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Soul-Level Gifts in Your Aura

Soul-Level Gifts

Soul-Level Gifts are permanent, like your fingerprint

Soul-Level Gifts. “Gift of your soul” is often used when the aura reader has good skills (Stage 3 Energetic Literacy). But what does that mean?

Let’s explore.

Soul-Level Gifts, Found Where?

Aiming for clarity, I’ll answer systematically.

  1. First of all, you’ve got a body.
  2. Around that you’ve got a set of extra bodies. Made of energy. Full of information. The whole set of them counts as “Your aura.”
  3. And aura reading, of course, means “downloading the information.” (Not “Seeing the colours.” People whose skill at aura reading is limited to looking for colours? They don’t have enough skill yet to locate gifts of the soul. But not to get ahead of myself….)
  4. Information from your aura is especially concentrated in chakras. Like your Throat Chakra in front of your neck.
  5. Every chakra contains 50 chakra databanks. (10,000 years ago, they were called the “Nadis.”)
  6. Some are standard for all human adults. A minority are specific to lifestyle and life choices.
  7. So you’ve got hundreds of chakra databanks, right? Good reason to listen up. 🙂

One Soul-Level Gift Per Chakra Databank

So what kind of info is in every single one of your chakra databanks?

At the Divine level — Higher-Self level — you’ve got a permanent gift of your soul.

At the Astral level — corresponding to your subconscious mind — you’ve got ever-changing data:

  • The symbolic size
  • The quality

I even offer a type of session, RES Energy READING, that emphasizes the gifts of your soul.

Soul-Level Gifts, How Flashy?

Not particularly. Ropes of pearls? Diamonds? That would be flashy.

Astral flash, as in The Romance of the Astral. Sure, flashy. Like: “You have a destiny to be world famous.”

A gift of the soul in one of your chakra databanks? Not flashy. More like: Sweet. Familiar. Very individual.

My favorite analogy about gifts of your soul: Like the fingerprint you can make with your right index finger. Very individual, right? And for life.

Ooh, ready for an anti-climax? See the picture below.

Soul-Level Gifts

Your Soul-Level Gifts are about as flashy as a fingerprint.

Soul-Level Gifts. Answering Question #1.

Recently I read Cary Grant’s aura in a blog post. MORGAN asked three questions.

  • Rose – could you explain the statement “Because this charisma is a gift for this lifetime”?

I had been reading a special chakra databank that Cary Grant had in his personal set of 50 chakra databanks. At the Throat Chakra. This one: For Communication to Gain Popularity.

Note: Most of us don’t have this chakra databank. (See Point #6 above.)

Cary Grant had that chakra databank, however. It included charisma. I assumed everyone, MORGAN included, understood the concept of a chakra databank. It is for life, like a fingerprint.

Soul-Level Gifts. Answering Question #2.

  • Does this mean a spiritual gift in certain chakras are and always will be strong in comparison to people born without a gift a charisma?

That’s a question I hate to answer. But the answer is yes.

Why compare Cary’s gifts of the soul with yours?

Why make that a big deal?

Sooner or later, human beings can adjust to some simple facts of life. Not how you’d think of stoned on weed etc. But pretty normal thinking for a human being:

I am me. Part of the deal? I am not all other people.

Therefore, it’s not really smart to compare yourself to other people. Especially about things like your fingerprints.

Better: Make the most of the life you do have.

Soul-Level Gifts. Answering Question #3.

  • For the rest of us, charisma is something we have to work to acquire. Versus people born with charisma get to choose how they use the gift?

It’s a little late to choose the gifts of your soul. Trust me, folks. Back when you made your Life Contract, you negotiated them all.

Big waste of time, trying to develop soul-level gifts. Doomed to failure.

Now I know, in the crazy, fraud-rampant, wish-fulfillment marketplace on the Internet…

People will promise to sell you anything. And then folks will spend money to fulfill a false promise.

However, we don’t do that nonsense in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

Get skills! Develop interests. Make a life for yourself.

Really, is there a bigger waste of time in human life than trying to become somebody you’re not?

And is there a more noble aim than to use your full potential in life? In my role as Enlightenment Coach, that’s what I’d like to help you to do.

Soul-Level Gifts Can Enliven Your Presence

Exactly that set of soul-level gifts that YOU have! That matters!

As yourself, you can develop a powerful presence. (Different from a specific soul-level gift for charisma.)

If you’re curious about presence, click on that link I just gave you. There you’ll find 10 different articles to inspire you.

Soul-Level Gifts. Rose Rosetree on YouTube

In conclusion, you might enjoy watching this short video. (You can easily find two others in this series as well. This one is #3 of 3.)


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  1. 1
    Gillian says:

    Rose, when you say gifts of the soul are “permanent,” you mean permanent for this lifetime, right? We might have a completely different set in a ‘future’ life?

  2. 2
    Rose says:

    Exactly right, GILLIAN. Your distinctive, vast, eternal soul can incarnate again and again.

    By comparison, you have an earth personality in this lifetime only.

    Think 1 piece of a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

  3. 3
    Valerie says:

    I found this post both interesting and informative Rose.

    Learning about my own Gifts of the Soul has made me more aware of my own uniqueness (and everyone else’s as well).

    One of my favorite things about humanity is how beautifully individual we are 🙂

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    Hmm, but then we have karma related to using particular talents, lifetime after lifetime. See comment thread from the Leslie Odom aura reading:

    “Lucky is the artist in any field whose catch-up karma for success coincides with being born, once again, with a work ethic and talent and skill.”

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    So this suggests some continuity with regards to our pick and mix of gifts between lifetimes.

  6. 6
    Lilian says:

    I’ll probably ask you about this in more detail in a session sometime too. 🙂

  7. 7
    AJ says:

    Thank you for that clarification, Rose!

  8. 8
    Dana K says:

    Yes it’s so practical!

    I guess because it’s not mainstream yet I think of aura reading as cutting edge, so I had to smile when I read #5 above, “10,000 years ago they were called Nadis”.

    Haha. ;). Thanks for for the useful primer.

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