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Aura Reading Secret for Better Health

5 Aura Reading Secrets

Aura Reading Secret — how many of them do you know?

One aura reading secret? Ha!

Today it’s my privilege to share with you not just one measly aura reading secret but five of them. Secrets concerning the kind of inner wisdom known as “Energetic Literacy.” How can Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® help you to enjoy better health? That’s an important question if, like me, you’re a Health Seeker.

Hey, that’s what I’ll call you in this article: Health Seeker. Lucky us, who choose to be that way! Because the Health Seeker of today is the Health Finder of tomorrow. Today’s choices can strongly impact your physical and mental health, not only tomorrow but 20 years from now.

Have you ever heard this saying? “If I had known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

So I’m enthusiastic about sharing these five different ways that aura reading might greatly improve your physical and mental health. As a Pathways reader, no doubt you’re savvy about mind-body-spirit. Despite all that you know, I’m still hunching that at least one of these five secrets will surprise you. Even one Aha! could make a huge difference.

Not a Surprise, But Still Good to Know About Aura Reading

The timing of this article might inspire some of you to take the Aura Reading Workshop. Level 1.

Which I’m offering soon, this coming weekend, in fact.  It’s a prerequisite for the workshop that follows, the Level 2 Aura Reading Workshop, called “Read Auras from Photos.” That will also be live here in Sterling, next month, June 24-25. Only times offered all year!

This combo of workshops can give you full Stage Three Energetic Literacy. So indispensible! Including helping you to have better health, as you’ll soon read, Health Seeker!

Aura Reading Secret 1: Acknowledge the Mystery

Let’s start with what you already know about how to stay healthy. Because you do know plenty, right? Health Seeker, quite apart from energetic literacy, you’ve already developed a lifestyle where you focus on whatever will bring health. Despite all those smart things you do, let’s pause… to acknowledge a humbling truth. Ultimately, health is a mystery.

Theories come into vogue, then are debunked. Even worse, totally unexpected health problems can arise and demand attention. Sadly, these ailments can’t be dismissed just because we didn’t believe they could happen, etc.

Have you ever had to confront an unwelcome sort of health mystery? I did, in a mild way, when back in my 20s. As a proud health foodie, I drank way too much carrot juice. What convinced me this was a problem? My skin turned orange. Visibly orange.

Granted, that particular health problem was entirely self-inflicted; with a solution as ridiculously simple as telling myself, “Stop juicing, already.” By contrast, life can throw us some truly scary health problems — neither related to optional choices nor, necessarily, easy to cure.

But, did you know this? When mysterious health problems begin, they may show up first in an aura reading, thereby alerting you to seek out a health professional. Regular aura reading is a good investment in self-care.


Regarding the mystery of “How could this have happened to me?”… maybe learning this aura reading secret won’t deliver a neat and tidy answer. But when you’re dealing with health problems, energetic literacy can boost your mood, always inspire you a bit, and sometimes cheer you up considerably.

How come? As regular readers of this blog know, your aura contains hundreds of chakra databanks — 50 per chakra. Every single one of them contains a lifelong gift of the soul, both sacred and inspiring and distinctively yours.

Health Seeker, exploring this joyful potential can steady you during times of unexpected medical challenge.

Aura Reading Secret 2: First Aura READING. Then Aura HEALING.

Whether before, during, or after a health challenge, how else can energetic literacy help you? By revealing what’s happening to your inner self, your emotions and energies. Discover subconscious patterns, unknown to your conscious mind. Learn about ways that you may be cruising for bruising.

Speaking of which, what kind of driver says this: “The car that hit me came out of nowhere.” Words like these reveal that the driver wasn’t paying attention. On the level of physical reality, good drivers consult a rearview mirror. Otherwise they may never know what hit them.

Possessing no physical mirror to reveal health mysteries, we Health Seekers may wonder, “What do I have that could help me like the mirrors built into a car? Is it ever possible to see problems coming?” Well, that mirror is each person’s energy field. We would be wise to consult it, and not in a random or casual way, but by using our God-given talents for aura reading. Built right in, those talents are.

Ever hear this disclaimer? Objects seen in this mirror… are larger than they appear. Here’s a comparable saying about the problems that might show up, gently, during an aura reading: That imbalance seen when reading your aura… looks smaller now than it will look later.

In which case, do something.

No Aura Reading Secret Makes a Good Substitute for

Intelligent, Practical Action

Of course, aura reading will usually inspire you. Not alarm you with awful news about your health (or anything else).

