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ONEderful JULY 2017. Your Greater Success Awaits.

ONEderful JULY 2017

ONEderful JULY 2017. Let’s start this month right to add more success and fun to your life.

ONEderful JULY 2017? Well, it can be!

What do you have to celebrate about this latest month of your life? Even on this first day of July, you’ve got plans, right? Plans for more success and fun.

I’ll share some of mine. And hope that, in comments below, you’ll do the same.

Your ONEderful JULY Can Include:

Valuable Insights for Making More Money

A wealth of money wisdom! That’s turning out to be a theme this summer, Blog-Buddies.

Actually, why would that be surprising? Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) includes both Energy READING Skills and Energy HEALING Skills. Both can help a person to gain more success.

Today is your last chance to enter our latest contest, the Money Happy Contest.

Three winners to come! Which means three aura readings. Specifically, aura readings called Money Happy Profiles.

In each one, I’ll report on those chakra databanks most strongly related to making money. How can these readings can help you?

  • Stop you from assuming anything about how a person relates to making money.
  • Wake up more compassion for one of the most complicated aspects of living on earth. For everyone.
  • Bring a new spiritual perspective about making money. Perspective that couldn’t be more different than the hollow-promises, tragedy-inducing Law of Attraction.
  • All of this is a perfect preparation for my last in-person workshop of 2017, Gaining Wealth as a Life Sport.

Your ONEderful JULY 2017 Can Include: Rethinking Your Money Heroes

You’ve got some of these heroes, right? Folks who combine integrity, making a valuable contribution to life, hard work, prosperity.

Your personal role models of success for The Age of Awakening!

What, you don’t have any yet? Maybe it’s time to get some.

So here’s an open invitation to you for the month of July. Nominate your money heroes for my Enlightenment Life List. (One of these just came in yesterday. Thanks to my client “CLAUDE.”)

Admittedly, you can nominate public figures of any kind for that list about Enlightenment. Do it any day of the year! So long as you fulfill the modest requirements.

But maybe we’ll get lots of moolah peeps nominated in July. Could be fun!

Incidentally, have you seen the YouTube where I explain why I do that bold thing, maintain an Enlightenment Life List? Here’s a money maker’s link.

Because discernment can help build financial success. Specifically, aura reading skills help us to choose our role models wisely. For instance, I’ve helped many a client avoid paying outrageous sums of money to success coaches.

Successful, maybe. But also personally about as far from Enlightenment as they could be.

Your ONEderful JULY Can Include: Bringing Truth Light

Six months. As of today Trump has been president for half a year.

And nearly every day, I’ve used a few minutes of my Technique Time to bring in Truth Light. You can learn how to do that from this rare, techniquey blog post.

Since then I’ve also done practical things, political things:

  • Voted in a local primary.
  • Joined other protestors at the office of our local Rep., Barbara Comstock. (To me, Barbara Laughing-Stock. Did you know, she’s such an eager self-promoter, she took out an ad to claim credit for Trump’s successful replacement of the Affordable Care Act. Must be seen to be believed! This happened back in March. Congress still hasn’t managed to replace the ACA.)
  • Donated money to worthy political causes.
  • Signed petitions.

Of all these things, Truth Light keeps me inspired. Helps me pay just enough attention to the news, and stay active just enough.

“Enough” for what? Enough to do my fair share and still have a life. Quite some balancing act!

This ONEderful July Is a Great Time to Recommit

This half-year mark, might I suggest?

Whatever your political views, recommit to making a difference. Don’t give up. Don’t go all slack and passive. Because otherwise… whatever you dislike most wins its war of attrition.

Let’s take heart this July, if more caring and courage are needed. Persisting in order to find greater success. And let’s just plain enjoy, too.

Every day we can find such delight.

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  1. 1
    Emily Turner says:

    So much to celebrate and so much to look forward to! Especially sweet will be my sister’s graduation coming up soon!

  2. 2
    Jnana says:

    Delighting that a new online course will be offered soon. One that I could well do to revise again and again even though I’ve made great strides in that area.

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Thanks Rose. I’m sure that what we see happening at the top level is just a reflection of what many of us are experiencing day to day.

    But in confusion there is opportunity.

  4. 4
    Grace T. says:

    I’m looking forward to reading those Money Happy profiles.

    As for celebrating July, I’m loving the weather, upcoming summer events, and the projects on my plate.

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