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No Cocaine Allowed. Part 2.

No Cocaine Allowed

No Cocaine Allowed? Free will can help, and so can RES sessions.

No Cocaine Allowed. As in “Saying no to cocaine.” Sure it’s possible.

Please forward this article to anyone you know who has stopped taking drugs but doesn’t feel inwardly free yet.

I’m hoping this two-part series of articles will inspire any of you readers who seek support for recovery. You’d like freedom from recreational substances like weed, ecstasy, Ayahuasca, or cocaine. Or maybe you’d just prefer a lifestyle post-drugs. Imagine moving forward with more wholeness and joy.

Sure that’s possible.

First of all, please read Part 1 of this series. (If you haven’t yet.) Especially my disclaimer. Because I’m not a rehab professional. Instead I am the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

RES can lend powerful support to someone who already is in recovery. Or someone who stopped taking drugs long ago, like my client Joe.

Yet the experience still haunted him, like a ghost. Or maybe something different from a ghost. Like STUFF in his aura.

Joe’s No Cocaine Story

RES Energy HEALING Skills include many different approaches to helping someone like Joe. Which Healing Centerpiece will I select for a session? That really depends on what I find when I research my client’s aura at the time of the session.

  • Specifically, here’s what happens. First, I’ll make a choice. Then orient my client. Following that, we’ll proceed step by step, using that particular skill set.
  • Overall, in RES terms, why can’t some clients let go of the past? Why might a client feel like “I haven’t been the same ever since X,Y,Z”? Usually there are lots of ways to help, one session at a time. Until that client lands comfortably in present reality.

Because what lingers from the past, emotionally and spiritually? What remains, in addition to memories?

STUFF. Meaning, “Stored emotional and energetic debris at the astral level. A level which corresponds to the subconscious mind.”

In RES sessions of Energy HEALING, I’ll facilitate removing a particular kind of STUFF and then co-create PUT-IN. This helps my client become more whole. Basically, expressing your soul more and more! That’s the underlying growth path from RES sessions.

Perfect example: Joe’s session wasn’t about his past drug taking. His intention was “Make more friends.” Yet it turned out that his biggest obstacle to making friends now… Happened to be a cord of attachment from his past days as a stoner.

No Cocaine, How That Still Impacted Joe

Glad to say, Joe has been clean of drug use for years. But significant STUFF in a person’ aura doesn’t go away on its own.

What if you don’t think about a particular problem any more?

Then your conscious mind doesn’t think about it.

But STUFF related to that problem can still be stuck in your subconscious mind and auric energies.

For the rest of your life! Impacting you every single day.

Except in RES we have a motto: “STUFF can always, always, always, always be healed.”

How? By using an appropriate RES Energy HEALING Skill. Including one that I selected for Joe in this session: Cutting a cord of attachment.

How I Cut a Cord of Attachment

Specifically, helping Joe, I used the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

There’s a lot to that method. Way more than a “Snip, snip, snip.” 😉

  • Fortunately, you can learn how to “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.” Either from an eBook with that title or by taking my Cut Cords Level 1 Workshop.
  • You can even develop more sophisticated skills. Like helping to cut cords of attachment for a friend or family member. That comes best from Cut Cords Level 2 Workshop or Mentoring.
  • However, it’s only honest to clarify: There’s a gap between the self-healing skills of RES and professional level work. Seems to me, removing a cord of attachment to someone with a big drug history… requires professional-level training. Like the training that begins with my Mentoring Program for RES Professionals.

Last post you got to look inside the guts of Joe’s cord of attachment to Ken. Also you peeked into what it’s like being an RES client. (In contrast to do-it-yourselfing.)

No Cocaine. Help from an RES Professional

What matters when cutting a cord of attachment? Energetically, what matters most is removing the cord properly, then adding approprite and powerful PUT-IN to help support a stronger soul expression.

However in RES, we’re not doing energy medicine. For emotional and spiritual growth, what matters most are the Logical Consequences. These flow from cord items. (Like those summarized in the previous article.)

