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Michael Shannon Aura Reading Movie Review

 Michael Shannon Aura Reading

This Michael Shannon Aura Reading will review his performance in “Nocturnal Animals.”

A Michael Shannon Aura Reading Movie Review for a Nocturnal Performance. Even though it’s daytime, I’m going to give you that, sorta.

Okay, “Noctural Animals” is the precise name of the movie where Shannon gave a lauded performance. Where, I’m guessing, he did most of his acting in the daytime. Certainly, earning an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor isn’t the same as sleepwalking.

Have any of you Blog-Buddies seen this? A filmic Nocturnal Performance of the Animals…. Please let us know what you thought of it.

Me, I’m content to sample the movie — and Michael Shannon’s performance — by snooping into his aura. Did those small parts of it, chakra databanks, change much? Or did he merely deliver a performance that was surfacey-superb?

Golly, maybe I’ll find out that Michael was snoozing his way through the flick. But attractively. 😉

Even the nominator, CHLOE, hasn’t seen the nominated performance quite yet. ‘Fessing up during her winning nomination, what did she write? Here’s the gist, at our Contest for This Year’s Aura Reading Movie Reviews:

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I really liked him in “Midnight Special.” He seems very intense and focused on his job as “actor”. Fun fact — his film debut was in the movie “Groundhog Day,” opposite Bill Murray.

Friends, Enjoy Today’s Aura Reading Movie Review

  • The Film: “Nocturnal Animals”
  • Lookee here for The Movie Trailer
  • Plot Summary from the Academy Awards Official Website: Disappointingly, Michael Shannon plays Bobby Andes, a gruff, small-town Texas sheriff. He takes unexpected action, investigating a brutal crime involving three tourists.

Why disappointingly? I was hoping that Shannon played a witty, affable sophisticate. Some debonair small-town Texas sheriff. Where, funnily enough, the only crime committed was what? Somebody attempted to play tennis while dressed wrong. Oh, the horror! Clothing that wasn’t all shiny white, spotless, and perfectly pressed.

Now that’s what I call a really enjoyable movie! 😉

Instead, reality strikes again! Cinematic reality. Anyhow, here are the photos we’ll use for this Michael Shannon Aura Reading Movie Review.

Photo for Michael Shannon’s Aura Reading

To enjoy this article most, open up this aura reading photo on a separate screen.

(Also, here’s a link to the source of the photo.)

Contrast that with our Photo of Michael Shannon as Bobby Andes

  1. Check out this aura reading photo on a separate screen.
  2. Afterwards you can use your own skills for energetic literacy to research the chakra databanks of interest to you!
  3. What, you haven’t developed energetic literacy yet? Fear not. Scroll to the end of this article for background on how you can learn to do aura research like this.

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to Physical Reality

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

90 feet. Solid, strong, earthy connection to life.

Guess what is so endearing about all this? Unlike so many movie actors, Michael Shannon is not outstandingly gorgeous. Also, he hasn’t lived for years as crazy-making famous.

Therefore, his way of connecting to physical reality is pretty darned normalish. Wondrously refreshing!

Michael Shannon Aura Reading as Bobby Andes

5 inches. Andes is a survivor. Both hard bitten and biting back hard.

Evidently this character has survived terrible hardships. Each one has left a mark on him. Toughened him. Embittered him. Yet strengthened the Texan’s resolve.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

Maybe I’m not in love with this actor, Michael Shannon. But I’m sure in awe.

This one Root Chakra databank on “Bobby Andes” could belong to a completely different person.

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

90 feet. Interested in sex? Very.

Moreover, at this level of auras/astral energies/subconsciousness this shows. Quite definitely.

Michael Shannon Aura Reading as Bobby Andes

80 feet. Tough guy. Hard to get. But whatta lover!

Seems like there’s promise in that there chakra databank!

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

Most noteworthy about creating this character, Michael Shannon has made a very wise choice. Regarding the character’s sex appeal.

In life, embittered people don’t necesssarily become fabulous lovers. Sex appeal can turn downright icky.

Not this sherrif! Cleverly, this creative artist has fashioned a character who would be way more fun to watch.

Ever hear the saying, “Sex sells?” Definitely true of movies. Over the years, I’ve noticed: Surprisingly, this particular chakra databank matters a lot.

Each year… the Oscar goes … to a character loaded with sex appeal. Even if it’s totally out of character (for the character being portrayed).

Compared to that, there’s powerful sex appeal as an actor’s choice for a role. Which is what I’ve been reading here.

Encountering the rare finesse I’m finding in Michael Shannon’s performance, hello! It really is possible to piece together a character who doesn’t just fit the script.

