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Going Sideways? Let's Gain Clarity.

Going Sideways

Going Sideways. That’s an imprecise term for several very different energetic problems. Let’s discuss.

Going Sideways? That’s a popular term among teachers of Traditional Enlightenment. A way of making sense of something tragic. Sometimes people stop living in a high state of consciousness and fall away. Why? What causes that?

Some call it “Going sideways.”

Well, this Enlightenment Coach brings a different perspective. Not only that of Age of Awakening Enlightenment but also energetic literacy. Which makes it possible to figure out what’s going on with someone. Adding more precision than simply mourning how Joe or Gladys has “gone sideways.”

Today I’d like to share with you the best I know by now about several very different ways of going sideways. From recent comments here at this blog, it seems as though some of you Blog-Buddies are worrying. And you really don’t have to be. With more clarity, I hope you’ll stop worrying.

Besides all that… What, specifically, inspired today’s post?

John F. Kelley, Trump’s New Chief of Staff

Like Reince Priebus before him,  John F. Kelley  lives in extreme spiritual addiction. Not surprising really. He joins Trump, Pence, Melania, Manafort, Bannon, Conway, and others. Plus, oh yes, Anthony Scaramucci. All of whom live in extreme spiritual addiction.

Understandably, you may hear many people praising his fabulous record of public service. Only catch? Read his aura and you’ll find that he has become a man in extreme spiritual addiction.

No longer is Kelley being run by Kelley. Maybe 2% of him is left. Otherwise, “he” is a team of astral beings. (Specifically, the particular bunch of unscrupulous entities who run him.) Quite typical for extreme spiritual addiction, actually.

The first time I took a Technique Time-look at a photo with him and Trump, what did I see? Two men. And above their heads, large groups of entities very excited to now be working together.

Disgusting, indeed!

Politics Aside, No Worries. Please.

Political life in America is concerning. But that doesn’t mean, Blog-Buddies, that your own energetic safety is now in danger. Enough, already! I’m finally writing this post.

Here I’ll share with you my latest understanding about:

  • Why a person “goes sideways” into spiritual addiction
  • Versus why a person “goes sideways” into extreme spiritual addiction
  • Compared to what might cause a person to fear being “taken over” by astral beings.

All this is based on aura reading research, not just the usual Stage 15 Energetic Literacy. But also specific experience as the Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), researching what helps clients. And also a bunch of knowledge and skills in the Enlightenment Coaching Department.

Does that mean I know all answers? All causes? All possibilities? Of course not.

Still, I hope to bring you clarity, Blog-Buddies.

Going Sideways into Spiritual Addiction

Spiritual addiction is the result of habits. And misunderstandings. Quite often, it’s the unintended consequence of a lot of hard work.

You can read many blog posts about this very fixable way of having one’s aura out of whack. A person does way too much Technique Time. Yet hasn’t a clue.

Sadly, that person’s aura shows clear indications of being distorted. Out of touch with human reality. This is a vicious cycle. Resulting in many very personal ways of feeling misery.

  • What do I recommend as the best first resource for avoiding spiritual addiction? A resource-crammed how-to book “The New Strong.”
  • If you’re still not feeling quite right, please book a session with me or another RES expert. All of us have loads of skills of aura healing. Distinctive skills, actually, for RES Energy HEALING.
  • Most important! Please know that if you do have this problem, you can make a complete recovery.

When You Stop Going Sideways with Spiritual Addiction

Your Results May Include

Making more money,

Winning more friends,

Improving your love life and sex life,

Grow faster emotionally, and

Improving your connection to the Divine.

By graduating from spiritual addiction, you can reclaim your life.

And compared to other types of addiction, this kind is far easier to overcome. Alcohol, weed, opium — they leave chemical traces in the body. And (for the last two out of three), drug usage deposits STUFF in your aura and subconscious mind.

That STUFF can always, always, always be healed. (Maybe you recognize our motto in RES.)

Still, it’s wonderful that spiritual addiction doesn’t, in itself, include STUFF.

Going Sideways into Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Look, Blog-Buddies, I know that name makes extreme spiritual addiction sound similar to garden-variety spiritual addiction.

However, I try to keep a low profile in discussing this in public. (In a phone session, you’ll hear details that I simply won’t share on the blog.)

Besides, extreme spiritual addiction isn’t a problem that involves only people. Enthusiasms that get out of hand.

