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Human Beings Count

Human Beings Count

Human Beings Count. Do you believe that enough to raise your hand and say “Yes”?

Human Beings Count. Do you believe that? Really?

How much? Maybe you believe more in Tinkerbell. Or angels.

Or “God, Whose Job Is To Be My Rescuer.”

Beliefs have consequences, right? Will you dare to explore some today? Because being human can mean… Being willing to change your habits.

As a result, you might start moving forward more rapidly on your personal path.

Human Beings Count?

First of all, this topic about belief matters a great deal for quality of life. Because our beliefs about being human can make us vulnerable.

You know the saying, “(Human) love is blind.”

Likewise our metaphysical or spiritual loves can blind us to reality. Squelching our success. Or (temporarily) keeping us from learning as much as we could. Specifically, learning from our human lives here at Earth School!

Most ironic of all, confused beliefs can distort a beautiful experience of spiritual awakening… Turn it into spiritual addiction. Or otherwise slow down our path to Enlightenment.

How about I start there? With the story of a session with Joe. And some deep-down beliefs about what really counted in his life. Beliefs that came back to bite him, as it were. Slowing him down on his pat.

“Human Beings Count? Maybe.”

Joe didn’t put it that way. Not exactly. Not while we had our session of RES Energy HEALING. Still, his divided loyalties did show.

Why had he made his appointment? Because he felt off. Not quite himself.

Wisely, Joe knew that there were limits to the self-healing skills he used.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) does contain a wealth of effective skills for self-healing.

But RES Experts know a great deal more. We have dedicated ourselves to systematic training. Rigorous application of our skills. And ongoing learning.

Of course there’s going to be a gap: A gap between what you can learn from a self-healing resource… Compared to what happens in session with an RES Practitioner or Apprentice.

What if this idea shocks you? It well might. Because, sadly, some healers and writers pander to idealistic self-healers. Telling you things like, “Become a Reiki Master in one weekend.”

Truth is, having faith in the healing modality does not really erase the distinction between an amateur. Even a talented amateur. Versus becoming a professional.

Do Human Beings Count? That Came Up In Joe’s RES Session.

Very concerning. That was my initial assessment. But by the end of his 55-min. session, Joe was doing just fine.

He left his session with one practical takeaway. And also something more personal.

Changing enough details to protect Joe’s identity, I’m going to share both of these Aha!s with you.

#1. Discernment About Human Beings. That Counts A Lot Now.

Joe had just gone to a sweet little Reiki share. Unbeknownst to Joe, the healer-in-charge was in extreme spiritual addiction.

Quite a few healers and spiritual teachers and yoga teachers and psychics and channelers are likewise in extreme spiritual addiction. Unfortunately, these folks are hardly wearing signs.

So how can you tell? How can you protect yourself?

  • Develop aura reading skills. So you can tell what’s going on with any person’s integrity, connection to psychic energies, etc. (Best resource is the online workshop “Aura Reading for You.” Here’s a link to the free, five-lesson intro.)
  • Book a research session with an RES expert. On the day of your appointment, send this email: Your list of a bunch of photos of people you’re interested in researching. Just about everyone has a photo available now. Either at Facebook or Google Images. Go for a recent picture, though. Not one from years ago.

Otherwise, to be on the safe side… avoid Reiki shares. Avoid contact with psychics or channelers. (Sorry, no insult intended.)

For example, rather than taking a yoga class, use a DVD or recording… that was made before 12/21/12. Back when very few people were in extreme spiritual addiction.

Now on to the more personal kind of warning….

#2. Do Human Beings Count for You? Or Not?

Over the years, Joe has struggled a bit with being homesick for heaven.

Used to be, he was interested in renunciation. Traditional Enlightenment. Letting the human world go. Just so that he could become “more spiritual.”

More recently, Joe has embraced his humanity.

But some subconscious and energetic patterning showed that Joe still wasn’t quite committed to humanity.

Remember  seeing “Peter Pan” on TV or in a movie? When you were a child, did you love the part when you were asked to clap for Tinkerbell? (Your applause would rescue the fairy from dying.)

You’d clap your hands and say, “I believe in fairies.”

And if you were me, tears would be streaming down your face.

Well, we’re grownups now. Today you might find the Peter Pan story charming but a bit odd. Loving a man who refuses to grow up… Who kidnaps children… Maybe not such a savory character.

In any case, how much do you believe in fairies now? Or spirits? Or angels?

Human Beings Count For More

When You Don’t Divide Your Loyalties

Of course, it’s important to “be spiritual.” Whatever that means to you.

Whether praying to Jesus. Or asking God to help you. Or loving fairies and angels.

Personally, I’ve wound up founding RES. Which is based on co-creating with the Divine. But even RES professionals don’t do more than 20 Minutes of Technique Time a Day. And we’re very clear that this life is human.

Because I don’t divide my loyalties, I could be of service to my beloved client Joe. Otherwise? Maybe not.

For Me, Human Beings Count Most.

One of my favorite musicals is “Mamma Mia.” I’ve watched my DVD again and again. Early on, Amanda Seyfried performs “I Have a Dream.”

And I love how sweetly she sings, “I believe in angels. Something good in everything I see.

But we’re in The Age of Awakening now. Maybe it’s not so good for us to still equate goodness in people with belief in random angels or spirits or fairies. Human goodness — such as we’ve seen demonstrated dramatically in Houston and Mumbai. Human goodness counts for a lot.

In Conclusion

Just in case you’ve been dawdling in declaring your loyalties…

Maybe it’s time to commit to your human life. Refresh that commitment. Reboot it.

Quit being homesick for heaven. (You’ll be back there soon enough. Meanwhile, you volunteered to incarnate at Earth School. Evolving through this human life of yours.

Commit to being human and you’ll strengthen your life.

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  1. 1
    Grace T. says:

    Poignant, Rose!

    It’s pretty amazing how sweet human life becomes when loyalty is not divided–and when healing has helped make life better to the point where there’s not an urge to escape (into fairies/magic/heaven or other).

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Great post Rose, and so true, Grace.

    Human life has been seeming really really sweet to me lately. If you had told me as a college student that it was possible to have this much fun all the time, not drinking alcohol or lost in a fantasy world (books, movies), I never would have believed you.

  3. 3
    Lindsey says:

    Wonderful blog entry Rose!

    I am committed to my human life and loving it! Thank you Rose!

  4. 4
    David B says:

    (laughs) Mamma Mia is a surprisingly polarizing film. I know many women who loved it. But most of the men, not so much. I cringed at some of it but my friend I went with? He walked out part way in.

    But yeah, a beautiful ABBA song. Yet nowadays it doesn’t need to be about belief. Same with God, in fact. 🙂

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