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Natalie Portman Aura Reading Movie Review

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Natalie Portman Aura Reading. Does she deserve to win a second Oscar?

Natalie Portman Aura Reading — have you been curious about her performance? Are you wondering, will she win her second Oscar? All the more fun for us, doing today’s aura reading movie review!

Certainly I’ve been wanting to give you that energetic literacy research. Her acclaimed performance is favored by many. Will she win the Oscar this Sunday. Besides, I’ve admired her work for so many years.

Beyond that, Americans of a certain age can remember: Where were you when you learned about Kennedy’s death? Perhaps you can relate, Boomer Blog-Buddies from the U.S.

Due to being a child, I was playing. Hanging with my friend Danuta Malinowska. Her mother found us and told us.

Henceforth other horrible deaths would follow: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Medgar Evers and Bobby Kennedy. Later, John Lennon. Such a strange thing to get used to, murders of beloved public figures

At least we can console ourselves with art, movies included. Political courage endures like all powerful personal memories of courage, creativity, and kindness. Memorable like the gentlest generosity and love.

Regarding these sweetest aspects of life, who can appreciate that more than us? Aura reading brings us that advantage.

Get ready for today’s Aura Reading Movie Review

The Film: “Jackie”

The Movie Trailer: Just one click away!

Plot Summary:

As Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman portrays the grieving First Lady. Following the president’s assassination, will she do nothing? Or will she seek to ensure her late husband’s legacy. And her own.

First of all, for this aura reading movie review… which photos will we use?

Photo for Natalie Portman’s Aura Reading

Click here to open up a photo for aura reading Natalie Portman on a separate screen.

Contrast that with our Photo of  Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy.

Maybe you’re wondering, how can I read an aura from an ordinary picture? How can you? With skills. And it helps that every photo is an aura photo.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to Physical Reality

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

80 feet. A bit over-functioning, but then she’s with photographers at a media event.

Under these circumstances, if a great actress can’t juice up her aura, who can?

Most noteworthy about any part of her aura, such exceptional sensitivity! Natalie Portman couldn’t be more high strung. Think, literally of the highest strings on a harp. Easily plucked. Reverberating with intense sound that others don’t even hear.

Therefore, “Tone it down” is probably Natalie Portman’s most essential acting job. Along with “Seem normal” and “Don’t overwhelm others.”

Maybe she has had this project for life, but so what? Considering that she came in that way for this glorious lifetime.

Here at this blog we’ve had many articles about paying the price for what you get in life. Seems to me, the price this actress pays is worth it. Because she has learned how to be stable. In short, Natalie Portman knows how to play her Stradivavius harp of a nervous system.

All a’quiver, even at rest. While at this photo shoot, for instance: More sensitive, probably than every photographer there… put together. Somehow, Natalie Portman makes her sensitivity and talent work.

Also, at the time of this photo, she happens to be very happy. Why does that matter? Because Natalie Portman is making her usual emotions-first connection to physical reality.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading as Jackie Kennedy

2 inches. (Nearly shut-down.)

Timid and prone to circular inner worries. Like a hamster running around on her wheel.

Evidently, at the time of this image, the Jackie character feels overwhelmed and small.

Interestingly, she isn’t a victim. Although a different character (or interpreter of this movie role) could go that way.

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

What a masterful, unostentatious display of complete transformation.

And not only has Natalie Portman become an altogether different earth personality, to inhabit this role. Clearly, she has made a purposeful choice. Even an elegant choice.

Not too many actors could convey that extreme vulnerability without resorting to a cliche of victimhood.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

80 feet. Moderate over-functioning.

Naturally sexy? Definitely, Natalie Portman is very interested in sex. However, she’s also very interested in just about everything about human life.

Perhaps you might imagine her with a three-year-old’s curiosity… merged with the body of a ripe woman.

And I do mean ripe. Since I found it hard to find a reasonably current photo of Natalie Portman. A non-pregnant photo. (Admittedly, I spent more time than needed just staring at photographs like this. What gorgeous maternity dresses!)

More relevant to this aura reading, Natalie Portman knows how to calibrate her sex appeal. Delivering precisely enough oomph. On demand.