Rather, a person interacts with one or more astral entities and gives consent to teaming up.

To some degree, I’ve described this problem in a previous blog post. In effect, a person agrees to crowd-sourcing. Instead of running a human identity. A.k.a. Being in charge of your mind and your life.

In certain YouTubes I’ve gently worded the specific qualities of extreme spiritual addiction in some household names:

  1. President Trump
  2. Vice-President Pence
  3. Michael Phelps

What Kind of Person Starts Going Sideways with Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Ach! As I’d say if I were Scottish, Blog-Buddies.

Ach! I’ll say it anyway.

This is such a painful subject. Ordinarily I wouldn’t discuss it in public, but keep my theories private.

Truth is, I can pull out energetic holograms for a client and describe exactly what was going on energetically. What, subconsciously, made that person tick.

With folks who wind up going sideways in this way, I can’t do that. They’re not my clients. And they don’t necessarily think that anything’s wrong.

So I’ll share with you the best I know. As a reluctant knower.

Going Sideways Because Addicted to Power

Yes indeed. Power is one of the two most addictive drugs on the planet.

For politicians, going sideways into extreme spiritual addiction occurs because they’re ripe for corruption.

And at this time in history, it’s the early years of the Shift into The Age of Awakening.

For now, opportunistic astral beings are trying to take over humans. Over-ride each individual soul. Promising more, more, more. And certain people get a little vague about making that kind of Faustian bargain. They may be lied to but they don’t really care about the details. They say yes.

(BTW, JNANA, related to your recent comment, of course I meant that Duterte.)

How irrational or psychologically disturbed will the politician be when there’s extreme spiritual addiction? Depends on the particular group of entities who run the person.

Seems to me, with Trump, he has a large group of entities who take turns steering him. They’re incoherent as a group. Resulting in incoherent behavior.

By contrast, Pence is run by a very coherent, focused group of entities.

Going Sideways Because Addicted to Fame

Tied for first place as the most addictive drug on the planet, that’s fame!

So you’ll find extreme spiritual addiction tempts celebrities who got addicted to fame while young, like Emma Watson and Nicole Kidman.

Sometimes a fame hungry celeb is already successful, but wants more, more, more. Like Jimmy Fallon and Steven Colbert.

And you’ll also find celebrities who are already so crazy-big-famous they can’t be satisfied. Among those who have moved into extreme spiritual addiction are Beyoncé,  and (so sorry to report) Tom Hanks. Or the great success for decades for whom all his wealth and fame haven’t, evidently been enough, Brian Tracy.

Far as I can tell, this is consensual. The new and interesting invitation comes. They say yes.

Going Sideways Because Addicted to Spirit

Surprisingly or not, another group of folks isn’t immune AT ALL from going sideways. People in love with Spirit.

That might mean psychics or channelers. It also can mean extreme spiritual addiction for people in Enlightenment.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend in Traditional Enlightenment. Joe wanted to hear my opinion of what was going on with Trump. So the topic moved over to extreme spiritual addiction. “People in Enlightenment can’t possibly move into extreme spiritual addiction,” he said, in his sunny voice brimming with bliss.

I wish I could be so sure. Because I’ve moved many people off my Enlightenment Life List. People I’ve loved. People whose high state of consciousness… Sure didn’t prevent them from going sideways into extreme spiritual addiction.

When people are willing to do whatever inspiration tells them to do. Or people who become so fascinated with new experiences of consciousness, they keep leaning, leaning, leaning.

Really, I wish that everybody on earth with at least normal mental health would learn energetic literacy. That’s why I made it my first online workshop, complete with a great big Free Intro.

But especially I wish that anyone in Enlightenment would develop energetic literacy. Otherwise, with all respect, they don’t have the discernment needed today. Living at a time when people really fall into extreme spiritual addiction. And this isn’t just a vague “Going sideways.” As in, “Sigh! I have no idea what happened.”

People can learn to tell what’s happening. Otherwise, lacking discernment, far too many say yes.

Shocking But True

Some Non-Duality Teachers and Enlightenment Coaches are in spiritual addiction. The bliss of that addiction might be described in ways that sound like Enlightenment. But aren’t.

Other Non-Duality Teachers and Enlightenment Coaches are in extreme spiritual addiction. Could be, the entities who run them enjoy making open-hearted spiritual seekers dance.