Today I’ll share with you some of Joe’s likely results — or Logical Consequences — from that session. These are not promises, of course. Yet clients tell me that often they do experience all or most of these results.

Most noteworthy, they’re human-type results. RES helps humans, not just “energy beings living in a human body.” 😉

Logical Consequences for Joe’s No More Cocaine Cord

#1. Not so likely to think about Ken any more, unless he’s physically talking to you. (Important because what’s it’s standard advice for recovery? Stop spending time with druggie friends. But this logical consequence helps to get this guy out of Joe’s head.)

#2. Related to Cord Items 1-3: Less likely to think about cocaine, or crave it, in the future.

#3. Related to Cord Items 4-8: Making more progress on Joe’s path to Enlightenment. Because less distracted by drug experiences from the past. Experiences put a kink in adjusting to human life.

#4. Related to Cord Items 12-15: Less of a pull towards taking drugs. (Note: Conflict accentuates pull. Sometimes this factor can be even more troubling than simple desire.)

#5. Related to Cord Items 17-21: Loneliness reframe! Now Joe may find loneliness to be its own thing. Not the cause of losing his former drug community.

#6. Add all this together and Joe may well find that, yes! Making friends becomes easier for him.

More Info about RES Help for No Cocaine

Also No Weed, No Ayahuasca, and No to Other Recreational Drugs

Here’s one link that opens up 10 different articles that bring an RES Perspective:

Top 10 Post about Drugs,

Finally here’s an important caution. If you’re in recovery from substances, do not attempt to do any RES Skills for Self-Healing. Have a couple of sessions first with an RES Expert.

Probably you’d benefit a lot from some professional energetic clean-up and soul-nourishing PUT-IN. Starting with some of those sessions may make a big difference to your clarity about everything.

Including future learning. With less STUFF, more you, it will be possible to learn RES self-healing skills. Either from my books or workshops. Make sense?

Substance-Free Requirements for Booking an RES Session

At a minimum, before any session of RES:

  • Be free from alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to an appointment time.
  • Also, be free from recreational drugs for at least 5 days prior to an appointment.

This is non-negotiable, BTW.

Please take heart, if you’re seeking freedom from drugs. Others have succeeded, and you can too.

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  1. 1
    Lilian says:

    It is my theory that spiritual addiction and romance of the astral produce the same kind of cords as drug addiction.

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    I recognise this intention. Cords to the astral, make forming emotional bonds more difficult.

    “Make more friends.”

    Though I did a rambling Lilian version of that…

  3. 3

    LILIAN, right now I don’t know where to start setting you straight on this. So let’s leave it here for now:

    1. Of course you’re free to devise any theories you like. It’s a sweet thing that you seek to understand RES specialties more deeply. 🙂

    2. Some day, during a session perhaps, I can have a fascinating conversation with you, and we can put our techie minds together and have a great time for half an hour.

    3. Short version? Maybe better to take the theories in other directions.

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    Ok. Good to hear, and I shall schedule in some time for this with you. This thought has been on my mind.

  5. 5
    Emily T says:

    I think it’s helpful to get that reminder that even though you might not think about someone, if you still have your cord of attachment to them, there is still the subconscious impact.

    In some of the recent RES sessions I’ve been having, it was the appropriate healing centrepiece to cut a cord of attachment. I chose a few school friends and acquaintances in these sessions. There has been immediate improvements! Even though I don’t see or hear from these people in my daily life, nor are they on my social media!

  6. 6
    Rose Rosetree says:

    EMILY T, that’s a very helpful reminder indeed.

    Both an energetic impact and a subconscious-level impact occur — depending on whether you’re thinking in terms of mind-body-spirit wholeness or psychological self-actualization, respectively.

  7. 7
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Also, your reminder makes me think of another reminder. 🙂

    This comes from the fourth area of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), the Enlightenment Coaching. Many people believe that if one moves into Enlightenment (as you have), all STUFF is gone. No more cords of attachment, psychic coercion, etc.

  8. 8
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Not so. You’re living proof. (Me too, EMILY T.)

