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New Strong Confusions — Beware These Three Misunderstandings

New Strong Confusions

Banish New Strong Confusions. Starting Today.

New Strong Confusions — let’s clean them up today. Three of them!

Just last night I was inspired to see the above photograph on Facebook.

JAICO, my publisher in India, recently made available the book with “Rules & Tools for Thriving in The Age of Awakening.”

JAICO sells this only on the Indian subcontinent, while my publishing company (and Amazon) make it available everywhere else.

Including paperbacks now PRINTED on demand in Europe, Asia, and Australia — making them more affordable than ever when purchased not-in-the-USA.

Just go to your favorite bricks-and-mortar bookstore and ask them to special-order from Ingram.

Anyway, along with that good news, shall we consider something pretty darned weird?

New Strong Understandings

But Also Three Pretty Major Confusions

The New Strong: Stop Fixing Yourself and Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth” helps readers to make a healthy adjustment to the big secret in today’s personal development: Our new vibrational freedom.

Unannounced freedom. A new-to-humankind freedom that is, frankly, often misunderstood.

So “The New Strong” supplies super-practical ideas that make a huge difference for personal growth. Readers have told me, once they think about these revolutionary concepts, life becomes so much easier. Sweeter!

So you might expect to find all these ideas moving rapidly into the mainstream. You might expect. I have expected….

But Not So Fast, Not Yet

Moving rapidly into the mainstream? Powerful discoveries being treated by others as appreciatively as JAICO is doing?

Not quite, folks. Have you noticed?

Instead, I’m finding this. Certain same old, same old New Age skills… are being “made new”… by packaging them with words about this Age of Awakening.

Confusion! And ultimately unproductive. Seems to me.

Because living in The Age of Awakening, as we are, hello! Personal growth has become radically different. Really different! In important ways.

In my opinion, the three mixups that follow won’t bring personal growth. Quite the opposite: Personal stuckness will more likely be the result.

Might I Delicately Note this Distinct Possibility?

Blog-Buddies, some of your friends may have thought, “I know all about The New Strong.”

But they haven’t actually read the book. They haven’t taken even The New Strong — Free Intro, let alone the full on-demand course for “Living The New Strong.”

Knowing about isn’t quite knowing, right? Likewise, reading this blog isn’t enough to help anyone learn the Program for Easy Vibrational Positioning. Not in my opinion. More systematic understandings and experiences would make all the difference.

One way to gauge your experience and knowledge is to read through this blog post’s collection of three New Strong Confusions. The first one, I encountered by chance. Following that came a few minutes when I felt like a bobblehead.

Recovering, I found two more of these New Strong Confusions via good old Google. Not wishing to make this confusion-mining a weird new hobby… I stopped at three.

Reading about these confusions — as confusions — can help you. So come and polish up your discernment by reading what follows.

New Strong Confusions Alert #1: “High Vibrational Healing”

“Becoming the New Human by Developing High Vibrational Healing Power.”

If you go onto Jane Katra’s website, that’s the sort of thing you will you find. Initially you may be impressed. She’s got a Ph.D., plus a stylish website. Really, I wish her well in all that she does to help her people in her way. Except, I’m wondering. Based on reading Jane’s website, what would that help entail?

According to her explanation of “Spiritual Healing” and “Consciousness Transformation“:

“The healing emanations are manifested through a form of surrendered attention of the healer, in which she makes herself available as an instrument of the energetic intelligent Presence. Jane also merges her consciousness with participants, which enables them to experience their ever-present connection to the life stream Power, as well as to each other. Participants in healing sessions realize their natural capacity for transmitting life energy….” (My italics.)

Why Call This Well-Meant Approach… “New Strong Confusions”?

From a technical perspective, there are many big-deal points of confusion here. I’ll share three of them in this article.

  1. Developing The New Strong never demands that you surrender your attention or consciousness to an energetic presence. Which could well be an astral being or extra-terrestrial (ET).
  2. “Merging your consciousness” with other people might sound a bit like a Skilled Empath Merge. But hold on. What does Joe (or any skilled empath) do during a Skilled Empath Merge? Never, ever merging his personal consciousness. Instead, Joe learns how to effortlessly connect to God (Real-deal God! Not whoever shows up as an energetic, intelligent presence.) Also, hopefully, Joe has learned advanced skills of Empath Empowerment® to ensure that this experience of empath merge is both safe and productive. Look, that’s why — around here —  it’s called “Skilled” Empath Merge.
  3. “Transmitting life energy”? Hey, everyone living today is energy sensitive. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we have learned quality skills for energy healing. The New Strong ? Yes. It includes several dedicated RES Energy HEALING Skills. For sure, none of them involves teaming up with a random astral source. Or merging its consciousness with yourself and other people. Definitely not sending out random “transmissions.”

New Strong Confusions Alert #2: Discombobulating Ways to Get

“Spiritual Awakening”

The New Strong does help with spiritual awakening. But it couldn’t be more different from the “5 Practical Spiritual Awakening Strategies” proposed by blogger Jim Tolles.