Instead, that character is going to be unexpectedly delectable to watch. Like designing a tasty sauce from ingredients seldom combined.

Because a performer of Michael Shannon’s caliber can make it real.

Amazing skill shows here. No doubt, the skill has been developed over lifetimes, honed by hard work.

What a privilege to witness, via aura reading. Michael Shannon’s so-very-human creation!

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power in Relationships

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

3 feet. Sadly, his chakra databank contains a “treasure trove.” What’s in it? Only anger, resentment, frustration, disillusionment, and helplessness.

Alternatively, the mess at Michael’s chakra databank just might be mined for acting purposes.

In case you’re reading, Mr. Shannon, I’d love to help you to move through this STUFF. One session at a time, oh yes, I’m quite optimistic.

Especially relevant is helping you to lose these upsetting inner limitations. And wake up your soul to more joy. Trust me, if you did that… you’d still remember plenty. Remember enough that you’ve overcome… to be at least as great an actor.

STUFF does not cause creativity. Rather (from my perspective, at least), STUFF blocks creativity.

Due to inner strength, sometimes an actor manages to not be altogether blocked by STUFF. Seems to me, that’s what allowed Michael Shannon to deliver his performance in “Nocturnal Animals.” Definitely not having the STUFF.

Michael Shannon Aura Reading as Bobby Andes

94 feet. Evidently this character knows how to work with others. Cleverly expanding his own influence. Consequently, he outsmarts them.

Altogether more social than Michael Shannon! This Bobby character can get others to (knowingly or not) help him carry out his plans.

Understanding people, playing off of their weaknesses. Using that knowledge without compunction. That’s Bobby with that Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power in Relationships.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

Bobby couldn’t be more different from Michael. Awesome!

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

Michael Shannon’s Aura Reading

77 feet. Wonderfully, Michael Shannon celebrates human life in depth. Being such an avid student of the human heart.

Michael Shannon Aura Reading as Bobby Andes

74 feet. Oh, such a differently tender heart! All the sweetness is hidden, of course. Delectably hidden.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

What a fascinating character, entirely different from how Michael Shannon deals with his own emotions.

Michael Shannon’s Aura Reading

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Michael Shannon Aura Reading: His Warrior Weapon of Choice is SPEECH.

90 feet. Communicating, especially through his voice, is Michael Shannon’s weapon of choice. Speaking shields him, too.

Seems like the act of speaking is central to Shannon’s sense of self. Moreover, communication means something different to him, compared to others.

Most of all, this chakra databanks proclaims to me: “Style matters. Neither content nor how true the words might be. I can make words mean whatever I want, simply by how I say them.”

Nearly like a superpower to him, the act of speaking!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Duh, Rose! All actors feel that way.” Not so fast. Exploring this potential at the level of chakra databanks is different.

Opposite alert! Personally I consider what I’ve encountered here to be rare. And a big deal.

Michael Shannon Aura Reading as Bobby Andes

3 inches. The man lies. Enjoying it.

Deception, to this character, is indispensible. Like salt on a pretzel.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

Michael Shannon Aura Reading

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

(Expressing His Soul in Everyday Life)

Michael Shannon’s Aura Reading

2 inches. “Not enough.”

Meaning what? Feelings and energies like these:

  • Not good enough job, Michael.
  • Lacking sufficient success in my career.
  • Not enough. Never quite enough.

Blog-Buddies, have you been equating success or fame with Soul Thrill? Then read more auras!

Because life at Earth School is way more complicated than that.

Michael Shannon Aura Reading as Bobby Andes

1/8 inch. Nearly as shut-down as in the actor’s own aura.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 0

Sadly, Michael Shannon can’t budge this chakra databank. Why can’t he transform it? Probably because he has yet to wake up much soul thrill in his own life.

Many a smart, good, person is suffering through a similar numbness. Seems like feeling a bit dried-up inwardly. (At least for a while. Soul thrill can always, always, always wake up!)

Almost in Conclusion, with total Chakra Databank Change Points

4 out of 5

Michael Shannon has given this performance everything he had. Magnificent creativity, commitment, and artistry!

In Conclusion!

This blog post will tell you more about my method of using energetic literacy for aura reading film criticism.

Want to learn more about the sequence of research I used? See this Aura Reading Film Critique blog post.

It’s a very Age of Awakening form of movie criticism. Less about surface-level performances. Rather, we can research which actors are able to change really deeply. So deeply, it registers at their subconscious minds and chakra databanks.

Can you learn to read auras? Of course! Here’s a book to get you started.

What else? Incidentally, for Aura Reading Movie Reviews by Rose Rosetree — Find Them All Here.

And if reading celebs is your thing, click here to find loads of newsmaker aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges.