Both categories of folks who aren’t doing well any more… might be called by their colleagues “Going sideways.” How honest is that? How precise? How helpful? In what way does that protect all the spiritual seekers who flock to Enlightenment coaches?

Also Shocking But True

This year two different people on my Enlightenment Life List, helped by RES  started sliding into extreme spiritual addiction.

One stopped the slide quite easily. All it took was one session. Bolstered by her determination to live her own life. And let her own soul stay in charge, thank you very much!

The second person? For her it’s been complicated. Far as I know she hasn’t decided. (Both of us have shed tears over this. I’ve helped her as best I can. From here on out, it’s her choice.)

Going Sideways When Willing to Become ANYTHING

Golly, Blog-Buddies, this is turning out to be a long post. And a controversial one. Here’ comes the most controversial part yet.

So I’ll mention one more category of person who is especially at risk for extreme spiritual addiction. Transgender persons who are transitioning.

No, of course I’m not a fan of the sort of bigotry recently demonstrated by Trump.

I’ve had occasion to read auras of some who’ve made a gender transition. Who’s really famous for that? Caitlin Jenner. Sadly, somewhere along the way, the very troubled Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner  (in extreme spiritual addiction).

Making that kind of transition can be so appropriate. Helpful! Courageous! Important inspiration for all humanity!

Consider though: What if a person is desperate for a big change? Further, what if that person incorrectly assumes that “all my problems stem from having the wrong kind of body”? Such a person might easily welcome the sort of input that brings  extreme spiritual addiction.

What results? Not just becoming a woman. Or becoming a man. But, for some folks who have said yes to “I’ll be anything,” uh-oh.

That’s the start of something pretty irreversible for the rest of the lifetime.

Far as I can tell, extreme spiritual addiction is for keeps.

Why a Brain Chemistry Problem Doesn’t Mean Going Sideways

Finally, there’s another problem — not  extreme spiritual addiction and not spiritual addiction. It’s a problem that I’ve seen with clients who are adjusting to the new vibrational freedom all humans have in The Age of Awakening.

Some folks with no mental health history are having trouble adapting to today’s aggressive, opportunistic astral entities. Playing away on the planet. Playing with people whose brain chemistry needs a bit of support.

I’ve helped quite a few of such clients, steering them towards psychiatric help and appropriate medications. Usually, but not always, anti-psychotic medications.

Appropriately prescribed medications make all the difference for supporting brain chemistry. (Blog-Buddies, if you have a related concern, discuss it with me privately during a session; I may be able to help you to find appropriate help from a mental health professional.)

Basically, what happens related to brain chemistry quirks plus “no more veil on the planet”? It feels like having entities pounding on the door. The door to one’s head. The door to one’s aura.

If that has been happening to you, please have a session with me. Because I may be able to help.

For sure, don’t worry that you’re receiving an invitation to  extreme spiritual addiction. Instead, what’s happening is a brain chemistry problem. When that problem is solved, that problem goes away. You’re not the sort of person who says yes to  extreme spiritual addiction. And so it’s not happening. Yes, I think it really can be that simple when the problem involves brain chemistry.

In Conclusion

What’s happening these days with extreme spiritual addiction is frightening. Seeing loved ones fall into spiritual addiction is pretty darned distressing too. And yes, many people are having trouble adjusting, one way or another.

I’m just glad that I’m here to help, as the Founder of RES. Plenty of other experts in mind-body-spirit have also given their lives in service. They too have developed powerful skills for helping people to have a good life.

Besides availing yourself of expert help, when that seems appropriate… what else can you do? Cherish your human life.

Claim it! Being human, you have sovereignty over all other life forms on the planet. A goldfish or turtle can’t become the boss of your brain. Entities don’t have the right to do that either. So be very clear. “My life is run by my soul. Nobody else.”

You’ll get through this time. And you can even evolve super-rapidly now. With spiritual awakenings a distinct possibility. And even, perhaps, moving into Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Sure, good things like that can happen to you!

Your Life Can Be Ever-Fresh. And Decidedly Human.

First time that I went outside this morning, what did I see? Rain-cleansed surfaces, shiny and bright. Houses, roads, cars, all made new.

Garden flowers and shrubs and blooming trees… each one looking as if it just received a special present. Which, in a way, it did.

Best of all, do you know that flavor of freshness? Summertime air, right after a rain. Could anything be more lovely?

