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Face Reading Treat. Thank you, Jessica and Derek Simmons.

Face Reading Treat — that’s what you deserve today, Blog-Buddies. And you’re going to get one. In fact, you’ll get four.

As I use physiognomy skills to celebrate good Samaritans Jessica and Derek Simmons. (You’ll face no rip current, either. Although you might need a hankie.)

First, some backstory.

Eight swimmers nearly perished yesterday. Swimming at a Florida beach. Where there was no lifeguard. After a riptide pulled these unsuspecting body surfers into the waves.

It began with two kids, playing. Then four other members of the family tried to rescue them. Soon they, too, were swept up uncontrollably. Next, four caring beachgoers leapt to the rescue. None of them could withstand the water’s pull, either. (Rip currents can travel as fast as 8 feet per second.)

The dramatic, soul-stirring rescue involved a human chain. Picture 80 or more good Samaritans, some of whom couldn’t even swim. Holding hands to make that chain of hope.

Either picture that chain or you could simply see the photo and video rescue footage here, at this ABC news website.Today’s Washington Post also published a moving account of the rescue.

As for the Face Reading Backstory

For some introduction to the sort of face reading I do, skip all the way to the end of this post.

Now let’s get to the treats. Based on this photo of strong swimmers and smart thinkers, Jessica and Derek Simmons.

I’ll tell you about two items of face data each, starting with Derek.

Face Reading Treat #1. Derek’s Big Nose Padding

See the Face Data

Start looking between Derek’s eyes. Notice all the nose flesh between them?

Then proceed to admire his Nose Padding by looking all the way down to right above of his nose tip.

Talk about treats! This man possesses a lot of the nasal-framing flesh that I call “Nose Padding.”

Why am I especially thrilled to show you this? Because one way I love to use Face Reading Secrets® is to demolish sterotypes. Especially the everyday awful stereotypes around so-called “race.”

Because Derek sure looks “white.” Yet many a “white” person sees nose padding like this and automatically thinks “black.”

Actually I’ve read exactly this same characteristic on faces of Asians, Native Americans, Caucasians, Africans and African-Americans. And I’ve got to tell you, like any face reading data, it’s HUMAN. Also, meaningful. (As I’m about to summarize.)

Corresponding Talent

Works well with others. Needs to work with others — rather than in solitary confinement.

With that VERY Big Nose Padding right near the start of his nose, hello! Seems to me, Derek Simmons is exceptionally good at starting work projects with other people.

Incidentally, he’s the one who came up with the idea of the human chain:

“The only thing that popped into my mind was if you’ve ever watched ants, when one of their babies is in trouble and can’t move, they start making a chain in order to pass them down the line to get them to safety,” Derek Simmons, of Panama City, told ABC News. “That’s the only thing I was thinking of, if we’re arm to arm, we can get them.”

Potential Challenge?

Hates working alone? Or solving problems at work all alone?

Face Reading Treat #2. Derek’s Close-Set Cheeks

See the Face Data

Cheek Emphasis doesn’t show up on all faces. But some faces do show extra oomph either north, south, east, or west.

On Derek’s cheeks, you can see a bit more muscle close to his nose. On either side. Yes, those are Close-Set Cheeks.

Corresponding Talent

Excellent in a crisis. He always comes through.

Really, I didn’t just make this up to write a cute blog post. You can read more about this. Also plenty of other face data. In my how-to book “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

Potential Challenge?

Face Reading Treat #3. Jessica’s Out-Angled Right Ear

See the Face Data

Because I’m reading her right ear only, how do you tell left from right in a photo? Cross over, as if shaking hands with brave Jessica.

You’ll see that right ear peeking out from under her cute hairdo.

And why can you see the shape of it so clearly?

Because that’s how you can look at somebody from the front… and spot an Out-Angled Ear.

Corresponding Talent

In public, no inhibitions about doing what seems right to her.

Even if she weren’t saving lives, this talent of Jessica’s would be called “Leadership.”

Potential Challenge?

Surprising people? Even pushing their buttons? Because she didn’t stop to beg permission. But instead, Jessica simply did what seemed good to her.

I just love to find Out-Angled Ears. Of course, I also adore In-Angled Ears. And all the other variations in this category within the face part known as “Ears.”

Of course, as you may know, this system of face reading is based on a premise that explains a lot: “God don’t make no junk.”

Face Reading Treat #4. Jessica’s Smile Structure

Here’s my oh-so-technical name for it. “Gums Show in Smile.”

See the Face Data

If you know anything at all about true face reading, you know it isn’t expression reading. Nothing like “How many times does she smile? And is it always sincere?”

Some people can smile the way Jessica does. (I do a bit, on the right side of my mouth only). Most people can’t. Even if they were to try.

Anyway, when you check out Jessica’s smile, you see the gums showing right at the top. Hence my oh-so-technical name, “Gums Show in Smile.”

Corresponding Talent


As in, “How can help?” And “Of course I’ll help.” And, this case, “Here I go into the sickeningly scary ocean, ripping with a crazy-dangerous tide.”

Potential Challenge?

Apart from the swimming one. 😉

Generous to a fault?

In Conclusion, Face Reading Conclusion.

(Also Face Reading Beginning.)

Yes, that Face Reading video at the top of today’s post is new. Get that fresh physiognomy intro here!

Many types of face reading are available from me. Including seven different types of personal face reading session.

Which system do I use? Face Reading Secrets®.  This particular form of face reading is, actually, the only trademarked physiognomy system in America. If you learn how, it can help you communicate better, grow spiritually, and like your own particular face a whole lot more.

One last thing for now: Did you know that I offer Face Reading Reports? They’re just $25 yet contain a lot of info. And if you order some as gifts or whatever, please send photos as explained here. That’s how you can help me to give you the best possible service with this yummy face reading treat.

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  1. 1
    Liane says:

    I hope Jessica and Derek read this. A very sweet gift from you to them, and all of us.

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    Very sweet!!

  3. 3
    Louise says:

    So heartwarming!

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    So great to read this positive news story and face reading. Really great.

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    So great to read this positive news story and face reading. Really great.

  6. 6
    Jnana says:

    What a stellar couple. So lovely to read about the rescue and then get the face reading insights.

    Speaking of which, I’d do well to get a face reading report. Though I do not like taking photographs!

  7. 7
    Lindsey says:

    What a beautiful story, my heart just melted watching the video and reading about it. The face reading is right on too!

    Fascinating Rose! I too hope they stumble upon your blog to read this.

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