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Changing Auras: What Changes? What Doesn't?

Changing auras

Changing auras. When I read this sweet man’s aura in 2003, that doesn’t mean it’s that way now. Or even 10 minutes after the time of this photo.

Changing Auras. Let’s bring clarity about which parts of an aura change. Versus which do not. You don’t have to READ auras yet to understand these basics!

Basic understandings matter for your peace of mind. For instance, what recently happened with my client Joe? Four months ago, in session, I told him something like this:

  • Today, your Solar Plexus Chakra databank for Using Your Power isn’t doing so great.
  • The symbolic size is 1/4-inch, nearly in shutdown.
  • The quality involves confusion. Like still sorting out how to use your power in everyday life.

Changing Auras, What Joe Got Mixed Up

Lo and behold! Yesterday, Joe said, “You’ve told me that Using My Power is all shut down.”

What was wrong with this comment? Made four months after I did that aura reading!

Obviously I had to explain some of the points that I’ll make in this article. Basically, the summary goes like this:

  1. Not current info.
  2. Only ever-changing aura info was in that aura reading.
  3. Size of a chakra databank is not the same as quality.
  4. Furthermore, size was not even remembered correctly.
  5. Most noteworthy: Size + quality count. Not just one. (Which is why I always tell both.)

If this summary doesn’t make sense to you yet, congrats! I wrote today’s article just for you.

Incidentally, Joe is a brilliant guy, with an advanced degree.  Except that auras stumped him, temporarily at least. Because he didn’t understand certain basics.

Lots of otherwise well-educated, smart people don’t know… Any of the basics I’m about to summarize here. So let’s change that today.

Changing Auras. What Is Your Aura?

Your aura is a set of energy bodies around your physical body. Wonderfully full of information.

Downloading this information? That’s what aura reading means. And there are levels of skill about aura reading.

Important: You can start learning to read auras from my Aura Reading — Free Intro. Afterwards, if you like, you can take Aura Reading 101. Aura Reading for You. (Students are having a ball. Based on the comments they’re writing on the workshop forums.)

At this blog, you’ll read about Stage Three Energetic Literacy. (Or higher.) So articles describe info from reading chakra databanks.

Beware Aura Confusions

Bluntly put, plenty of aura readers, psychics, and healers have other valuable skills. However, they lack basic energetic literacy skills. So their aura readings are unreliable.

Sadly, you may well have heard from them some questionable ideas. Like about what changes and what doesn’t change.

Therefore, please avoide trying to make a big synthesis out of all things aura. In case you’re not convinced about how weird this would get, here’s an experiment.

Go onto YouTube. Search on “Rose Rosetree” to find aura readings I’ve done. Then search on “aura” or “chakra readings” and find yourself quite a bit of contrast. Decide for yourself what is sensible, helpful, and based in present reality, human reality.

Changing Auras. What Doesn’t Change?

Every chakra databank contains a gift of the soul. This exists at the Divine level.

It’s always lovely. And it won’t change.

Seems like, a gift of the soul is like a Divine hug that lasts for life.

However, your actual mileage may vary. Due to STUFF in your aura.

Honestly, if STUFF blocks your experience, that’s on you. Not on God.

Because only you, human you, can choose to get healing. Such as through self-healing skills and also professional-level sessions. Maybe those of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), which includes both Energy READING Skills and Energy HEALING Skills.

Yet, every one of your hundreds of soul-level gifts will endure. Until that life potential becomes lived potential. (BTW, that’s one of the things that happens in Enlightenment.)

Changing Auras. About the Symbolic Size of a Chakra Databank

At any given moment, a chakra databank has a particular size. But that size is ever-changing, minute by minute.

For someone to remind me (inaccurately) of the symbolic size for a chakra databank is bad enough.

To remember only the size is truly preposterous.

A bit like saying about Joe’s curly red hair: “It’s two inches long.” No mention of curly. Or red. And not reliable even about the size. Unless Joe is wearing a wig.

Click here to learn a whole lot more about the symbolic size of chakra databanks. (For wig info, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 😉 )

Changing Auras. About the Quality of a Chakra Databank

Of course this part of an aura changes minute by minute. And of course the quality matters.

For example, about Gladys’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving:

So generous to everyone. Blessing and helping others to an extent that is practically unbelievable.

That’s worth hearing!

However, quality alone can be unreliable. Read the quality in conjunction with size. (Consequently I always provide both. Have you ever had me read your aura? Then you know that to be true.)

What if this chakra databank is 1/8 inch?

Overall, I’d interpret that as “Gladys, you’re not as emotionally generous as you might suppose. More like something who gives a jellybean. Granted, a very delicious jellybean! But you feel like you’re giving away an entire candy store.”

Then, of course, I’d make it my business to help Gladys during her session….

Changing Auras. Don’t Throw Away Your Intelligence

Just Because You Hear the Word “Aura”

In conclusion, any RES expert can give you a professional-quality aura reading. It will be useful for Soul Thrill™ Aura Research. Or as part of a Before-and-After Picture in a session of RES Energy HEALING.

So please remember the context. And remember what you’ve learned here today. Thanks for reading!

All of us who work in RES aim to make your life simpler, extra-fulfilling, more productive, and less confusing.

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  1. 1
    Rose Rosetree says:

    About that photo at the top of this post — a great example of what changes, what doesn’t.

    That Whole Life Expo in San Francisco in 2003 is long gone. The photo, taken by Gail Romiti is lasting quite a while! What won’t ever change?

  2. 2
    Rose Rosetree says:

    My gratitude.

    Gail volunteered to fly to San Francisco, at her expense, to support me for the full five-day expo.

    Her amazing, full-hearted help on that trip, every single day.

    And how she made my most beautiful expo booth EVER!

    Unforgettable for the rest of this lifetime. Maybe beyond. (Hint: It’s in my spiritual tie to her.)

  3. 3
    David B says:

    Classic photo, Rose. The colours alone make it memorable.

  4. 4
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Joe wrote to express gratitude for this article.

    It’s a happy day at this blog when I can make a difference for someone.

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    A good reminder that things spoken to us, and about us, in the past are no longer necessarily true.

    If the speed of evolution is kicking along, they may become outdated rather quickly.

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    Though I understand the tendency of the mind to latch on to a negative, or perceived negative, and carry it forward.

    Or assume it’s still true.

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    Thanks for this Rose. This part made me laugh out loud:

    “However, your actual mileage may vary. Due to STUFF in your aura.

    Honestly, if STUFF blocks your experience, that’s on you. Not on God.

    So true, and it’s a good reminder not to forget that all of your beautiful soul gifts aren’t much use if you don’t put in the work to clear up the stuff blocking them and if you don’t use speech and action to express them.

  8. 8
    Mel says:

    It’s nice to hear that what goes on inside us can change. Some people believe we stay basically the same throughout our lives. I recently read an article about changing in relation to personality. Although I don’t know how aura and personality relate so I don’t want to say anything definitively.

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