Not to me. Not in that moment.

And at that moment this morning — also during this very moment right now, as you’re reading, Blog-Buddies — human life is magnificent.

How lucky we are to be living now. As awake as we are. As free as we are.

Trust that life of yours to be good!

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  1. 1
    Gillian says:

    Rose, thank you very much for writing this post.

    I had a conversation with a relative today about politics, and her comment was that while it is important to stay well informed, it is also important not to go overboard and drown.

    I feel the same way about extreme spiritual addiction. It is really important to know about it in order to make sense of some of the crazy things happening today (and to be alert for signs of weirdness in one’s own life), but I have to remind myself not to dwell on it!

  2. 2
    Vanya says:

    Rose, perhaps you were reluctant to share this on a public blog, but I want to thank you so much for doing so.

    I think this was an important post. For me, it was fascinating to read. It’s troubling to realise what people can be willing to give up of themselves.

  3. 3
    Gillian says:

    I wonder if it is possible to add another reason why people fall into extreme spiritual addiction?

    In my own sessions, my RES practitioner has referred to people who fall into extreme spiritual addiction not because they are hungry for power or fame, but because they have very low self-esteem.

  4. 4
    Lindsey says:

    OMG! Wow, how fascinating!

    Man ‘O man nobody else is going to run my life for sure!

    Yuck, I am appalled how sneaky it can be too. I’m learning these RES skills as fast as HUMANLY possible, the New Strong way-bring it! Heehee…thanks Rose!

    This is a real eye opener!

  5. 5
    Lindsey says:

    BTW, I am loving the New Strong Online Workshop!

    Soooooo helpful at clarifying the new rules and how to adjust to this new age. Yaaaay!

  6. 6
    Gillian says:

    With regards to the transgender issue, I have personally met two people in my life who were transitioning from one gender to another.

    In both cases, I admired those people’s courage and recognised the enormous struggle that must have taken place in order to take such action.

  7. 7
    Gillian says:

    However, at the risk of being politically incorrect, I have found myself squirming recently at the way that transgender issues seem to have become almost ‘fashionable.’

    I did not really like that fact that I was squirming, but your post makes me wonder if I was responding to the iffy energetic stuff around it, rather than to the issue itself.

  8. 8
    Gillian says:

    And finally, oh my! People helped by RES to move into Enlightenment tempted by extreme spiritual addiction?

    That is very sad.

  9. 9
    Gillian says:

    In conclusion, this post makes me realise again how fantastic it is to be human, ordinary, real, just doing normal sane things like taking a walk, listening to music, eating a good dinner.

    They sound like such trivial activities, but I am reminded by this post at what a triumph it is to be staying sane and well and just being normal!

  10. 10
    Gillian says:

    (Well, there are some people who would never consider me to be ‘normal’ hehe, but hey…)

  11. 11
    David B says:

    The trick with the enlightened is if there is some concept of being beyond the ego or somehow infallible.

    Then discrimination can get flaky and unresolved personal stuff get an upper hand.

  12. 12
    David B says:

    Enlightenment is a process, not just one lightbulb moment. It is something lived day to day.

    Even the desire to help students, expand knowledge, etc can lead one astray if there isn’t good discrimination. Good energetic literacy can certainly help, Rose.

  13. 13
    David B says:

    Amazing how many don’t understand the difference between astral and divine, too.

  14. 14
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks, everyone, for these comments.

    VANYA, your Comment #2 was so perceptive.

  15. 15
    Rose Rosetree says:

    And DAVID B, it means a great deal to me that another Enlightenment Coach could write comments like your spot-on #11-13.

    That any of my colleagues at this kind of service could agree with me.

    And that someone I respect as much as you could agree with me. 🙂

  16. 16
    Gladys says:

    Very informative Rose. Thanks for sharing and making this public. It needs to be known.

    I sometimes wonder/worry about the children of people in extreme spiritual addiction.

  17. 17
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Aw, GLADYS. Please don’t worry like that. IMHO, that’s a complete waste of time, plus it drags you down.

    Children sign up for their parents. They know what they’re doing when they make their life contracts.

  18. 18
    Gladys says:

    Love all your comments btw everyone!

    Yes, I think you are right on about your comment 11 David B.

  19. 19
    Gladys says:

    I have to share my great lesson in thinking I could handle about anything that came my way because I was living in Divine bliss (I don’t know about enlightenment, but Divinely experiencing my loveliness – thought normal) and thought I’d join a healing group to help other people animals and the earth.

