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Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for Better Energy Healing.

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for better energy healing. .

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS for energy healing: You CAN learn to do it. Moreover, as a consumer it’s indispensible to understand how energy healing is sourced.

Thanks to all who took Co-Create Healing. A QUIZ. If you haven’t done that yet, hey! Might I suggest you go back and take that quiz first. You’ll get more from the answers.

Trust me there! For instance, JNANA took the time to share some beautiful comments in response to that quiz. And her Comment #4 in particular is inspiring its own article. Just not today, because QUIZ ANSWERS first!

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #1. We Are All Healers

FALSE. Let’s face it. Even some professional doctors, psychologists, and others aren’t especially good at their job. If they’re not terribly productive as healers, why would others with less training and commitment, magically be able to facilitate healing.

And yet many people believe they are healers. Or they’re told by a psychic or minister that they are healers. One dear client, Joe, once shyly confided that he had been told he should work as a healer. Because he is “spectacularly gifted.”

Maybe it seems preposterous to you that there’s a widespread belief that we are all healers. Well:

Regarding the “Divine” Aspect

Very few people — maybe nobody — is born… just knowing how to do Divine Co-Creation.

Watched any babies lately? They don’t even know they have feet.

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #2. Just Ask God to Help

FALSE and, maybe a little insulting to God.

Really, didn’t God give each of us intelligence? Curiosity? The capacity to learn?

And isn’t this world way complex?

And isn’t powerful, permanent healing a pretty major accomplishment? (Even if not dramatic, necessarily.)

Practically speaking, it’s untrue that all you need do is to mention God and that’s enough.

Really, I tried when a child. Didn’t you? Pretty disappointing, actually. Kids also try to jump out windows because they believe they can fly.

Metaphysically speaking, Earth School requires that we learn things. Seems like learning is kind of the whole point, you know?

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #3. Have Faith

Tragically FALSE. Many a heart is breaking right now because somebody with lousy skills didn’t get results. Then, adding insult to injury, the wannabe healer started self-blaming. “I didn’t believe enough.”

Really, for energy healing, it isn’t enough to blindly believe. Definitely not needed to believe passionately. Just to believe enough to learn and do.

Clearly, to facilitate effective energy healing you need skill. When it comes to the RES Energy HEALING Skills, there are many that you can learn for self-healing. Others are taught only at the professional level.

Many other systems exist for energy medicine and energy psychology.

I can’t speak for all of them. But I can tell you that every RES skill of Energy HEALING involves Divine Co-Creation. Required for self-healing that you’re a believer? Never.

Required for professional work? You become a believer. Because you see the results in yourself and your clients.

Even then, faith is not why the skills work.

Incidentally, in what other profession, would anyone consider faith to be a substitute for skill?

Dentistry? Tree farming? Sheep shearing? What?

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #4. RSVPs Every Time


“Any time you ask God to help you, your prayer will be answered.”

Who am I to say that isn’t so. But I’ll tell you a Teaching Tale.

From 1969-1986, I meditated religiously. Doing TM twice a day. Often doing more advanced practices, like yogic flying. Plus spending over a year of my life in courses with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Never were we supposed to ask for specifics when meditating. Instead we were led to believe that TM would heal just about everything. Perhaps even confer immortality.

It didn’t. Not for me. Nor for anyone I personally met during all those years! That’s one reason why, in co-creating the skills of RES, hey! I made it my business to include personal intentions for sessions, plus effective skills targeted to bring improvement.

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #5. Talent Wins

TRUE and FALSE, I’d say.

Why TRUE? Connecting with God is the sign of a talented healer. I believe that everyone does have talent for that. Only everyone doesn’t have the same talent, or gift set, for connecting with God.

For example, have you studied aura reading yet? (Especially the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, as in this free five-part intro.)

Then you can appreciate this aspect of your individuality. Due to your inborn talent, you can develop energetic literacy. When combined with clarity and skills, your talent can help you to co-create with God.

Why FALSE? Talent alone isn’t enough to produce reliable results. Especially regarding the notion…

Self-Taught Means Extra-Talented


Seems to me, so much harm has been caused by ideas like these:

“Healers talk to God, right? God is everywhere. So any healing skills that you need will be totally intuitive.

“Anyone with real talent doesn’t need to study with any mortal soul.”

Actually, energy healing demands this sequence:

  1. You know what to ask for
  2. What you request is appropriate
  3. And you have the standing to make that request
  4. Plus you have learned effective skills for energetic co-creating.
  5. You use those skills as taught. Neither adding, nor subtracting. And not substituting belief for skills.

All this is required, at a minimum.

As for some fancy kind of talent? Not needed at all. If you’ve been taught good skills, you just learn and go!

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #6. Just Get Connected to the Energy!

FALSE and possibly dangerous.

Maybe you can remember discovering that you are energy sensitive. Wonderful!

But if somebody told you, “That energy sensitivity means you are a healer”? For shame!

Granted, belief that “energy heals all” might have worked in the Age of Faith: “An initiation or attunement will raise your vibrations. Automatically Divine healing will result.”

Now I’ve encountered numerous horror stories from clients who believed in this. Mostly stories of inconvenience.

Overall? Not a single positive story since The Shift into The Age of Awakening on December 21, 2012. Due to the world’s new vibrational freedom, it’s inappropriate to take on energies from discarnate beings.

As for Divine Beings? They don’t take people over. They just don’t.

