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Snow Crocuses. Heralding Greatest Happiness

Snow Crocuses

How snow crocuses heralded a kind of happiness I never felt before.

Let us now praise snow crocuses! They arrived on the same day I completed my first online workshop. Still a mystery workshop, which I will officially share the details about… this Monday.

Today, though, I can tell you the inside story.

Snow Crocuses, Heralding

Each year, do you also have the treat of seeing crocuses blossom? Always, they are among springtime’s bold, pioneer flowers. Heralding the new season, they’re like the first shades of sunrise to proclaim the dawn.

In the case of my backyard garden, those crocuses would be purple. Always very much appreciated, like the gorgeous daffodils that soon followed.

Except what happened yesterday? It snowed. Just a bit. On waking, I discovered a yard that was gleaming with snow crocuses. Dusted with white like a pastry sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar.

Heralding the Kind of Happiness

Symbolized by Snow Crocuses

Finally, on 3/3/17, I finished my first Online Workshop. Which I’d been working on, hard, for well over a year. (Saying something that must be a sort of running joke among those who know me well: “I never thought I could work this hard.”)

Completing this project, yes, it really happened.

In a way I have never, ever felt this happy in my whole life. Obviously a different kind of happy from marrying Mitch and watching our son Matt grow up. How last month, for instance, he became an official candidate for a Ph.D. at Berkeley.

So many different flavors of happiness have blossomed in my professional life as well as my personal life. No human garden could be more glorious.

Still, this kind of happiness yesterday. It felt like such a relief. Because with the completion of this online workshop, finally, there was proof positive. I can teach the skills of RES as I’ve been wanting to for decades  Before I never knew if this was going to be possible.

A New Kind of Happiness

Before I’ve wept for joy. But it was never quite like this. Seeming like a new kind of softness and relief.

As if I promised somehow, somewhere, that I would do this particular thing.

And now, despite everything that made it not seem possible, this workshop is going to become real in the world.

Imagine what it’s like to be a crocus, a herald of spring. Then imagine what it’s like to get snowed upon. Ha, as if that would stop a self-respecting crocus!

Thanks to Everyone Who Helped, Directly or Indirectly 

  • That includes sound-editor and all-around muse Mitch Weber. Also, compassionate, clever tech guy, AJ McClary.
  • That includes those of you who have already signed up for my Empath Empowerment® Workshop this March. And all who have taken my live workshops, which really are something.

For years I struggled with creating any kind of on-demand electronic workshop, because how could it possibly capture the amazing interactions we have in those live workshops. Like teaching at Energy College! (And online workshops still won’t match that; but eventually I did find out how to deliver something with real quality. Or so it seems to me.)

  • Many thanks to all of you who have bought my books, because that inspires me to keep on writing and publishing.
  • All you Blog-Buddies who comment… of course, you inspire me every day. And the same for those LIKING Facebook friends. So thank you-all too.
  • Above and through everything, thanks for all the (What shall I call it?) kind. Kind Divine help.

The first RES Online Workshop really IS happening. Folks will be able to sign up as soon as this Monday.

Such gratitude!

In conclusion, for those of you who are reading this — I couldn’t have done this without you.

P.S. For Laughs. Snow Crocuses — Seen with a Human Touch

Just to keep everything from screaming out “Glorious,” here’s the original photo that I was going to use for today’s article. Not the professional picture above, which looks soooooo much better.

Here’s something more human-messy. The humble photo from my never-perfectly-tended-enough little garden.

You know, Blog-Buddies. Regular life for us mortals — which seldom feels all that fancy until you pause to notice what matters.

Snow crocuses

Snow crocuses photographed by Rose. As gardener and also photographer, both, she’s just doing the human best she can.

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  1. 1
    Isabella Cates says:

    Congrats Rose!

    And congrats to Matt!

    I like your picture better. 🙂

  2. 2
    Jean says:

    Oh Rose – big Congratulations!

    On completion of your first ever online workshop…and on your beautiful snow crocuses.

    Great news 🙂

  3. 3
    David B says:

    Congrats, Rose.

    Isn’t happiness wonderful? 🙂

  4. 4
    Emily T says:

    Yay Congratulations Rose! So excited to start taking the online workshop!!

  5. 5
    An Avid Reader says:

    Congratulations, Rose! And I love that this post about your new online class was coupled with snow crocus!

    I especially love the photo from your garden of them with the snow! How wonderful and fitting that these two events happened on the same day!

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Rose! That is wonderful. I love the picture of your snow crocuses.

  7. 7
    Sandra says:

    Yay, Rose! Congratulations and much love.

  8. 8
    Christine says:

    I’m so pleased for you that you are very happy and life is going so well. Wonderful!

  9. 9
    Grace T says:

    Joyful news! Congratulations!

    The snow crocuses are lovely.

  10. 10
    Sophie G. says:

    Congratulations, Rose!

    I like your picture better, too! ?

  11. 11
    Antoinette says:

    Congratulations Rose! Congratulations to Matt too! I’m very excited to take the online workshop!

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