  20. 20
    Gladys says:

    I received 3 attunements and hoped to be of service for all.

    I had no idea about positioning consciousness and how very important this is, especially to an empath.

  21. 21
    Gladys says:

    I slowly felt robbed of my bliss and became more spacey(feeling less human).

  22. 22
    Gladys says:

    Apparently, the attunements attuned me to the astral, out of Divine and human frequency awareness…it was an awful feeling and experience.

    To me astral and Divine are easy to discern from now, but I needed to go through this process to understand the romance of the astral.

  23. 23
    Gladys says:

    There is a weird high to it, but more like a disorienting experience.

  24. 24
    Gladys says:

    I can imagine perhaps many people who might not have, or be used to, a shift or awakening of consciousness into Divine awareness and understanding of the knowledge within an awakening to the Divine…

    To know how to discern between the Divine and the Astral.

  25. 25
    Gladys says:

    This is new to many in this New Age of Awakening, apparently.

    Rose is really breaking new ground and it sure is great to see you here to contribute and help with your advanced experience and understanding as well! I am soooooo very grateful for this!!!

  26. 26
    Gladys says:

    Also, I can attest to Rose’s RES healing skills for moving out these astral attunement energetic subroutines that I had going on.

    It is a huge difference to not have them and to receive the Divine “put in” to replace the “stuff”.

  27. 27
    Gladys says:

    Rose is telling the truth, “stuff can always be healed”!

    I felt great relief from two sessions where the Healing Centerpiece was to remove my cords of attachment to two people from that group as well. I feel. So much more human.

  28. 28
    Gladys says:

    And now my Divine loveliness is blooming again and integrating naturally into where my focus is, in my Human Life!

    I feel better than ever and definitely further ahead in my human/spiritual growth department.

  29. 29
    Gladys says:

    Imagine that! 🙂

    You’re a life saver Rose! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

  30. 30
    Ruby says:

    Your explanation does help a lot. I have been blanking out Trump whenever he is on, (muting the TV and looking elsewhere) and think I deduced that what he has was contagious. I understand it better now.

    This is still all so new to me (actually to all of us) and has been a paradigm shift. Thank you Rose for the clarification!

  31. 31
    Viv says:

    Rose, thank you. This post was a great reminder to love and live my own human life.

    Sure, I don’t have everything the way I want, but it takes time to achieve goals. For me, it would be a bad deal to get some of my goals met when the catch would be I couldn’t be me to enjoy it.

  32. 32
    Rose Rosetree says:

    RUBY, you’re so welcome. I do, however, recommend not listening to Trump’s voice or watching his face.

    How come? To be blunt: Among the many teams of entities that run folks in extreme spiritual addiction, Trump’s team has a unique ability to move people into a trance-like state.

  33. 33
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Although extreme spiritual addiction isn’t contagious, it doesn’t help life to move into a trance state.

    Maybe I’ve mentioned elsewhere at this blog a shocking statement made to me on my Enlightenment Life List. He’s hardly a sap! Yet he told me:

  34. 34
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Once I listen to Trump for half a minute or more, I find myself nodding. Thinking “That’s right.”

    And “I want to hear him more. Sure makes sense!”

  35. 35
    Rose Rosetree says:

    That’s powerful ability to put observers into a trance.

    So I’d say, muster up your common sense and clicker ability. Learn to literally avert your eyes. Mute his voice.

    Don’t make the mistake of “Trying to tune him out” while his voice is audible. Or “Trying not to watch him” while you can see him.

  36. 36
    Rose Rosetree says:

    That isn’t good for coordination between mind and body.

    Plus, it won’t keep out the Trumpian trance.

  37. 37
    Fleur says:

    Rose, would you recommend the same avoidance strategy with regards to everyone known to be in the state of extreme spiritual addiction?

  38. 38
    Rose Rosetree says:

    FLEUR, so glad you asked. I just went back to my Comment #34, made tiny changes for clarity and bolded the whole thing.

    Here it is again:

    Among the many teams of entities that run folks in extreme spiritual addiction, Trump’s team has a unique ability to move people into a trance-like state.

  39. 39
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Besides, you don’t need me to tell you that Trump is uniquely weird, etc.

    Avoiding him makes sense.