    One of many differences between Age of Awakening Enlightenment and Traditional Enlightenment is that, with the former, personal growth is defined humanly. That human self matters.

    And that’s why I facilitate many RES sessions for personal growth… with clients who are already living in Enlightenment… and continue to evolve in ways that sweeten and strengthen the human identity.

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    Thanks for both of these reminders, Emily and Rose.

    Yes, I can attest, living in enlightenment has only speeded up my personal growth.

    RES sessions are still hugely important for me. And cutting cords to people in my life, whether part of my current daily life or not, is still very impactful.

    It is like the bliss of enlightenment makes it easier to joyfully tackle new challenges–challenges of self-actualization. Enlightenment seems to get deeper/sweeter if you continue to grow.

  10. 10
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Beautifully put, KYLIE. Seems to me, in Age of Awakening Enlightenment, self-actualization is based on something different from the equally beautiful Traditional Model of Enlightenment.

    I do think it’s related to the disappearance of the psychic barrier, which is the signature of the new era of vibrational freedom on earth in this Age of Awakening.

  11. 11
    Rose Rosetree says:

    So human and Divine frequencies co-exist in a person’s individual expression. Age of Awakening Enlightenment has become a new way for the Divine to play, living on earth along with human individuality. Setting humans free to evolve very freely and very rapidly.

    By contrast, witnessing is so essential for Traditional Enlightenment. Little is left of the human identity, just enough to function. Beautiful! Traditional! But no longer the only Enlightenment game on the planet.

  12. 12
    Lilian says:

    You know Rose, its these last few comments by Emily and yourself that really capture RES for me.

    When people are drawn to the new age, its often because that’s what’s available if you reject conventional religion.

  13. 13
    Lilian says:

    Personally, my conclusion in my teens was that life was spiritual, being human was my spiritual path. I completely grew out of wanting to follow a traditional path…

  14. 14
    Lilian says:

    However, it takes a bit of trial and error to know what that looks like.

    Also, its hard to find a way to live intentionally like that, as the structure of religion is helpful.

  15. 15
    Lilian says:

    The way I’ve used RES is to enable me to do what I want to do in life and to not get stuck with my record on repeat, playing the same lyric over and over…

  16. 16
    Lilian says:

    It sounds like you’re often on the defensive, Rose, but, I would offer you some of my arrogance (:-p) if I could.

  17. 17
    Lilian says:

    There must be so many people seeking the same thing… I’m sure a lot of your long term clients are very different people, as different I know you and I are… but we’re all still here, listening to you. It makes sense, it fits the intuition of our times, whether you’re enlightened, close to enlightened or just someone like me.

  18. 18
    Lilian says:

    Sorry, I meant on the defensive, as in you’re often having to communicate and clarify and explain, for good reason. Rather than being generally squeaky…

  19. 19
    Liane says:

    That’s interesting to know. I did assume that becoming enlightened in the age of awakening meant no more stuff.

  20. 20
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Aw, you got it, LILIAN, as shown in your Comment #18. I’m a spiritual TEACHER who also facilitates all the specialties of RES.

    Sometimes it’s hard to convey tone, but this is an educational blog. If you were with me in an RES workshop, it would be pretty evident that we’re engaged in learning and exploring together. Usually having a ball! I do my best to convey that tone here as well.

  21. 21
    Rose Rosetree says:

    LIANE, as one of the first to take one of my online workshops, you know how they can pull knowledge together more powerfully than this blog, or even sometimes my how-to books.

    So far, the best resource I’ve been able to make available as an Enlightenment Coach is this blog. (Give me a year, folks. I’m working on that as hard as I can, mixed in with all the rest of RES.)

  22. 22

    For now, my best recommendation is that you search on “Enlightenment” at the SEARCH box here.

    You’ll find loads of articles.

  23. 23
    Liane says:

    Thanks Rose for the advice. I will do an ‘Enlightenment’ search on this blog. There have been a lot of wrong assumptions on my part for so many things.

    That’s why I came and stayed here, you teach. You back up what you write with some kindly direction and honest, practical advice.

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