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Cocaine Cord Gone. A Guest Post from Joe

Cocaine Cord Gone

Cocaine cord gone? Sessions of RES may help with recovery from drug use.

Cocaine Cord Gone, Yeah! In today’s guest post, Joe gives us a beautiful follow-up to the last post about recovery from cocaine.

Now that months have elapsed, which benefits have Joe noticed? Big thanks, Joe. 🙂

Cocaine Cord Gone Means… Less KEN Influence

This was a great session for me to have.

I could very well relate to the cord items from Ken’s side.

He was a real piece of work and much of his behavior mirrored the subconcious pattern recorded in the cord dialogue.

Even though Ken was long gone from my life, Ken’s influence would not be going through me at least once every single day. With removal, permanently, of that cord of attachment — that’s always a benefit.

Speaking of “Subconscious”

Note from Rose: Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to understand how the term “subconscious” is used by RES practitioners and clients.

First of all, I’m working in this field as a practititioner — actually as the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). This has nothing to do with being a mental health professional.

Probably you know: Psychologists etc. and their clients do not have exclusive use of the term “subconscious.” Professional hypnotists use it, of course. Blog-Buddies, you can probably think of many other examples as well. Within each specialty, “subconscious” might mean something different.

Specifically, this relates to RES Energy READING Skills and also the RES Energy HEALING Skills. When you read somebody’s aura at the astral level, what happens? That’s where you’ll find the most practical info.

What Else Shows Up from the Subconscious?

Also, that astral-level part within each of us corresponds to… the subconscious mind.

Thus, details about Joe’s cord of attachment to Ken were relaying subconscious-level info.

Joe was noticing patterns to this information. What used to be in the cord items from Ken. Back when he had this cord of attachment. (Now gone forever, fortunately!)

Okay, I’ll let Joe get back to his guest post now. 🙂

Cocaine Cord Gone Means More Truth

What is disturbing about drug users to me? Especially now that I’m sober and have been for some time? Exactly the sort of distortion around spiritual matters or Truth. Drug use instills just that.

Since the drug elevates a user’s awareness to an astral plane, the drug users feel that they’ve gained some knowledge or truth.

Becoming convinced that they, personally,  have become elevated. Although, in a certain way they have, that’s an illusion related to the chemical impact of a drug high.

Cocaine Cord Gone Highlights That

Former Illusion

Feeling high doesn’t really equate to a high state of consciousness. Cocaine users haven’t actually gotten any closer to God.

Ironically, that illusory closeness brings further illusion. (Understandably this developed for Ken.)

Often the illusion of closeness to God, thanks to drugs, bring a certain arrogance. Not just in those old cord items, either.

A Twisted Confidence

Remembering Ken, he often appeared so very sure that he knew better than others… what was really going on.

A cocksure confidence around having it figured life out! But he really got it all twisted. How arrogant that a cocaine addict would believe he’s anointed by God! Also, maybe how typical for this sort of addict.. he would display a complete confidence. Total conviction!

Less STUFF with the Cocaine Cord Gone Shows the Biggest Irony of All

Yet, given what I understand about RES, here’s an extra irony. Cutting a cord of attachment means removing STUFF from my aura.

By contrast, using cocaine or heroin, ayahuasca or weed, wll put STUFF into a person’s aura. More every time.

Accordingly, in reality, the drug taker feels like he experiences the Divine better than others. Opposite, really.

Yet, one can easilyt get pulled into a Ken’s contact high. Vividly I remember being sure that they’re full of s____. But actually I kind of believed him at the same time. (Even when I didn’t want to).

Few things disturb me than that. When subconscious STUFF forces you to bungle or at least question the Truth that you know in your soul. Thankfully we can move that garbage, those illusions, out, to let clarity and Light shine brighter, to align body, mind, and soul more effortlessly.

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