    Whereas a life of avoidance is NEVER something encouraged when we’ve got skills of RES for growing, evolving, and becoming more successful in life. (Maybe also less scared of life.)

  40. 40
    Fleur says:

    Thanks, Rose. Much appreciated.

  41. 41
    Jessica Gates says:

    I love your comment #31, Viv.

    Especially: “For me, it would be a bad deal to get some of my goals met when the catch would be I couldn’t be me to enjoy it.”

  42. 42
    Sophie G. says:

    Thank you for this blog post. ?

  43. 43
    Sophie G. says:

    I’m happy to be human after all.

  44. 44
    AJ says:

    I read this great piece over the weekend and wanted to contribute my 2-cents as well. Perhaps my perspective might help too!

  45. 45
    AJ says:

    I have worried in the past about whether I have gone “sideways”—especially since moving into Enlightenment. When I experience times when I’m not 100% myself, I have freaked out in the past. But recently, I’ve tried something new…

  46. 46
    AJ says:

    Here are some things I check in on BEFORE I even consider “Energy” as the problem:

    1) Have I had enough food and water?

    Did you know that people who are dehydrated often experience the same exact symptoms of people who are high on marijuana?

  47. 47
    AJ says:

    I’m a bit of a workaholic, so sometimes I forget to refuel. I’m convinced that can make you feel a little off!

  48. 48
    AJ says:

    2) Have I been watching too much of the news?

    I’ve noticed when I watch CNN in excess, it can put me into a similar “trance-like” state that Rose was just referring to.

    I think the media knows how to keep people hooked on a story and it can definitely make me feel a little spacey if I watch it too much.

  49. 49
    AJ says:

    3) Did I miss a dose of my medication? I’m not scared to admit that I am one of those who experiences a “Brain Chemistry Problem”.

    When I don’t take medication, as prescribed, I don’t feel like myself.

  50. 50
    AJ says:

    4) Am I exercising regularly?

    I work for myself and it’s very easy to get to a point where I’m glued to my desk.

    When I’m immobile for too long, which is very easy to do nowadays, I get a little spaced out. When I go for a walk or lift some weights, that feeling goes away.

  51. 51
    AJ says:

    I think the point I’m trying to make is that there are often human-type problems that are easy to identify and resolve.

    If we’re living The New Strong, we don’t have to worry about falling into these other consciousness lifestyles.

  52. 52
    AJ says:

    I’ll also admit that I have experienced much more of my humanity since moving into Enlightenment.

    Being thirsty, hungry, sore—those are things I now notice first. A year ago, I would have gone straight into a healing technique.

  53. 53
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Man oh man, is this a GREAT series of comments, AJ!

    It would be hard to pick a fave. If I had to, though, this Enlightenment Coach would choose your Comment #52.

  54. 54
    Lindsey says:

    Thanks AJ! Great comments! Good tips! 🙂 So true!

  55. 55
    Jean says:

    Many thanks Rose for this post.

    And much gratitude to all the commentors.

    Really helpful for me as I go about living my life – interacting with others, moving forward in this most interesting time we all live in.

  56. 56
    Grace T. says:

    I enjoyed that series of comments, thanks AJ!

  57. 57
    Explorer says:

    AJ…what great examples. Thank you so much for sharing! I had an aha moment recently similar to what you described.

    My digestion have always been very bad, and I’ve been through all the tests, elimination diets..etc

    Only when I come out of those deep spacey moments that I realize just how much what I eat, drink and other humanly activities/ or lack thereof affect me tremendously.

  58. 58
    Explorer says:

    I already eat clean, but when I don’t listen to my body I pay the price with heavy brain fog (and multitude of other side effects) that can be hard to come out of.

  59. 59
    Explorer says:

    Thanks to Rose, I’m breaking that viscous cycle and enjoying my human side more.

    The simplest humanly choices make the biggest difference.

  60. 60
    Rose Rosetree says:

    So good to hear from you, LINDSEY, JEAN, GRACE T, and EXPLORER. 🙂

    Let’s remember, it’s a tricky time on earth right now. In today’s Washington Post I learned that 140 Americans die every day from opioid overdose.

    A particularly poignant example, indeed.

  61. 61
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Coincidentally, I’ve also been reading an important non-fiction book by Adam Alter, “Irresistible.” He emphasizes the addictive power of technology.

    However, he also gives many examples of ways that people must make mighty efforts with free will to break free from other addictions.