As a result of being an accomplished actress, of course she can dial her sexiness up or down. Or sideways. Especially remarkable, though? Somehow her sexual energy remains pristine. Not like a commodity. Neither has she cheapened the natural flow of her sexual energy.

Basically Natalie Portman’s sex appeal is normalish. Despite being able to dial it up or down or sideways.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading as Jackie Kennedy

This chakra databank will be especially interesting if you know much about John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Opposite to the image of a staid and sexless POTUS. Posthumously Kennedy became notorious for his sexually wild love life!

Okay, now for the aura reading….

18 feet. For this character’s Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal, this size is positively puny!

Underfunctioning, in feeling, Jackie is used to being very, very interested in sex. Rather interested! Able to keep up with her highly-sexed, late husband.

Except that Jackie’s sex drive is complicated by extreme need. She must have this way of holding onto her man.

Perhaps, by this part of the plot, the First Lady is widowed, which adds to her sexual desperation. Wotta mess!

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

Breathtaking perceptiveness characterizes this portrayal of Jackie.

Equally impressive to me is the courage it must have taken to portray such raw sexual need. Almost unbearable to keep secret, inflamed and carefully hidden.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power in Relationships

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

30 feet. Normal range.

That Natalie Portman does have a temper. Otherwise, she’s pretty well adjusted to sharing power in relationships. Probably that includes having learned savvy interpersonal skills.

Between you and me, it’s mighty refreshing to read the aura of this A-lister. Unusually, she doesn’t have big issues with power, one way or another.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading as Jackie Kennedy

1/8 inch. Not only is this chakra databank in shutdown. The quality suggests that she hasn’t shared power for years. Probably never, as an adult.

Instead of aiming to get what she wants, and negotiating with people as appropriate, what then?

At the time of this photo from the movie, the character goes curiously passive, blank, and even emotionally unreachable.

Such a tormented way of relating to power!

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

Once again, I am awed by the interior version of Jackie that Natalie Portman has constructed.

Actorly artistry shows in how this latest detail is completely consistent with all that has gone before. Beyond that, the contrast is remarkable. Comparing real Natalie Portman with this attractive piece of psychological wreckage? Jackie barely functions. Yet in such interesting ways!

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

10 miles. Over-functioning

Ripped like an athlete’s six-pack, Natalie Portman’s chakra databank for Emotional Self-Awareness is extraordinary.

Sorrows she has known, traumas, heartbreaks; every shade of happiness; personal feelings and reactions to others; handling their reactions to her… Life always hits Natalie Portman emotions first.

Yet she’s no wallower. Courage is more like it.

When she graduated from Harvard, the acress could have earned her degree in Knowing the Human Heart.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading as Jackie Kennedy

Chakra Databank Change Points

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

10 feet. A bit under-functioning.

A certain weariness has set in. Natalie can persuade just about anybody of just about anything.

But there’s such a thing as being too good at a game.

Blog-Buddies, did you ever consider the luxury of your lifestyle? Unless you act, or otherwise lie, for a living — verbal integrity matters to you.

However, being Natalie-superb as a professional actor does, apparently, bring that kind of weariness. Simple communication? “How dull!”

Perhaps comparable to a super-rich person who feels downright languid about shopping.

Why bother? I could have anything.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading as Jackie Kennedy

80 feet. Over-functioning, at the time of this photograph.

Does that Jackie ever alternate! According to this chakra databank, here’s what she does:

  • Hide. Often, she’ll retreat. And yet muster a delectable facade that makes others want to know what she has to say. (Quite some skill, perfected over years!)
  • Speak in a torrent of words that can transform the listener. So authentic! And so heartfelt!
  • Which will you get at any given time, speaking to this Jackie character? Only one person decides. Jackie. (Even if she seems incapable of making any choice whatsoever.)

Chakra Databank Change Points: 1

Jaw-dropping creativity is on offer here.

Although I haven’t seen this film, guess what? Seems like this ultra-complicated character is consistently portrayed and entirely believable.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

High Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

(Expressing Her Soul in Everyday Life)

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

28 feet. Normal range for her at this time.

Strong presence of Divine blessing. Natalie Portman was made to do this kind of work. It totally thrills her soul.

Being photographed in her role as “A-List Actress” confirms the sense of purpose being fulfilled.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading as Jackie Kennedy

80 feet. Over-functioning.

