive is capable of human glory, worth so much more than the Oscar kind. It’s called “Enlightenment.”

Background on Aura Reading Movie Reviews

We’ve got a Flash Contest going for nominations to decide which Oscar nominees I will choose for Academy Award Aura Readings in 2017. You can enter through Friday, February 3, 2017.

This article will tell you more about the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

One of our specialties is this kind of research, using Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Aura reading movie reviews are a very Age of Awakening form of movie criticism, researching which actors are able to change so deeply, it registers at their subconscious minds and chakra databanks.

To learn more about how I do Aura Reading Movie Reviews, click onto our post about Aura Readings for Academy Award Nominees in 2013.

As for Aura Reading Movie Reviews by Rose Rosetree — Find Them All Here.

And if reading celebs is your thing, click here to find loads of newsmaker aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges.

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  1. 1
    Chloe says:

    My curiosity is satisfied! Thank you Rose. This was a fascinating peek into his beautiful experiment…and I so wish for him to become unstuck.

    I was surprised by the Soul Thrill-his underplayed ambition to be anything and do anthing for that desire of fame. Stage 1 literacy for me it was like “oh he is so quiet, humble and underrated”.

  2. 2
    Emily T says:

    Well I am glad I am not an A*C*T*O*R and I am also glad that I don’t habitually monitor myself constantly in the name of self-improvement anymore either!

  3. 3
    Emily T says:

    I think there are many men and women in the film industry who do both, the watching, and the constant semi-starvation.

  4. 4
    Zofia says:

    Interesting comment Chloe.

  5. 5
    Bridget says:

    “Funny,” is how I would describe Casey. It seems the roles I’ve seen him in, and the interviews, always crack me up.

    He usually seems so happy. Wow, am I surprised!

    Whatever his truth is, I’m rooting for him.

  6. 6

    I’m rooting for him too, BRIDGET.

    Truth is, many people these days are struggling. A hidden struggle that shows up with aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge.

    For people in our lives, it’s important for us to keep talking with them, in small ways, as socially appropriate. Regarding celebrities, we do our part when we care about them, root for them, even include them in a prayer.

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