Deeper Perception Made Practical

Aura Reading Consumer

Aura Reading Consumer

Aura Reading Consumer, attention! What you might need to know to really shop smart.

Aura Reading Consumer Smarts. Our topic for today. Those smart-shopper skills depend on what?

If you’re in the market to learn aura reading, surprise! Most folks today know that auras exist. And that there are teachers of aura reading.

But most have no clue at all… about differences between one type of aura reading and another. Watch today’s new YouTube videos to learn more.

First of all, though, why am I releasing these three fun videos today?

  • Partly because they’re fun. (I hope you’ll agree.)
  • Partly because I made them a while back.  They’ve been ready for me to release on the perfect day. Okay, a perfect-enough day. Today, it turns out. 🙂
  • Mostly, though, I’m releasing these aura reading videos in response to an exchange I had recently with an…

Aura Reading Consumer, A Price Conscious Guy

JOE assured me that he really is interested in learning to read auras. However, he wants to find out what’s out there besides my approach. Like any smart consumer, he’s researching:

  1. How much will it cost to learn aura reading?
  2. How much time will it take?

Evidently, these are the big considerations for JOE. But maybe not so much, “What kind of aura reading is this, anyway?”

Unless he finds out, he could be cheating himself.

Aura Reading Consumer — Do You Think It’s All Alike?

Browsing Amazon you can find loads of aura reading books. At least 164! Not just “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” and “Read People Deeper” by guess who.

But different books teach what kind of aura reading? For what purpose? So you can say, “Now I can see the colors. Be impressed with me. I’m one of the gifted aura reading clairvoyants”?

Smarter consumers ask, “How practical is this way to read auras?

Even better, what if you’d like to add the most important question for an Aura Reading Consumer? Then ask this:

“Can this teacher help me to gain the minimum amount skill required aura reading to be useful in my daily life?”

That, of course, would be Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Maybe that practical question doesn’t seem important to you quite yet. If you’re a smart consumer, though, it’s the key question. In order to help you understand why, I’ve made these three educational videos about energetic literacy just to make the consumer differences simple.

Aura Reading Consumer — Learn about Stage ONE Energetic Literacy

Very likely, most of the books at Amazon and elsewhere aim to teach you that. As if that were the whole sweet potato pie!

Well, what is this beginner stage of aura reading all about? Take a look and this easy-watching video.

Aura Reading Consumer — What’s Different about Stage 2 Energetic Literacy?

If you don’t know, you’re limiting yourself. As a consumer. And also as somebody living in The Age of Awakening. When all of us can be energy sensitive. But that doesn’t mean we’re literate about the human energy field.

Most books, seminars, and workshops for aura reading… probably don’t make it up to Stage 2. So many normally smart consumers don’t know what they’re missing.

What is Stage 2 Energetic Literacy? Here’s a simple explanation.

Aura Reading Consumer — Let’s Wrap up this Survey with

Aura Basics about Stage 3 Energetic Literacy

Yes, aura reading basics, really! Although most people (even otherwise sophisticated people) know nothing about this yet.

That doesn’t have to happen.

Take a look here, Blog-Buddies, and then let me know if you’ve got any questions. Probably you know all this already, being a reader of this blog. But maybe not….


In Conclusion

Congratulations! If you’ve watched all three of these new videos… Chances are that now you know more about aura reading than anybody you’ll talk to today.

However, don’t take my word for it.

  • Ask around today.
  • Ask people what they think aura reading is.
  • If you’re really bold, ask, “What do you think is required for aura reading to be really practical?”

And don’t be shocked if you hear this. “Auras are colors that gifted people see. And it isn’t practical at all, unless you’re a psychic who aims to tell the future.”

Ideas like that were common during the Age of Faith. But that era is over. We’re in The Age of Awakening now. Have your friends caught up yet?

Report back, please. Comment about what folks tell you. Does a single friend of yours know that aura reading is a skill? And how it develops?

P.S. MORGAN, I haven’t forgotten my promise to answer your question at Comment #16 at the Cary Grant aura reading. 

Mostly that answer requires an understanding about auras, and gifts of the soul in auras. Hope you and others interested in this topic will take the time to watch today’s fun videos.

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  1. 1
    Sandra says:

    Rose, YOUR aura reading gives us nuanced answers. Not just a yes or no for a question like: is this job the right one for me?

    We can find out if the job would thrill our souls, if we would make money, if we would have spiritual growth, etc.

  2. 2
    Sandra says:

    I remember, years ago, a friend and I trying to make our eyes go out of focus so we could read each other’s auras.