Rather than voicing the stunted, puny soul thrill I would expect from this character… here’s a shock.

Natalie Portman couldn’t step into this character. Not when it comes to soul thrill.

What a ham! The actress adores being in a movie. She can’t hide it.

Acting brings Natalie such bliss. The soul thrill is much greater than normal, even, being Natalie.

Sweet! Although…

Chakra Databank Change Points: 0

It’s as if, at this chakra databank, Natalie Portman has an irrepressible, little pop-up ad.

It says, “This is me! Moi! Amazing little old me. And I’m in a movie. My dream!”

So very human.

Just not quite in character. (Laughing with compassion.)

In Conclusion, with total Chakra Databank Change Points

4 out of 5

Personally, I’m feeling rather fatigued at all the flavors of dysfunction. Surely this character would have delighted Freud, or any other brilliant psychoanalyst.

Thank goodness, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is so much simpler as a way to help people. Just one intention per person, and steady progress.

Most noteworthy about this performance is how strongly it would appeal to viewers with an interest in psychological aberrations.

Background on Aura Reading Movie Reviews

This blog post will tell you more about my method of using energetic literacy for aura reading film criticism.

Want to learn more about the sequence of research I used? See this Aura Reading Film Critique blog post.

It’s a very Age of Awakening form of movie criticism. We can research which actors are able to change really deeply. So deeply, it registers at their subconscious minds and chakra databanks.

Can you learn to read auras? Of course! Here’s a book to get you started.

What else? Incidentally, for Aura Reading Movie Reviews by Rose Rosetree — Find Them All Here.

And if reading celebs is your thing, click here to find loads of newsmaker aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges.

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  1. 1
    Dana W. says:

    Thank you for all of the Oscar nominee aura readings you have done!

    I’ve always admired Natalie Portman and was excited that she is doing well and had another amazing performance here.

  2. 2
    Dana W. says:

    I haven’t seen this movie, but I did see a documentary about the Kennedy family.

    Jackie had quite a lot to deal with in JFK’s affairs, it seemed like. I’m glad Portman portrayed the complexity of a real person.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Ha ha! Your the “pop up ad” reference made me laugh out loud.

    I can’t blame her! It’s really no fair for someone with such glorious soul thrill to always end up playing characters with far less soul thrill.

  4. 4
    Rose Rosetree says:

    DANA W. and KYLIE, you’re leading off with some great comments.

    Agreed, DANA, Jackie had a lot to deal with in JFK’s affairs. And probably quite a lot to enjoy (or deal) with in their own married love life!

  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:

    KYLIE, you’ve made me chuckle. Especially remarkable since I wasn’t sure I could chuckle.

  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    I really enjoyed this reading, Rose, and all the others too.

    Thanks for your efforts! I haven’t seen any of the Oscar-nominated films this year but have enjoyed your assessments as much as ever.



  7. 7
    Amanda says:

    Oh, and congratulations on the achievement of chuckling!

    It’s a slippery slope though, with snortling at the end of it. Be warned.

  8. 8
    Amanda says:

    Oh dear. I made myself snortle with that!

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Oh dear back, AMANDA. Turns out, when I stortle I laughle.


  10. 10
    Zofia says:

    I remember that you said in a previous reading that Nathalie is an empath who uses emotional self awareness to work round that… which relfects what we see here.

  11. 11
    Zofia says:

    I’m thinking that when she’s finished her experiment with being an unskilled empath, she’s got a good chance of becoming enlightened?!?

  12. 12
    Zofia says:

    I like this lady though. We can see her balancing her ability for emotional self awareness with a need for intellectual rigor.

    Her weariness at being able to convince anyone of anything is also endearing. 🙂

    She’s a soul self aware enough to seek her own balance.

  13. 13
    Zofia says:

    She’s probably worth the time to do an aura reading of myself.

  14. 14
    Rose Rosetree says:

    ZOFIA, it’s true that you can gain those aura reading skills and then go forth and read Natalie Portman. I like how you’re thinking here.

    However, I did cringe at Comment 11. You’re entitled to make whatever theories you like. This Enlightenment Coach and Empath Empowerment(R) Coach would never make a statement like that.

