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God's Valentine. You!

God's Valentine Day

God’s Valentine — you! Celebrate that today.

Yes, you are God’s Valentine. On Valentine’s Day and every day.

On this particular day, which happens to be Valentine’s Day 2017, here’s a blog post to help you feel this is true. You really are God’s Valentine.

Who You Are

(As God’s Valentine, you aren’t just anyone.)

You are an immortal soul. Once created, living forever. Always you will be living in some kind of body somewhere.

And nobody was created just like you. Look in the mirror. Notice that light in your eyes.

Behold the person you are: Delightful, unique and loving. And all the other magnificent qualities of your soul expression for this lifetime!

Will any of this come as a surprise to you? Probably not.

Although I wouldn’t call you “spoiled,” you’ve had the privilege of being this person for quite some time. Every single day. In good weather or bad.

Seems like you might wish to take a moment to bask in that goodness of being you.

As that magnificent being, know that God loves you so much. You really are one of God’s Valentines.

Where You Live

(As God’s Valentine, you don’t live just anywhere.)

Earth School. That’s what I call this learning planet where you and I dwell.

And from what I understand, this world is unique. Human beings are made to be caring. This world has the potential to glorify the whole universe with a distinctive, human-flavored kind of love.

Moreover, in our human bodies we can evolve super-fast spiritually. (For more perspective, rules & tools, check out this link.)

Just getting used to having a human nervous system, taking care of everyday health, is highly evolutionary. (When’s the last time you noticed the miraculous complexity of your physical body?)

To carry out all your everyday responsibilities, and also have fun — yum! Doing this now is harder than it looks. (Keep reading.)

  • What does it mean to you, living now, as a good person who walks your talk?
  • During an ordinary day, how could you be doing huge service for humanity?
  • How can everyday good manners contribute to your personal spiritual awakening?

In my view:

Earth’s beauty, human beauty, shines out through our collective consciousness. More than simply “Our energies.”

You, God’s Valentine, add to that collective consciousness through all the everyday good that you now take for granted.

That matters more than ever in human history, simply because of…

When You Live

(As God’s Valentine, you are living in The Age of Awakening.)

When The Shift happened on Dec. 21, 2012, it was an amazing event for your potential evolution, and also for your world.

If you were going to understand just one thing about The Age of Awakening (and oh, I sure hope you won’t stop there. But if you had to choose), what matters most?

The Veil is gone. That psychic barrier, which used to make human consciousness default to Human Vibrational Frequencies.

Now anything goes, in terms of Earth’s new vibrational freedom.

For us, as individuals, we can learn how to effortlessly live so that we are anchored safely in Human Vibrational Frequencies. Then, during each day’s personal Technique Time, we can live as space cowboys. Or otherwise play in The Divine Vibrational Frequency or Astral Vibrational Frequencies.

That’s the personal job we have, being humans, living now.

To clarify, being God’s Valentine doesn’t guarantee you are doing your part to bring truth into Earth. Although Divine help is available for solving your problems, you alone are responsible for selecting human helpers wisely. Also you alone can learn skills that impact your spiritual evolution.

Semi-Gross Analogy about Being God’s Valentine

Imagine that tonight you have a date with God. You know, going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

However, rather than getting dressed up for the occasion, here’s how you answer the door when God rings:

  • Dirty clothing, covered with mud.
  • No hairstyle. Ach!
  • Your face unwashed, and sticky with remnants of leftover pudding. (The horrors!)

Dressing cute for a date is on you! And not just donning your gay and flattering apparrel. Likewise, taking good care of your aura is your responsibility.

That’s why it’s so helpful to do 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, even simple practices like Truth Light.

When You Live Has Been Impacting Where You Live

And Who You Choose to Be

Frankly, Earth with The Veil gone means mayhem. At least in the early years of The Age of Awakening. Just as YOU have new vibrational freedom, related to living The New Strong or not…

Astral beings from other worlds have gotten into the action.

No psychic barrier? This means that astral beings can easily enter into people’s energy fields, in ways that didn’t used to happen, not in all of earth’s previous history.

Problems like extreme spiritual addiction and astral static. (About the latter, our February 2017 newsletter really is coming. Soon. Aiming for this week. Mitch and I haven’t forgotten. It has just been way busy around here lately, in RES Land.)

Here’s the practical part. Moral choices matter as never before.  For instance, see Comments 45-50 over here.

So might I suggest… as a Valentine’s Day Gift back to God…

10 Ways to Live Like God’s Valentine

Here are some ideas. Let’s hear more from you, Blog-Buddies!

  1. Choose sweetness and light over hatred, BDSM, or other forms of cruelty.
  2. Tiny moral choices — you make them all day long. Just do your reasonable best to bring kindness into this world. And know that counts for a LOT.
  3. Engage in just a bit of political activism daily. Or do whatever else you believe can make society better.
  4. Simple acts of civility, please, when you have the chance. Good manners cost you so little. Yet you could set in motion some wonderful London Bus Conductor Effect.
  5. Tell the truth, rather than hiding.
  6. Speak out, even with a simple, “I disagree. Are you interested in my opinion?”
  7. Work as hard as you must.
  8. Enjoy yourself when you can.
  9. And please don’t blame yourself that your life right now is… what it is. Some of you are going through such a slog. Although it doesn’t feel great, you are nobility in action.
  10. Let yourself be who you are. And feel what you feel. No constantly fixing yourself, please! (Remember, we’re responsible only for what we say and do. Not our private feelings, thoughts, worries.)

Doing any of these 10 things means what? In your own way, you’re loving God back.

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  1. 1
    Emily T says:

    So lovely and helpful, thank you Rose.

  2. 2
    Zofia says:

    Thanks Rose.

  3. 3
    Chloe says:

    Love the 10 ways: I treasure these bits of wisdom I learn from the blog.

    This is so timely-I was just being me in private with a few co-workers and expressed some thoughts/emotions I didn’t want to hide(nothing mean or gossip about anyone) and my co-worker said I needed to “chill out” and tried to “fix” me.

    I spoke up for myself -politely-. Just being me and feeling what I feel is the best I can do today.

  4. 4
    Explorer says:

    I love you… I really truly do!

    I love your quirky ways, your bluntness, your smile, your generosity, your kindness, your strength.
    I love you and everything you so tirelessly continue to bring to this beautiful Mother Earth and us Humans.

    I love you because you helped me recognize and love my Human self.
    I love you… I really truly do!

  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:


  6. 6
    Sandra says:

    Thank you, Rose. So inspirational!

  7. 7
    Jean says:

    Yes – thank you Rose for all your smart caring… 🙂

  8. 8
    An Avid Reader says:

    So awesome to be able to read all these guideposts to living in the age of awakening…

  9. 9
    Emily says:

    Re-reading this today, so helpful 🙂

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