But what if? Health Seeker, sometimes aura reading does reveal a problem. Then it’s time to seek healing. More on that to come in this article.

Here I need to make a point that many people gloss over. Energy reading skills are not the same as energy healing skills. To put it bluntly, a reading is not a healing.

Among newbies to mind-body-spirit, confusion is common. Supposedly, “If I can read it, I’m fixing it.”

Sigh! When it comes to health, we can’t afford to be that naive. Back in 1990, I was that naive. (That trusting stage in my emerging love affair with mind-body-spirit.) Luckily for me, I overheard a serious warning from Machaelle Wright, an influential healer.

Here’s how I remember her conversation with “Joe.” He told her how excited he was. “I’ve discovered that I have talent for reading energies. And I just bought a set of your Perelandra Essences. Now I can’t wait to get started healing people.”

Machaelle’s cordial tone turned serious. Looking Joe straight in the eye, she said in a loud, clear voice:

“If somebody is coming to you in pain, you need skills. Real skills. Get yourself real skills. As in, know what you’re doing. Do you understand? Helping people to heal isn’t a game. Don’t you dare hang out your shingle until have learned professional-level skills.”

Aura Reading Secret 3: Heal Yourself Responsibly.

In part, Machaelle Small-Wright was making an important distinction between self-healing versus healing others.

That distinction has become very meaningful to me. Back in the day, as a hobbyist only, I studied several types of energy medicine: Perelandra remedies, Janet Mentgen’s Healing Touch, Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine.

Never did I aim to turn pro with these skills. Then, as now, I would use these skills just for myself and my family.

By contrast, I’ve wound up turning pro at a different kind of holistic healing. Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) includes energy reading skills and energy healing skills.

Skills that I can make available to anyone who cares to learn. Whether through books or workshops or personal mentoring.

Self-Care Means Self-Healing.

Not Assuming You’ve Got Skills to Help Clients.

Self-care resources are just the start. With RES, more dedicated students can enroll for apprentice-style training. This is far more advanced. It must be. Obvious, if you think about it, right? Except some folks prefer to gloss over that.

Many enthusiastic self-healers don’t know the difference between self-care and professional-caliber skills. Like Joe, they’re brimming with sweet enthusiasm over discovering their talent. Bedazzled by the amazing joy of working with energy!

On occasion, I struggle to find the right tone.

It’s hard to tell someone like Joe, “You’re good at the RES skills for emotional and spiritual growth. Truly, no insult intended. But you’re still no professional.

“If you find a significant problem, please admit it, and then get yourself some professional help. Whether RES or some other form of expertise that you think would be better.”

You see, sometimes self-healers interpret a problem this way: “My illness is a sign. I’m supposed to work harder at healing myself. I should monitor my energies all day long and keep grounding and shielding and clearing.”

Not Necessarily a Cosmic “Sign.” Not At All

Health Seeker, you can be certain of this: If you’re working on yourself constantly, that doesn’t mean you’re doing an extra-good job. It means quite the opposite.

  • For emotional and spiritual growth, one session with a professional can solve many problems.
  • Physical healing may take a few more sessions, depending on the problem.
  • Note that we mind-body-spirit professionals tend to give brief sessions, altogether different from trying (and failing) to solve health problems all day long. That’s just one difference between an amateur and a professional.

Okay, Acting Responsibly, What Then?

Health Seeker, you may be wondering: What is reasonable and responsible for do-it-yourself?

  1. Use energetic literacy to monitor how well you’re doing, both physical and emotional health. Ideally, supplement your energy reading skills with energy healing skills.
  2. Should you find problems, by all means, turn first to self-healing. Use the skills you have learned from reputable teachers.
  3. If problems persist after a day or two, our next Aura Reading Secret can help you a LOT.

Aura Reading Secret 4: Evaluate Helpers Wisely

Although energy reading skills are not the same as energy healing skills, guess what? Nothing beats energy reading skills for discernment when you’re hiring someone to help you with energy healing. Professionals abound, but who is right for you?

Related to this discernment, Health Seeker, did you know this? Energetic literacy develops stage by stage.

