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Co-Create Healing. A Quiz.

Co-Create Healing

Co-Create Healing. This quiz may surpise you. May HELP you.

Co-Create Healing Quiz! Why take it? Because there’s no good reason to be fuzzy. Either you know what it means to co-create with the Divine. Or you don’t.

Tricky business! Until you get clarity.

Tricky why? Since today, in The Age of Awakening, everybody is energy sensitive.

No wonder, energy healing has become wildly popular. Whether the emotional and spiritual growth skills of RES. Or energy medicine techniques. Or tapping. So many mind-body-spirit modalities focus on energy healing. Really, how many have you tried?

But there’s a very, very big question. Every consumer would be wise to ask this question:

“Where is this healing sourced?”

Three Vibrational Ways to Bring Energy Healing

Probably you know, Blog-Buddies. There are three main options:

  1. Human vibrational frequencies. (Like from the healer’s personal charisma.)
  2. Astral vibrational frequencies. (Co-creating with beings who may — or may not — be more evolved than you.)
  3. The Divine Vibrational Frequency. (Co-creating with God. Or other Divine Beings. Such as Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Athena, Archangel Michael.)

You can learn more about this in bits from the blog. Stronger recommendations are:

The Shocking Truth

Sadly, where is most energy work sourced? Not the Divine.

Think I’m kidding?

See how you do with the 10 questions in this Co-Create Healing Quiz.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #1. We Are All Healers

Aren’t you just born knowing how to do Divine Co-Creation?

Co-Create Healing Quiz #2. Just Ask God to Help

You mention God and that’s enough.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #3. Have Faith

If only you really believe, that’s plenty. You’ll be Divinely helped.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #4. RSVPs Every Time

Any time you ask God to help you, your prayer will be answered.

So just ask God to help you to heal.

Goethe’s famous saying, “For a web begun, God sends the thread.”

Co-Create Healing Quiz #5. Talent Wins

Specifically, for energy healing: Connecting with God is the sign of a talented healer.

And to tease out the implication…

Self-Taught Means Extra-Talented

Because we’re talking God, right? God is everywhere. Therefore, goes this widespread belief: Any healing skills that a talented person might need will be totally intuitive.

Supposedly, anyone with real talent doesn’t need to study with any mortal soul.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #6. Just Get Connected to the Energy!

An initiation or attunement will raise your vibrations. Automatically Divine healing will result.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #7. Trusting in the Highest

Angels want to help us, and if we trust them they will give us all the healing we could possibly need.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #8. Visualizing to Connect

If you can imagine or feel the presence of Archangel Michael. Or another Divine Being. Your healing will be blessed.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #9. Religion Guarantees It

Have you been saved by Jesus? Then you’re given all the healing you could ever need.

Co-Create Healing Quiz #10. Energy Healing Skills Are Simply Skills

To facilitate healing effectively, you don’t have to be super-special. But you do need to know actual skills that can work.

In Conclusion, for Now

Taking this test can be fun. Educational, too. For best results, share your answers below. Including why you choose TRUE or FALSE.

Although, since this community is uncommonly sophisticated and smart — you could give answers like TRUE and FALSE. Or “Slightly TRUE, mostly FALSE.)

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  1. 1
    Jnana says:

    All of them except for #10 are false.

    Some are false all the way and will never be true. Like having to be special or with talent before one can co-create with God.

  2. 2
    Jnana says:

    Some are false until one meets a qualified teacher who can teach you to make them true for yourself.

  3. 3
    Jnana says:

    #6 and #7 are not so safe in this Age of Awakening as astral being can hoodwink us quite easily with the removal of the veil.

  4. 4
    Jnana says:

    That word ‘initiation’… Alarm bells or not?
    It is still being offered in the religion I come from along with mantras, kriyas etc. I just hope there is no astral infiltration.

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