He warns readers about Energy Sickness and Feeling Drained Energetically. Advocating  that “you need to make space for lots of alone time. This is critical to going in to your issues and letting them work themselves out. Plus, when the awakened fire is really cooking you, you won’t really want to interact with much of anyone anyway. So much is going on in the inner forge that you’ll find that you have little energy being social. Some of you will find such interactions draining as well.”

Certainly I offer a very different approach in the New Strong’s “Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.” You’re not roasted and toasted. Opposite to that, actually!

Yet you evolve faster than before. Due to gaining support of nature. Which follows naturally. Due to living according to today’s New Rules. (Rather than outdated old rules that predate The Age of Awakening.)

Break today’s New Rules and it could lead to a revolting and unnecessary experience. Perhaps like the “cooking” described by this dedicated blogger, whose point of view just happens to be different from mine.

(Note: Thanks to a commenter, JOE, who has motivated me to find Mr. Tolles’ name. Something I didn’t do in the earlier draft of this blog post. Subsequently I deleted our exchange here in the COMMENTS section.)

New Strong Confusions Alert #3: Embracing Discarnates

Advocating parnership with non-human intelligence appears to be the message in “The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage.” Granted, I haven’t read Mary Rodwell’s book with the gorgeous cover. However, I have read the synopsis at Amazon.

“Are non-human intelligences assisting humanity to evolve into a new aware specie? Do autistic persons and those with ADHD have a role to play in being “new aware”?

“Most important, will humans really benefit from encouraging relationships with non-human intelligences?”

The New Strong expressly addresses this topic, and provides:

  • Understanding about which Age of Awakening changes can cause there to be more relating, potentially, with ETs.
  • Clarity about why this isn’t helpful at all
  • Teaching a healing skill that makes it far, far easier to avoid interference from ETs

Of course, you long-term Blog-Buddies are aware of something else. Unlike Ms. Rodwell, I don’t favor mushing together autism, empath abilities, and other variations in human consciousness.

Thank goodness! The RES Energy READING Skills add a sophistication that is sorely needed for helping people now. When consciousness easily flows in random directions.

Flows easily? Sure.

In Conclusion

Not all ways of relating to The Age of Awakening will help you. Confusing or vague premises can lead to really sad consequences.

Have you seen other examples of New Strong Confusions? Comment away! With your real name or anonymously.

For the latter, just tell me in the first line of your comment what you’d like to be called. A bit of tact! Hardly the same deal as holding oneself out as a spiritual teacher, blogging away, but coyly withholding your name, as does Mr. Process.  😉

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  1. 101
    Kylie says:

    Ha ha, was that client you were talking about me?

    I was just thinking I need to re-read those books again.

    While I most of the time am a skilled empath, I still find that there are special situations where I am very likely to slip–such as, when I meet people who are really interesting to me and I want to know them better. It is easy to fall back on old habits of connecting to others via unskilled empath merge.

  2. 102
    Rose Rosetree says:

    KYLIE, it’s a pretty large group. So I didn’t have you in mind particularly. Please don’t feel neglected. 😉

    Really, I pointed out what I did for many of you Blog-Buddies who might have kinda thought, “Empath, I’ve got that covered.”

  3. 103
    Kylie says:

    Explorer, I can also really related to being hard on yourself for not improving faster. Especially in my first few years of RES healing, I was so impatient to progress faster.

    Funny how letting go of that preoccupation actually helped me to progress faster! When you just relax and enjoy your life and work with one intention at a time, progress is much faster.

  4. 104
    Rose Rosetree says:

    KYLIE, you’ve made such an important point here in #103.

    Of course, when you’re letting go of old STUFF and waking up your soul, that is a process worth honoring.

    A growth process that takes a smallish amount of time, but requires that much time nonetheless. If we try to rush ourselves, or the RES session facilitator, it’s counter-productive.

  5. 105
    Rose Rosetree says:

    But trust does grow as you evolve more.

    Actually, a very productive intention for many of my clients has been “Trust myself more.” And another has been, “Trust life more.”

  6. 106
    Kylie says:

    Thanks Rose! Both intentions have been very productive for me!

  7. 107
    Rose Rosetree says:

    About that little thread that has developed within this post — discussion of maintaining Empath Empowerment® skills…

    Today’s my day off. So I’ve had a nice chunk of personal Technique Time. Well, I just give myself a rare treat. Rather than doing the 1-2 min. maintenance for Empath Empowerment, I’ve just done the “Coming Home” Technique.

  8. 108
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Full out. Informative. Power-packed.

    So very helpful to human me.

    Because those of us who’ve crossed the threshold into Enlightenment benefit from this technique as much as anyone else.

    Empaths, if you know “Coming Home,” don’t be stingy about using some of your Technique Time for that.

    From now on, I won’t take it for granted, either.

  9. 109
    Lindsey says:

    I do “Coming Home” technique everyday during my first set of technique time! It’s my favorite because it really gets me ready for the day.

    Try to mix it up with other empath techniques like “Space Dial”, “I Like”, “Soul Day”, “Bingo” and some others from Rose’s first book, “Become the Most Important Person in the Room”.

    Thanks Rose! These are so helpful!

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