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Money Happy Contest Starts Today

money happy contest

Money Happy Contest — enter today to learn more about success

Money Happy Contest, can you guess what that’s for? I’m thinking, a new contest here at the blog with three prizes. Not cash prizes, sorry.

Prizes will be aura readings of public figures you’re curious about. How complicated is that celebrity’s relationship to money? And what kind of complicated, emotionally and spiritually? Learning about that, in turn, can contribute to your own success. (You’ll see.)

Specifically, each prize will feature a Money Happy Profile.

What’s That? What’s a Money Happy Profile

Think of it as a very specific type of aura reading. Most important, I’ll be researching parts of that person’s aura called chakra databanks.

In each Money Happy Profile, I’ll report on those chakra databanks most strongly related to making money. And these readings may help you think twice, think twice about…

  • Assuming anything about how a person relates to making money.
  • Gaining more compassion for one of the most complicated aspects of living on earth. For everyone.
  • Bringing you a new spiritual perspective about making money. Perspective that couldn’t be more different than the hollow-promises, tragedy-inducing Law of Attraction.
  • Perspective from Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), that combines the RES Enlightenment Coaching Skills + the RES Energy READING Skills  + the RES Energy HEALING Skills. 

How to Enter this Money Happy Contest

Enter as often as you like. Please use a separate comment box for each contest nominee. To be considered a contest entry, your comment needs to include all the following:

  1. Choose a public figure you’re curious about, moneywise.
  2. Supply the name of your nominee.
  3. Please supply a photo link to your nominee, a one-click type link. Please choose a photo clearly showing that person’s face from the front. Also, it would be great if that photo included much or all of that person’s torso, also from the front.
  4. Choose a photo from the time in that celebrity’s life you’re curious about. (That’s how energetic literacy works. It’s about the person at the time you’re together. Or if reading a photo, you’ll learn about the person at the time of the photograph.)
  5. Describe what that person is famous for, because not all of us may know that famous person as well as you do.
  6. Summarize why you’re curious about this person.

Contest closes July 1, 2017.

Gaining Wealth as a Life Sport

For background, let me tell you a bit about the idea of gaining wealth as a life sport. Lately, that’s how I’ve been thinking about the success-related aspect of RES.

Helping people make money has obvious benefits, the financial benefits.

But skills for making money can also help us to succeed as householders (people in the world). Helping us to progress spiritually.

That’s why, as an Enlightenment Coach, I’ve published a book about how to make more money. Debunking Law of Attraction practices. Based on loads of aura reading research. Then offering RES skills that work far better.

Also I’ve reconfigured the money-related skills of RES into a new workshop, “Gaining Wealth as a Life Sport.” (It’s my final live workshop in 2017, coming up in August, and you can read about it here.)

Once again, aura reading to the rescue! Once you develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy (or more) — which you can! I’d love to teach you!

Anyway, once you develop that literacy, you can apply it to so many aspects of success. For a big overview of that, you might enjoy scrolling through my book catalog for 2016. It shows all four specialties within RES. And guess which book is last but not least….

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  1. 101
    Rose Rosetree says:

    First prize goes to Julie.

    What an inspiration to read the surprising info in Walt Disney’s aura.

  2. 102
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Added to our money-yummy topics, today I began a two-part series on career counseling legend, Dick Bolles.

    Part One is here!

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