  1. With Stage One Energetic Literacy, energy is like a shiny new toy. You see light or colors or pick up a vibe. Great fun! However, it’s easy to jump to conclusions (including ones that aren’t necessarily accurate). To safeguard your health, more skill is needed.
  2. After you develop Stage Two Energetic Literacy, what changes? You’re able to research a major chakra and make statements like “My Throat Chakra is open” versus “My Throat Chakra is closed.” This kind of energy reading can be helpful when combined with skills for energy healing. Many practitioners of energy medicine develop energy reading skills only as far as Stage Two, since all their emphasis is on the energy healing.
  3. Nonetheless, everyone can succeed at learning Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Then resourcefulness for improving your health can really take off. Because you can read chakra databanks, not merely chakras. Plus you can effortlessly receive detailed information — comparable to your skill level at word literacy when reading this article. (Haven’t you been able to read more than the headline? And without breaking a sweat.)

Besides all that detailed insight, what else can you do with ordinary Stage Three Energetic Literacy? Read auras from photographs. Regular photographs. And that’s where consumer discernment can really make a huge difference for your health.

Reading Auras from Photos? Accurately? Sure You Can Learn

Once you learn, Health Seeker, you can sorting through qualified health practitioners by reading their photos.

This discernment is something you can do on your own, using skills that you’ve taken the time to develop.

Otherwise, an expert aura reader can help you in a session of RES Aura Reading Skills.

Sometimes the findings have been surprising. I’ll never forget a pair of highly successful acupuncturists whose publicity pix looked so attractive. Unfortunately, their auras proclaimed: “I’m all about greed.”

Euuuw! Thank goodness my client was spared the mess of working with them.

When seeking professional help with a problem, you can do better than trial and error. Energetic literacy keeps you from having to live like a guinea pig, trapped in your own experiment.

Aura Reading Secrets Stop Being Secret Once You Get Energetic Literacy

Honestly, Health Seeker! Would you grab just any random can of soup off the shelves of your nearest supermarket?

Don’t you stop to read nutrition facts on the labels?

Likewise, experts abound for mind-body-spirit healing, in addition to so many allopathic health professionals; and further choices may include mental health professionals, too. Just like those hundreds of soup cans at the store….

How can you find the equivalent of “nutrition facts”?

Depending on the type of health expert you seek, you can find online consumer services. Google headings like “Best Chiropractor — plus the name of your city.”

Then use your Post-New-Age consumer smarts. For instance, an AD is not a consumner service.

Valid resources can help you to narrow down your search. Then, Health Seeker,  aura reading can make such a difference. Refining your options beautifully. Helping you find the best practitioner for YOU.

Are you just anybody? Oh, I don’t think so! That’s why you deserve better than working with Dr. Whoever.

Aura Reading Secret 5: Choose Holistic Growth

After you’ve responsibly handled a health problem, aura reading may become the most helpful of all. When chemotherapy or an operation helps to restore physical functioning, thank goodness! But your health puzzle isn’t necessarily solved, not yet.

Because allopathic medicine doen’t automatically heal the emotional and spiritual parts of an illness. Neither, with all respect, does energy medicine. Instead, what can help a patient to integrate the progress made so far? You guessed it: RES skills, including Stage Three Energetic Literacy. This can light the way to completion, illuminating the most sacred part of a healing journey.

In conclusion, Health Seeker, I hope your health is going super-great. But whether that’s happening right now or not, please know this: No illness can stop your personal evolution.

Should your heart feel discouraged, lift it right up. Get yourself practical skills. Then use energetic literacy to explore — at the level of auras and angels and deep human secrets.

Here on earth, certain mysteries are inescapable. What’s up to us? With appropriate skills, we can co-create miracles of healing.

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  1. 1
    Liane says:

    It’s difficult holding back and not racing through your online class ‘Reading Aura’s Through All Your Senses’.

    With due diligence I’ll soon gain level three energetic literacy; some of the first aura’s I want to read after graduation are those of my doctor, my accupuncturist, my massage therapist, and my chiropractor.

    What a timely and informative article. Thank you Rose!

  2. 2
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks, LIANE.

    One of the fun parts of the new online workshops… the FORUMS for each lesson. LIANE, you’ve been contributing beautifully there, along with other Blog-Buddies. Such fun to read!

  3. 3
    Rose Rosetree says:

    For info on the the full, complete online workshop for aura reading — just gave you a link!

    Actually, I’d recommend starting with the free intro to aura reading.

  4. 4
    Zofia says:

    Yay, like.

  5. 5
    Valerie says:

    Among other things, I have found aura reading for diet choices to be very useful.

    There’s an added enjoyment when eating or drinking something that I know both my body and soul love!

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