    Blog-Buddies, if you are living addiction-free, congratulations. And you might want to join me in saying, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

  62. 62
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Surely we make a powerful contribution to life (and collective consciousness) by doing our reasonable best every day.

    Doesn’t have to be perfect. Just human.

  63. 63
    Jessica Gates says:

    Inspiring comments, AJ. 🙂

  64. 64
    Sophie G. says:

    Yes, inspiring comments, AJ.

  65. 65
    AJ says:

    Thanks guys. I actually have a #5 as well.

    Did I get enough sleep? Similar to dehydration, studies show that people who are sleep deprived perform just as bad or worse than those who are stone on marijuana.

  66. 66
    AJ says:

    When I get less than 8 hours of sleep, taking a nap a mid-day nap can really make a difference in my quality of life

  67. 67
    AJ says:

    Speaking of John Kelly, have you heard how they’ve been describing him on the news?

    I turned on CNN this morning, then switched to MSNBC. Both networks called him the “Square-Jawed General”.

  68. 68
    AJ says:

    They were referencing a New York Times article the other day where they described how his “Square Jaw” was indicative of him being “straight laced” and “tough”:

  69. 69

    So there we have “Face Reading” on the level of cliche — lacking in nuance. Or accuracy.

    To me, this inaccuracy is compounded by what shows in aura reading. When somebody moves into extreme spiritual addiction, he’s hardly himself any more.

  70. 70

    Face reading can add a great deal to our understanding of any adult. However, these days it’s also vital to read auras of influential public figures.

    From the perspective of energetic literacy, who is General Kelley, for instance?

    Mostly a group of astral beings, attempting to influence the planet…in such a way as to expand their own territory of influence.

  71. 71

    Extreme spiritual addiction makes a lot more sense if you read “The New Strong” and learn in detail about adjustment to earth at this time.

    When the veil (a.k.a. psychic barrier) is freshly gone. A big adjustment is going on within human beings and also with entities who see a window of opportunity to “improve” earth by using people as puppets.

  72. 72

    History, I believe, will show this to be all small stuff. Temporary difficulties of adjustment.

    I do wonder if, within my lifetime, everyone on earth will have basic understanding about this new era on the planet, The Age of Awakening. What are your hunches, Blog-Buddies?

  73. 73
    Lilian says:

    I believe our friend will be “objective reality”.

    Any decisions we’ve collectively made based on delusions, illusions, arrogance, narcissism etc will simply not produce good results. Then we’ll realise we’ve been a bit silly.

    Though I doubt thoughts about “veil” will be mainstream for sometime yet.

  74. 74
    Lilian says:

    The big question is how much can we correct mistakes with conscious choice, and how much are specific techniques strictly necessary?

    Because only so many people will be mentally prepared to accept the specifics….

  75. 75
    Lilian says:

    For example, I only came to RES after experiencing the pros and cons of a few other things.

    Without that experience, I wouldn’t have the right context to even try to take certain things on board.

  76. 76
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Guess we’ll just see, LILIAN.

    You might be pleasantly surprised.

  77. 77
    Lilian says:

    I hope so. I don’t interact with enough people about this to really have a valid opinion. 🙂

  78. 78
    Kylie says:

    Rose thanks for bringing much-needed clarity to this topic.

  79. 79
    Mandeep says:

    Thank you for this Rose. I do sometimes wonder about people that have been on your Enlightenment life list pre-2012, and whether they have moved into Extreme Spiritual addiction (ESA) since.

    It certainly makes we wary when purchasing books and other media, particularly if they are associated with people that have been flagged as being in ESA

  80. 80
    Mandeep says:

    To clarify – books/ media by people on the Enlightenment life list who may be associated with people in extreme spiritual addiction (such as Hay House authors)

  81. 81
    Mandeep says:

    And for someone who has had issues with Brain chemistry and required your support, I thank you for writing that section. “It feels like having entities pounding on the door. The door to one’s head. The door to one’s aura.” …. so, so, so true.

    The physical difference between a protected aura and one vulnerable to this problem is discernible.

  82. 82
    Mandeep says:

    I love this:

    So be very clear. “My life is run by my soul. Nobody else.”

    I have instinctually stopped and said my own variation of this during times of experiencing this issue. Learning the concept that human beings have sovereignty over all other life form was a huge deal for me.

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