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Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading™

Spiritual Path Consults ™.

Spiritual Path Consults ™ — Announcing a New Service for RES Enlightenment Coaching

Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading™ — why ask for THIS service. When you have a personal session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), why this?

By popular demand, you could say. Since the single most common question I hear from new clients is…

Go ahead, guess.

“Am I on the right path?”

Do I ever understand that! Anguish over “wasting my life”? Seems like that was my most consistent problem. Back in the 1980’s. Consequently, I developed a related service, Soul Thrill™ Aura Research.

Now it’s time for something more specific to spiritual path.  Especially relevant to problems folks have now.

Because what’s happening in The Age of Awakening? Many of us slip into glorious experiences of spiritual awakening. Afterwards, many of us have become more confused than ever. “What is MY path to Enlightenment?”

Seems like Spiritual Discernment Energy Readings can help. And not just help folks who are struggling to integrate spiritual awakening. Rather, who receives help? Anyone interested in honest insights, practical guidance. For your personal growth.

Moreover, guidance that has nothing to do with psychic readings. RES skills of energetic literacy, etc. Co-created with Divine Beings. Free and clear.

What Happens in a Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading?

A Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading aims to help you move forward rapidly. Pursuing your unique path of spiritual evolution.

At your service are my RES Energy READING Skills. Plus RES Energy HEALING Skills. Also Empath Empowerment®. Finally, the Enlightenment Coaching Skills. As appropriate!

Unlike many a rigid system for personal growth, Spiritual Path Consults are unique every time.

  • Combining your interests, your passions, your belief system and…
  • What on earth is going on with your aura? Specifics, all the way down to your chakra databanks. Right now.
  • Meaning: Relevant feedback from hidden parts of your aura. Like your “Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth.”

God Can Be in the Details

So, next, I’ll summarize. Which are the Top 10 Skills for doing a Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading?

Meaning, which skills do I use most often with a Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading? (In addition, I use plenty of other RES skills. Depending upon what’s most appropriate. Here and now.)

Before you read through this list, might I suggest? First you might open up this flowchart. At a glance, 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy.

Incidentally, I can’t resist including this: A more detailed article on stages of energetic literacy . It can help you to understand even more. Granted, these are these leading-edge skills. Unfamiliar to many otherwise sophisticated Blog-Buddies!

The 10 Most Common Skills Used in Spiritual Path Consults

  1. Knowledge and experience as an Enlightenment Coach. (Click here for a list of members of the RES community . These awesome pioneers have moved into Enlightenment.)
  2. Giving you feedback about what happened. Aurically! During an experience of spiritual awakening. (Stage 12 Energetic Literacy)
  3. Providing a different kind of feedback. Most noteworthy, how you are integrating your experiences? Energy HEALING skills can become relevant. Especially the removal of energetic subroutines. (Stage 14 Energetic Literacy)
  4. Pulling out energetic holograms to investigate. Most specifically, what does your current practice do for you NOW? (Stage 12 Energetic Literacy)
  5. Discerning energy dynamics with your teacher or a fellow student, etc. Anyone related to your current practice. (Stage 13 Energetic Literacy)
  6. Researching what happened with ANY spiritual practice. Whatsoever! That you’ve previously done in your life. Perhaps including drugs like Ayahuasca. (More Stage 12 Energetic Literacy)
  7. Researching the aura of your spiritual teacher. For integrity, spiritual connection, etc. Best done using a photo online. ((Stage 3 Energetic Literacy)
  8. Helping to free you up energetically. Particularly from past spiritual teachers. Sometimes also their initiations and attunements. (12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. Or, as appropriate, other RES Energy HEALING Skills)
  9. Vibrational Re-Positioning® to remove causes of spiritual dependency. Due to reliance upon “spirit” or “guides,” etc. (Stage 10 Energetic Literacy)
  10. Finally, Consciousness Positioning Consults™ . Changing habits of inappropriate spiritual seeking outside of Technique Time. (Stage 15 Energetic Literacy)

In Conclusion

Today’s the day. Launch day for a new RES trademark!

Let me know if you’all have any questions.

Already many of you Blog-Buddies have received a session of Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading. Would anyone like to share your experiences?

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    Ha! I remember reading many years ago that someone on the “intellectual” path had to become a renunciate or they’d fail at both life and spiritual progress.

    I won’t even bother to unpack all the layers of misunderstanding I got from that. Suffice to say: confusion!

  2. 2
    David B says:

    It’s like the difference between ‘there is one razors edge way home’ and “all roads lead to Rome.”

    In any case, Congrats Rose.

  3. 3
    Zofia says:

    Interesting. I had some thoughts from reading your blog David, about different paths. But I’m really don’t have enough of a tangible understanding to comment.

    Man, I wouldn’t even know how to define a spiritual path for myself.

    “Living.” 🙂 “Trying not to get into too much trouble for myself.” :-p

  4. 4
    An Avid Reader says:

    It sounds like this will be such a big help to so many people who are struggling with these questions and this issue! I am looking forward to hearing more about it.

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