    I didn’t see anything. She saw something around me, so we just oohed and aahed. Ha!

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    Hi Sandra, yes I’ve been to a couple of sessions where people were told to do the blurry eye thing. It’s a bit silly. That’s the level Victorians were at, back in the day.

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    Rose, your communication here is excellent, as always. And that’s a large part of the reason I hang around the blog as much as I do… :-p

    You’ve captured a lot in your 1-2 min videos and that’s hard to do.

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    Using one of your analogies, considering how frustrated I got when I struggled to hit low C on a recorder as a child, I’m taking it easy with this aura reading stuff. Piano was actually a lot easier. There’s probably a few things you could say about “Aura reading for the highly strung…” lol.

  6. 6
    Rose Rosetree says:

    SANDRA and LILIAN, thank you.

    And speaking of teachers, LILIAN, low C is one of the hardest notes to play on a recorder. A good teacher would have helped you build skills so that you wouldn’t have struggled like that.

    Sigh! Just because someone is supposed to be a “teacher” doesn’t mean that person knows how to teach. Unless we choose teachers wisely, we do struggle… feel bad about ourselves… and don’t learn what we were trying to learn.

  7. 7
    Lilian says:

    Well, you know a tiny bit about my childhood. I was fairly self sufficient. But I take that as an encouragement with regards to aura reading. 🙂

  8. 8
    Isabella C. says:

    These basic ideas are so, so important for people to understand.

    Aura reading is really important, and important for smart, down-to-earth people. But in recent history, the teaching was so lacking that it’s been nothing more than a kooky little hobby to most people.

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Fascinating observation, ISABELLA C.

    Yes, to some outside observers, aura reading has seemed like a “kooky little hobby.” Perhaps because it wasn’t especially relevant to human life.

    Or, to put it bluntly, the info from that kind of aura reading wasn’t very good. Not practical. Not especially true.

  10. 10
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Otherwise, many spiritual seekers — especially during the New Age years — were taught that astral = Divine.

    Or even that “Unless there is astral flash, there is no experience of the Divine.”

    And then people who didn’t experience astral flash figured “I’ve got nothin’.”

  11. 11
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Right now there are three full-time RES Practitioners who support themselves by doing just this kind of work: You, ISABELLA CATES, and SANDRA HAERING, and me.

    I’m curious, SANDRA and ISABELLA (plus any other RES Experts), if you can find time to comment on this thread. Every one of you has superb skills for energetic literacy. So that gives you perspective that’s quite different from your clients.

    What ideas have you clients expressed about aura reading?

  12. 12
    Rose Rosetree says:

    I’d say my clients fall broadly into three groups:

    1. “I tried to do this spiritual thing and failed.” (Sadly, what they were taught wasn’t really spiritual, and failure was due to how they were taught. IMO)

  13. 13
    Rose Rosetree says:

    2. “I don’t have THE GIFT for aura reading so I never really tried. (Ha! aura reading is a skill. At least the way I teach it, with a wildly high success rate.)

  14. 14
    Rose Rosetree says:

    3. “Aura reading is some kooky hobby that some people do, but it has never interested me.”

    (Pretty much what you flagged in your comment, ISABELLA.)

  15. 15
    Rose Rosetree says:

    I wonder, can you Blog-Buddies relate to one or more of these three categories?

    And how would you react if we were talking about word literacy, instead of energetic literacy? Go ahead, re-read Comments 12-14. Substitute “Book learnin'” for “Aura reading.”

    Any reaction?

  16. 16
    Emily Turner says:

    Rose I think these videos are going to be so useful! I can share them with friends and family.

  17. 17
    Emily Turner says:

    My friends and family for the most part understand that aura reading can be useful as they’ve heard so much about it from me.

    I think the idea that it is a skill you can learn and not some ‘gift’ is the next thing that they could understand.

  18. 18
    Kylie says:

    I love that you’ve posted these videos Rose.

    Sandra, I also tried squinting at auras.

    And as a client, I have fallen into that first group. But I’ve been making it a priority to learn skills this year, and am very excited by preliminary results. What once seemed like a skill far out of my reach, now seems like a matter of practice.

  19. 19
    Jessica Gates says:

    LOL, Sandra. Your aura reading skills are fabulous, now!

  20. 20
    Jessica Gates says:

    Kylie, you’ve described my experience with learning to read auras: “What once seemed like a skill far out of my reach, now seems like a matter of practice.”

    That’s how it was for me, too.

  21. 21
    Explorer says:

    I second that Jessica at comment #20.

    I love reading the comments here as much as I love the blog posts itself. Its all so inspiring full with a supportive sense of community 🙂

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