  15. 15
    Rose Rosetree says:


    Words that come to mind are: Presumptuous.

    And disrespectful to the person you are making the theories about.

    Also, perhaps, a bit insulting to God — Who has far more to do with deciding when a person moves into Enlightenment… than the likes of you or me.

  16. 16
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Moreover, being an unskilled empath isn’t an “experiment.” All empaths start off unskilled.

    And becoming a skilled empath doesn’t automatically move a person into Enlightenment.

    Please, avoid making such theories in the future.

  17. 17
    Zofia says:

    I only said that because you’ve made comments about her being an evolved soul, but not enlightened “yet” in previous readings.

  18. 18
    Zofia says:

    “Close to being spiritually Enlightened, Natalie’s consciousness is hanging by a kind of sacred thread. She is part of a large grouping of souls who could be Enlightened — maybe has been Enlightened in another lifetime, or more than one — but is living and breathing among us now, helping humanity to evolve.”

  19. 19
    Zofia says:

    Personally, I’m not interested in making presumptions… I’m more interested in the paths that people may set up for themselves. So when I see people actively seeking balance, I recognise a path there.

  20. 20
    Zofia says:

    And you can always learn from that, in fairly practical ways.

  21. 21
    Zofia says:

    Rose, someone can be interested in studying something without being presumptuous… that’s the whole basis of science, afterall. I framed the thought in the context of enlightenment as that’s what you like to focus on.

  22. 22
    Zofia says:

    To be honest, I can get a bit confused about comments you can make about how evolved a soul is or isn’t. But that’s another story. Please accept my apologies for my comment.

  23. 23
    Rose Rosetree says:

    ZOFIA, it’s so gracious of you to extend an apology.

    Please accept mine for using this exchange as a chance to teach while monitoring this blog.

    I know that YOU know that I value your comments. With your discernment, you can also appreciate that sometimes I write here in a different role than friendly person sharing ideas.

  24. 24
    Rose Rosetree says:

    When I make a comment as an Enlightenment Coach, that isn’t speculation so much as information… part of that skill set.

    At the blog I discuss many skills of RES, and teach many of those skills through my books and workshops.

    Also I facilitate Enlightenment Coaching. However I don’t TEACH how to do that.

  25. 25
    Zofia says:

    Of course, presumptions are one of “sensitive points.” That’s all horrible.

    It’s so new to be doing aura readings on celebrities, let alone understanding them in terms of their spiritual gifts and their potential roles as “world servers.”

  26. 26
    Rose Rosetree says:

    So today we’ve had a teachable moment, which I hope wasn’t painful to level-headed you, where I got to add a reminder to all Blog-Buddies…

    Please, do not comment about somebody’s progress on Enlightenment unless you have the standing to come out in public as an Enlightenment Coach.

  27. 27
    Rose Rosetree says:

    A useful point, as I’m sure there are many blogs and chat rooms where anyone can feel qualified to comment at length with opinions about another person’s level of consciousness.

    For instance, you can probably read many such comments about me in that regard, related to my interview on Enlightenment with Rick Archer for “Buddha at the Gas Pump.”

  28. 28
    Zofia says:

    (one of my “sensitive points.” I meant. I hate it when people assume things about me…)

  29. 29
    Rose Rosetree says:

    If you take a look at those comments — or other ones at Batgap — it will illustrate what happens when Enlightenment Coaching becomes a topic for anybody and everybody’s opinions.

    Unlike Rick’s wonderful, but loosely monitored website, you can read comments here without cringing, right?

  30. 30
    Rose Rosetree says:

    So long as this is my personal blog, I reserve the right to make this an educational haven for those interested in RES, enforcing the standards that I deem necessary.

    Again, I appreciate what a good sport you are, ZOFIA. Because I felt you would appreciate my comments in the spirit intended, I allowed our full exchange to go live.

  31. 31
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks for those comments, ZOFIA, that wound up interspersed with my latest little series.

    This part of your Comment #25 is so true:

    “It’s so new to be doing aura readings on celebrities, let alone understanding them in terms of their spiritual gifts and their potential roles as ‘world servers.'”

  32. 32
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Challenging, yes! Making comments like this yet keeping it ethical rather than a type of gossip — and that’s part of my delicate dance hosting the blog.

