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All Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Equal? All of It? Really?

Is a feather the same as a bar of gold? Just as unlikely, "All mind-body-spirit skills are equal."

Does a feather weigh as much as a bar of gold? Just as unlikely, “All mind-body-spirit skills are equal.”

Is all Mind-Body-Spirit healing equal? Joe thought so.

Thank you, Joe, for inspiring today’s blog post. Today my goal is to help all you Blog-Buddies to question this common assumption. For instance, what if you search online about any of the categories for this blog? Will every method offered be identical, equally useful?

That’s worth asking. Especially since many of us fear “being judgmental.” Perhaps preferring the superior standards of “whatever.” 😉 Or touting an Age of Faith idea, like “If you really believe, that’s all that matters.” Blog-Buddies, do you think that idea holds up in our new Age of Awakening?

For instance, ever wonder about cutting cords of attachment? I’ve got an app for that skill in mind-body-spirt. Okay, not an app. But a trademarked system, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. Is it really “just the same” to substitute the 462,000 hits you can find on Google for related meditations and prayers and psychic ideas?

As a post-New-Age consumer, you may get a kick out of the following story.

Mind-Body-Spirit Ideas, Vaguely Similar?


But Equal?

Here’s an example. Straight from an RES session Joe had with me.  In conclusion, I invited him to share an idea from the session that he found meaningful. My client had received a Healing Centerpiece: Thoughtfully selected. Powerfully effective for his aura. With plenty of explanation provided to help him understand the energy skills humanly.

So, what did this client tell me?

“Everything you said, I knew it all before. But it’s good to be reminded.” Sweet guy! He wanted to say something positive, you see.

Also he spoke honestly. Which always helps.

But was I going to let Joe’s session end there? No way!

Enter Discernment about Mind-Body-Spirit

Joe knew it all? Really? In his session of RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality), Joe’s Healing Centerpiece was removing psychic coercion.

Here’s a quiz you can take before reading further, BTW. Find out if, like Joe, you “know it all.”

One Big Happy Mush of Mind-Body-Spirit

What exactly did Joe “know it all” about? For years, evidently, Joe had explored mind-body-spirit. Enthusiastically, he had assembled his personal understanding of emotional growth.

Mostly he had done psychic readings. Sometimes he got body work. Otherwise he’d search the Net, sampling all kinds of New Age sources.

Of course, a strong part of New Age Litany goes, “It’s all good. Because all of us are equal.”

Thus, Joe had been exposed to a lot in mind-body-spirit. Except, wait a minute.

So Far, Mind-Body-Spirit Had NOT

Done Any of This for Joe

After Joe’s astounding reaction, was I going to educate him a bit? You bet. Here’s my remembered version of the conversation that followed:

ROSE: Let’s explore what you just told me, Joe. Today I helped you to understand what psychic coercion actually is. Had you known that before?

JOE: Well, no.

ROSE: Today you were able to identify human-type problems that can be caused by psychic coercion. Did you know that before?

JOE: Well, no.

ROSE: Also you learned specifics about how to prevent getting psychic coercion stuck in your aura. Skills to make your life easier in the future. Did you already know that?

JOE: Well, no.

ROSE: If all the similar-sounding ideas were really all the same, how come you had so much to clean up?

JOE: Ummmm.

ROSE: Let’s take this bit of educational inquiry just a bit further, okay?

JOE: Okay

ROSE: After I facilitated the healing part of your session, you got an idea about quantity. How much psychic coercion was removed from your aura today?

Our unit of measurement was “What would fit in one yellow school bus.”

And how much psychic coercion was removed? From you. Today.  Enough to fill 49 school busses. Except that the last one wasn’t competely full. Remember?

JOE: Yeah, yeah.

At which point, we both laughed.

More Mind-Body-Spirit Progress for Joe

Joe was a great sport about all this. Most important, he was willing to listen. Which many clients wouldn’t have been.

Not to mention folks who never even become an RES client. Because they really, really, truly believe that that all mind-body-spirit healing is equal.

Others might be very strongly invested in beliefs from the New Age years. So far they haven’t read The New Strong. Or even enjoyed a freebie in the form of an online workshop, The New Strong — Free Intro. So they have no glimmer of the shocking truth. Post-New-Age, many of those sweet old practices have become dead ends.

Bless his heart, Joe has gone on to have several more sessions with RES Energy HEALING Skills. As a result, he’s grown a lot.

How Kind Is It, Really

Telling Folks that “All Mind Body Spirit Work Is Equal”?

For years I’ve been hearing the idea of “All mind-body-spirit is the same, really. ” Or “It’s all good.”

Haven’t you?

