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Enlightenment Inspiration

Enlightenment inspiration

Enlightenment inspiration, even in the time of Trumpism! From Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree

Enlightenment inspiration is available always. Even in the time of Trump. Truth is, we are all able to evolve extra fast now. Granted, these times challenge us to show what we’re made of.

Here are five ways to accelerate spiritual awakening and move toward Enlightenment. (Including a link to a just-released YouTube from this Enlightenment Coach.)

Enlightenment Inspiration #1. Technique Time

Every day, give yourself the benefit of 20 daily minutes of Technique Time. (Tops.)

Before The Age of Awakening, people needed way longer than 20 minutes. And personal Technique Time had to include effective meditation. Even then, progress towards Enlightenment was slow.

Now, ANY form(s) of Technique Time you choose will work fine. For a fuller explanation of your most effective options, see “The New Strong.”

Enlightenment Inspiration #2. Engage in Life

Tempting though it may be, don’t drop out of life. If you’ve read the Bhagavad Gita, you know that Arjuna didn’t — although he had better reason to disengage than you or I are ever likely to have.

First of all, you can get news from reputable media, like the New York Times, the Washington Post, National Public Radio, BBC World Service.

Second, you can talk to people, engaging in ways that make a difference. Beautifully modelled today by Comments 37-39 by Dana K! Just see our conversation on Moral Culpability.

Even if it weren’t already so important to connect to people, guess what? Engaging in your human life helps you evolve spiritually. Unless you make your human life count, you won’t stabilize moments of spiritual awakening. Rather, you’ll start floating away. Maybe even slip into spiritual addiction for a while.

Enlightenment Inspiration #3. Choose to Live with Honor

In America and elsewhere, public behavior has hit new lows. People are voicing ugly, selfish ideas. Sadly, this has become so common as to seem socially acceptable. To some, anyway.

By way of analogy, it’s as if there’s a new fad of Pooping in Public. Many folks now think it’s perfectly normal to take a verbal dump. Shamelessly voicing hatred, prejudice, and other crazy talk.

Consequently, living and speaking in an honorable manner has never mattered more. Choose to speak a few kind words. Maybe ask that person a thought-provoking question, politely.

And, always, you will bring along your beautiful auric modeling, with its power to inspire and uplift.

Yes, Know that Your Auric Modeling Really Can Help

Long before you reach Enlightenment, your auric modeling can inspire. What brightens that up? Whenever you speak appropriately, given the situation, adding a bit of truth. For example:

  • Activism may become part of your lifestyle now, just a few minutes each day. Be on the lookout for local leaders like Laura Moser in D.C., who runs Daily Action.
  • However you choose to make a difference, do it! And definitely know that a voice message to your senator or rep. will be more effective than only sending an email.

Enlightenment Inspiration #4. In Technique Time, You Can Co-Create with God

Teachers can help show us how.

Look, I’d better believe that! This field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) has developed in such a way that I wear four hats: Energy READING Coach, Energy HEALING Coach, Empath Empowerment® Coach, and Enlightenment Coach.

Each of these four parts of RES contains knowledge and skills, all based on co-creating with your favorite choice of the Divine.

Startlingly, I was recently reminded of these words, attributed to Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita:

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma.”

Well, that’s how it worked before The Age of Awakening. Now, don’t expect God to send down an avatar like Krishna.

And, in case you were tempted, don’t believe Kellyanne Conway when she likens Trump to Jesus. (According to my aura reading research, like Trump, Ms. Conway is also living in extreme spiritual addiction. Compared to him, what’s different about her way of being energetically messed up? Seems to me, the astral beings who run her don’t have a knack for hypnotizing people the way that Trump’s entities do.)

On a happier note… Each of us can personally connect to the Divine. Besides that, we can actively co-create with God. Consequently we can evolve ever faster, even crossing the threshold into Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Inspiration #5. Enjoy the Enlightenment Life List

See who’s there already. Even better, participate actively: Name your candidates. Follow the simple rules that help me provide this free service. And continue to be inspired by my Enlightenment Life List.

Today I’m launching a new video to explain what it is, how it works, why I bother. Here’s a link for sharing this new YouTube video “Enlightenment Life List.”

Or you could watch just by clicking on the image below. 🙂


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  1. 1

    After you see that YouTube, please let the world know if you like it. One quick click!