    Perhaps some of you newer Blog-Buddies haven’t seen this article about gossip yet, for instance.

    The practical point is: Post away with whatever you like that could be appropriate for this blog.

  33. 33
    Rose Rosetree says:

    If your comment doesn’t go live, that’s because it’s deleted due to being considered inappropriate for publication. Monitoring “Deeper Perception Made Practical” by this blog host… who’s just doing her level best to pioneer certain skills… teaching as appropriate at her blog… and doing what she can to manage all of this with integrity.

    To clarify, such a comment will not go live unless I see the resulting exchange here as a possible Teachable Moment for us all. (And I also believe that the blog commenter has a combo of fortitude and good sense, like ZOFIA.)

  34. 34
    Zofia says:

    Rose, I admire your spiritual etiquette and integrity. 🙂

  35. 35
    Zofia says:

    There’s better and simpler ways to share thoughts triggered by aura readings. With Nathalie, the main things I had to say were:

    1 – Wow, isn’t Nathalie super awesome, and alive! Especially if you compare to Michael Shannon or Casey Affleck’s aura readings.

  36. 36
    Zofia says:

    2 – If you consider how super sensitive she is, I think she’s really brave to throw herself into life like she does.

    She still manages to remain balanced in key areas like her sexuality.

    She’s only a couple years older than me. Wow.

  37. 37
    Zofia says:

    3 – It is a bit alarming to me how much she focuses on emotional self awareness. That does sound scary to me. But also reminds me to throw myself into life just a little bit more.

  38. 38
    Zofia says:

    As someone who is also somewhat sensitive, I’m afraid of losing my composure a lot of the time.

    (Yup, I can often get overwhelmed which takes time and energy to manage…)

  39. 39
    Zofia says:

    But yet, here is a lady with a crazy career (acting and directing), other interests, husband, kids… but also with a super sensitive nervous system. To me, this all implies just how evolved she is. Enlightened or not. 🙂

  40. 40
    Julie says:

    I love this reading. It’s impressive and inspiring to see someone so sensitive who is also stable and happy.

    Who has learned to be so.

  41. 41
    Julie says:

    I relate so much to the findings at the Connecting to Physical Reality databank.

    To having a nervous system “All a’quiver, even at rest”.

    It’s not unknown for me to take a moment, before entering my workplace or other rooms full of people, to settle myself down and say something along the lines of “Be normal”:)

  42. 42
    Rose Rosetree says:

    The wacky part, JULIE, is that I don’t think anybody would ever guess.

    You play “normal human” very convincingly. 🙂

  43. 43
    Julie says:

    I’m glad to hear that, Rose. I’m not an actress at all but I’m glad I do some semblance of normal, even if all atwitter on the inside.

  44. 44
    Zofia says:

    Julie, are you the enlightened Julie from Rose’s list? From what I understand, being enlightened means you have a balance in your chakra databanks that must help you keep balanced.

  45. 45
    Zofia says:

    It’s not so hard to appear normal to the casual observer. (I can do a pretty good job tbh). But I’m sure you have an inner balance that people like me (and Nathalie, I imagine) are striving for.

    I find that on my way to balance, certain aspects of my aura over function in the process of gaining balance. (Like emotional growth, for example.)

  46. 46
    Zofia says:

    So when I read (past tense) about Nathalie, it made me smile, as I could relate. I guess once day the wibbles will even out, like riding a bike.

    (And all these comments are what I tried to find a shorthand way of saying in comment 11.)

  47. 47
    Julie says:

    Hi Zofia,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, there is balance but the nervous system still is what it is.

  48. 48
    Zofia says:

    Thanks Julie. Good point.

    Just thinking, Rose has done a lot of posts on Enlightenment since this one. I’ve learnt a lot, so thanks.

  49. 49
    Zofia says:

    For me, I really don’t pursue RES sessions for Enlightenment. So its good to know where Rose’s mind is, so I can relate.

    I think everyone could be enriched by knowing more about the new directions in spiritual growth.

  50. 50
    Julie says:

    Yes, three cheers for enrichment, in whatever forms are pursued.

    And new directions in spiritual growth and all that that encompasses.

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