Related to this point, at our last post, did you see? JNANA wrote such poignant Comments #3 and 4. So yes, I’ll have more to say about this in a conclusing to this little series of posts (with your comments and questions, Blog-Buddies.)

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #7. Trusting in the Highest

Slightly TRUE, mostly FALSE

Which part is TRUE? “Angels want to help us.”

Fair enough. Incidentally, are angels or spirits or astral guides… Divine Beings? Nope. They’re astral beings. Sometimes lovely. Sometimes (especially in these early years of the Age of Awakening), many astral beings are interfering quite inappropriately. For example, their idea of “helping us” could involve extreme spiritual addiction.

What about this idea? “If we trust [Higher Beings] they will give us all the healing we could possibly need.”

For many reasons, Blog-Buddies, that’s flat-out wrong.

My simple advice: Ask God for help. Not spirits.

And in this energetically chaotic world, circa 2017, never ever assume that “The Highest” means “God.” If you want help from God, ask for “God.”

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #8. Visualizing to Connect

FALSE. Sadly, many believe this: “Just see or imagine or feel the presence of Archangel Michael. Or another Divine Being. Then you’ll get a healing. You will be blessed.”

Yeah, “blessed” with great visuals or happy vibes. 😉

Let’s put it this way. No RES Energy HEALING Skill — or RES Energy READING Skill — requires either. No special mood. And no visuals.

Skills rule. At least if you’d like trustworthy results.

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #9. Religion Guarantees It

Lamentably FALSE.

In Evangelical circles you might hear, “Have you been saved by Jesus? Then you’re given all the healing you could ever need.”

And yet, you’ll notice, Evangelicals aren’t immortal. Among those who die every year?  Born-Again Christians. Also Fundamentalists.

One fascinating kind of research about this concerns hypnosis. Have you browsed the comments at this very popular post? According to research I’ve done, a prayer meeting might not go as advertised. Instead, the beautiful faithful may be subjective group hypnosis. Falsely labeled.

Not falsely labeled on purpose, probably. But might I suggest this guiding rule?

Never trust a spiritual teacher or healer who lies.

Divine Co-Creation ANSWERS. #10. Energy Healing Skills Are Simply Skills


Yes, I’ve verified this by teaching workshop after workshop. Successful study for students on one continent after another.

To facilitate effective healing, you don’t have to be super-special. Rather, you just need to learn actual skills. Meaning, skills that work.

In Conclusion, Quiz Successful

Really, the point of taking this quiz was whether you learned something. Not how you scored.

In case you’re curious about RES Energy HEALING Skills, here’s a list. Trademarked skill sets! Just to give you an idea of what I mean by “actual skills that work.” Each is targeted to facilitate emotional and spiritual growth — through energetic healing.

  1. 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®
  2. Vibrational Re-Positioning®
  3. Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®
  4. Consciousness Positioning Consults™
  5. Spiritually Sparkling™ RES Healing Skills

Finally, here’s a related post you might enjoy: All Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Equal? All of It? Really?

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  1. 1
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Golly, we’re closing in on 39,000 comments. Thanks to all of you who have been reading and, especially, those of you who have been actively commenting.

  2. 2
    Jessica Gates says:

    Thank you for these posts, Rose. Controversial? Yes. Helpful? Definitely!

  3. 3

    I´m from Argentina. I read Empowered by Empathy. Thanks for all your joy, Rose!

  4. 4
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Hola, Mariana Alejandra. It’s lovely to hear from you. (And also from you, Jessica Gates!)

    I’m curious, Mariana. Obviously, from your Comment #3, your English is great. But I’m wondering if you read this in the Spanish edition from Editorial Sirio, “El Poder de la Empati’ia”.

    They’ve published three of my books in Spanish…. Granted, from what I understand, the version of Spanish in Argentina is quite different from how folks speak and write in Espana.

  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:

    In any case, I’ve published four more books for empaths since then, all more sophisticated in design and (seems to me) more helpful.

    Here’s info about that series, in case it interests you.

    Mariana, you’re my first reader/student I know of so far from Argentina!

  6. 6
    Grace T. says:

    Such important points here. These unhelpful misconceptions are so prevalent and heavily perpetuated.

  7. 7

    Rose… at the time I ordered the book in Spanish, Sirio editorial, yes. And I have recommended it.

    Years ago i managed an empath spanish support group in facebook. I´m a poet, writer and occupational therapist.

    I understand much in english, because my father was a teacher of this language. But i´m not good talking. And for writing, google translate is doing for me much of the job.

  8. 8

    I take the opportunity to share a poetic video where I read the beginning of your book.

    I will enter the link you posted for the others books. Thank you.

    I´m from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Mariana, claro que fue inmediatamente a su YouTube.

    It was so wonderful, your performance. I was so touched.

    And you spoke so clearly, I felt I could understand it pretty well.

    Thank you so much for reading my poem so beautifully, and also acknowledging it in such a respectful way. You could teach a lot of folks who post on YouTube about respect!

  10. 10
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Open invitation to all you Blog-Buddies:

    If you ever stop to read the poem at the start of just about every book that I publish — sometimes written as a poem and other times as a dedication.

    And if you ever want to read one of these on YouTube…

    Please, please send a link.

    And do have a look at Mariana’s beautiful reading. That poem in “Empowered by Empathy” meant so much to me. Since that book has been out of print for years, I also placed it at the start of “The Master Empath.”

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    Explorer says:

    Giggles… oh how I love your poems and power of your words Rose.

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