    Maybe share it with a friend.

    And, of course, if you have any questions, comment away.

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    Thanks for the Daily Action link, Rose.

    Another great resource is Jennifer Hofman’s “Weekly Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience.”

    her blog

    This week’s checklist

  3. 3
    Dana K says:

    Thanks Rose!

    Actually I joined Daily Action yesterday and called my Representative’s office this morning.

    They make it simple by texting you the number to call.

  4. 4
    Dana K says:

    My Rep is already aligned with my views which are valuing diversity and our history as a nation of immigrants.

    But still, it was very cathartic to speak to someone in his office and be reassured they are doing what they can.

  5. 5
    Dana K says:

    Also thank you for the enlightenment life list, I love it!

    Actually knowing about all the variations in consciousness now has been very valuable, but of all of them the enlightenment life list is the most fun.

  6. 6
    David B says:

    Love the reference to Arjuna, Rose.
    Hopefully the video won’t bury you in more requests. 🙂

  7. 7

    Aw, thanks, DAVID.

    So what do you — a fellow student of the Bhagavad Gita, not to mention Enlightenment Coach — think of that idea that, when too many people turn selfish and evil, Vishnu will send forth an avatar to fix the world up?

  8. 8
    David B says:

    It’s an interesting question, Rose.

    There is some evidence of that but if you look at the last few avatars, they arrived when the Ages (yugas) took a step down. In other words, they came to set the stage for a period of lower consciousness.

    Prior to that, there is not enough surviving information to place them.

  9. 9
    David B says:

    Now we’re in a time of rising consciousness. Do they arise at those points too? We don’t know.

    On the other hand, such beings are not limited by time the same way we are. They continue to exist in subtler layers.

  10. 10
    David B says:

    I’m reminded of what Jesus is said to have mentioned. To paraphrase, why are you looking for me out here?

    Even the avatar “yet to come” can be known within, although I’d have to say there’s some confusion about that one. He’s described as a white horse but almost always portrayed as a man on a white horse. Most of the avatars of Vishnu have not been in human form.

  11. 11
    Grace T says:

    I enjoyed the video and clear explanation of consumer smarts and the importance of discernment!

  12. 12
    David B says:

    Another point about time. In the story of Rama, the avatar prior to Krishna, his teacher tells he and the many assembled the story of Arjuna. Thousands of years before it was to happen.

  13. 13
    An Avid Reader says:

    Really enjoyed the video!

  14. 14
    Zofia says:

    Well, would an avatar even be welcome?

    Hillary is in enlightenment, but so many people had a gut feeling of dislike and distrust towards her. What does that say?

  15. 15
    Zofia says:

    I can’t even think of a celebrity or states(wo)man in the UK who would be enlightened.

    It would be fun if a BBC historian like Lucy Worsley was enlightened. Maybe there’ll be one in the next generation of BBC historians… lol.

  16. 16
    Zofia says:

    I don’t know if we need an avatar or to give people a minimal amount of education in economics. But that’s another story. :-p

  17. 17

    Thanks, everyone, for the latest comments.

    ZOFIA, there actually are people from the UK on my Enlightenment Life List. Go down the numbered list on the main post there and you’ll spot them easily enough.

  18. 18

    As for people disliking Hillary Clinton, there were so many different factors.

    Most relevant to the mess America’s in? IMHO, our biggest problem in political life has been people who were willfully ignorant, fans of fake news.

    Among those who paid attention to reality, and believed in the role of government to make a significant difference, Hillary Clinton has millions of fans. And she did win the popular vote.

  19. 19

    Even for those who don’t know about Enlightenment, that state of consciousness allows people to use their full potential.

    The resulting speech and actions do inspire those who pay attention to reality.

  20. 20
    Zofia says:

    Thanks Rose. I’m sure the people I pay attention to and admire aren’t in enlightenment though..

  21. 21
    Zofia says:

    The main thing I’m hearing is that whether people are educated or not (and I believe all this points to real economic dilemmas the world is facing), everyone had enough of a moral compass to make the right choice.

  22. 22
    Zofia says:

    That’s a difficult thing to accept. I had a head start with Brexit happening in July, but its still difficult.

  23. 23
    Emily T says:

    Thanks Rose! I think my growth area is actually using my technique time. I spend a lot of time engaging (and some time marching!) at the minute. 😀

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