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  1. 1
    Vanya says:

    Thank you Rose, another thoroughly eye-opening reading.

    I just love the way your readings are never stale or repetitive but truly delve into these, sometimes very unusual, databanks!

  2. 2
    Vanya says:

    I have seen this film and honestly, I would not recommend it to people who feel that what they watch impacts them and bears a trace long after the 90 minutes is up (as many on here do)- it left me with a horrible feeling.

  3. 3
    Vanya says:

    I was disappointed as the actors involved are all really good and Amy Adams is a personal favourite- still.

    Just a heads up!

  4. 4
    Rose Rosetree says:

    VANYA, thank you so much.

    Isn’t it fascinating how fame and success largely depend upon karma. I also admire the work of Amy Adams, and consider her a superb actress.

    That’s on her — including the work she keeps doing to expand upon her talent.

  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Regarding karma, Adams has enough good karma to find steady work as an A-lister, to be worth $50 million, and to have received five Academy Award nominations. But never won.

  6. 6
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Which successful performers do you Blog-Buddies feel ought to be more successful?

  7. 7
    Chloe says:

    Rose-Thanks for this awesome aura reading-I was excited when I saw the post up about Michael.

    The Verbal Integrity bank was especially fascinating-he does have an appealing voice in general.

  8. 8
    Chloe says:

    I look forward to seeing his performance in the movie and wouldn’t it be great to see him really enjoy soul thrill more as the talented and handsome (to me) man he is.

  9. 9
    Chloe says:

    Thinking about others who I feel ought to be more successful Rachel Adams comes to mind -you said in last year’s Aura Reading “Rachel McAdams would probably have a much bigger film career if she had been born into an era when entertainment could be lighthearted, even ennobling.”

    I sometimes see her in roles others are doing and wonder about that.

  10. 10
    An Avid Reader says:

    Not sure where to add this comment about the newsletter that just came out.

    It is awesome. Really helpful information with the technique offered.

    Am so grateful to be on the list and to be a recipient of this newsletter!

  11. 11
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Our latest blog post would be that place, AVID READER.

    I’m so glad you appreciate the special treats in the Feb. issue of “Reading Life Deeper.” 🙂

  12. 12
    An Avid Reader says:

    Okay, thank you, Rose! So good to know for the future! 🙂

    Many thanks for all the awesomeness here at the blog and in the newsletter. (Not sure if that form of the word “awesome” is legit or not but it seems to work for what I am trying to express!)

  13. 13
    Leo says:

    I’ve always liked this actor! One of those “oh, this guy’s in THIS movie. Cool.” Even though I wouldn’t be able to tell you his name right off.

    Interesting aura reading, definitely. Complex guy living quite a life. And doing it as himself! I’ve gained such appreciation for the imperfections of being a human this last year.

  14. 14
    Isabella C. says:

    What’s really impressive is how familiar the character of Bobby sounds to me, like he’s someone I’ve known.

  15. 15
    Louisa says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal seems to be the right amount of successful, at least enough to be able to consistently choose interesting parts.

    I recently heard an interview with him where he talked about mindfulness, and really came off as a pretty nice person.

  16. 16
    Louisa says:

    An interesting aura reading subject might be Elisabeth Moss.

    She is a fantastic actress, with scientology connections.

  17. 17
    Louisa says:

    Another one could be Louis Anderson, who plays a mother to Zach Galifinakis on the very touching and hilarious show “Baskets”

  18. 18
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, LOUISA.

    Every once in a while, it’s time for me to remind all you Blog-Buddies that I’d prefer that you not drop in requests for me to do aura readings, face readings, or Skilled Empath Merges.

  19. 19
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, LOUISA.

    Every once in a while, it’s time for me to remind all you Blog-Buddies that I’d prefer that you not drop in requests for me to do aura readings, face readings, or Skilled Empath Merges.

  20. 20
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Please confine your requests to Contests, like the one that was mentioned in this post.

    Why is this a policy for my blog?

    Because I really prefer to choose for myself which articles I’m going to write at my blog. You’re all welcome to request any kind of Energy READING during your personal sessions with me. Guest posting is an option, too.

  21. 21
    Louisa says:

    I understand. I didn’t realize that my suggestion came off as a “request”. But back to the question you asked readers… Asia Argento is an actor I’d like to see more of. She has great screen presence but doesn’t seem to get great projects.

  22. 22
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Aha! LOUISA, you were responding to my question in Comment #6.

    Perhaps I’m more sensitive than most to when people write things like “An interesting aura reading subject might be.” You’ve given me perspective that you weren’t really expecting me to read her aura. Thank you for spelling it out. 🙂

    I’m also a fan of Elizabeth Moss, BTW.

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