Perhaps that includes criticism that (according to some Amazon reviewers of my books), I’m supposedly arrogant. When I say, “This skill set definitely works. Other approaches don’t necessarily work as well.”

Hey, that’s true. Not that I expect strangers to take my word for it. Energetic literacy can show anyone the truth. At least if you develop good skills.

  • Because Stage One Energetic Literacy is what most folks have. A sweet beginning. But just for beginners. (Even somebody in Enlightenment can be illiterate about energy, you know.)
  • Stage Three Energetic Literacy is like word literacy. If you can read the words on this screen, you have word literacy. Not that big a deal, once you’ve learned it. Yet indispensible.

Equally indispensible is real energetic literacy. Once learned, you can tell for yourself what works. Versus “Nice try.”

Maybe you’ll decide that you favor not-RES. Perhaps you’d get better results from other resources within mind-body-spirit. Then more power to you!

In Conclusion

Whatever you decide, you’re going to live the consequences. That goes for your choices about mind-body-spirit. Plus everything else.

Just the fact that you’ve read all the way to the end of this article… Suggests a certain thoroughness on your part. Excellent.

Feel free to comment away. Do you agree or disagree with what was written here? Have you talked with friends who are rock-solid, nearly Fundamentalist, certain that they already “know it all”?

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  1. 1
    Lilian says:

    Well. between about 2010 and now I’ve tried to put my energetic awareness in many boxes, but most failed.

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    There is such a thing as a “correct answer.” It requires specialised knowledge and experience. Its not about arrogance at all.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. — Albert Einstein.

    Read more at:

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Look, I was just reading this:

    “‘Non-monotonic’ logical systems are logics in which the introduction of new axioms can invalidate old theorems. Such logics are very important in modeling the beliefs of active processes which, acting in the presence of incomplete information, must make and subsequently revise assumptions in light of new observations. “

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Sally says:

    I have certainly encountered the attitude that it’s all equal in mind-body-spirit.

    That attitude is so foreign to me now.

    That illusion was utterly smashed for me after a few sessions of RES gave me the kind of game-changing healing that years of aimless spiritual exploration never did!

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    Thanks, Rose.

    A good reminder that listening, receptiveness, curiosity, interest…are more of an answer…than the answers that have already been found.

  7. 7
    David B says:

    This was most clear to me around empath gifts. Lots of information out there about empaths I’d run into. How much had I found that had practical use and benefit? 0

    Interesting and sometimes entertaining ideas. But value? Nope. Until I saw Rose’s batgap interview and came to her web site. Night and day.

  8. 8

    Thanks to all who have been commenting here. Such thoughtful counter-culture perspectives!

  9. 9
    Lo says:

    One of the biggest difference between RES and many other types of mind body spirit work to me has been the difference between temporary relief of symptoms accompanied by various guesses as to what the causes of them were verses permanent healing of symptoms with detailed and accurate explanation of what the actual problem was that stands up to the test of reality.

  10. 10
    Lo says:

    Also a willingness to admit that RES is not a cure all and that often help from other professionals is needed.

    RES can help you investigate which professional would have the most positive impact on your life however as measured not by their personal opinion but by its impact on the size and quality of your own chakra data banks.

    I know I’ve benefited greatly from this kind of research.

  11. 11
    Rose Rosetree says:

    LO, I’m very touched by these comments. Besides helping others who may understandably be skeptical about RES, your words made me happy as a teacher.

    Because you clearly appreciate that the RES Energy READING Skills (including Soul Thrill(TM) Aura Research) supplement the RES Energy HEALING Skills.

  12. 12
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Seems to me, as The Age of Awakening progresses, people will look back at this time in history, which includes “the early history of mind-body-spirit healing,” and perhaps they’ll consider this time akin to the Dark Ages in Europe. When word literacy was uncommon.

    Folks will think (in a more sophisticated way, of course), “How could people have settled for holistic healing when most were functionally semi-literate about energy?”

  13. 13
    Lo says:

    I hope you’re right Rose. It does feel a lot like the dark ages at the moment!

    I’m very grateful that this system exists and hope it becomes more and more accessible and accepted by people while it’s maintaining integrity.

    Integrity is a word that comes to mind as a central principle of RES.

  14. 14
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks, Lo. Yes, integrity does matter about everything in life, but especially if one aims for work with energy healing, Enlightenment coaching, etc.

    One of my hopes for The Age of Awakening is that integrity will be more obvious, and the lack of integrity as well, compared to what we’ve lived through at the end of the Age of Faith.

  15. 15
    Lo says:

    OMG I SO hope more and more people are able recognize the difference between integrity and… not integrity. (There seem to be so many variations of untrustworthy it can be confusing.. unless you read auras…).

    This has been a BIG and painful lesson for me in this lifetime, one I’m still learning.

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