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Trevor Noah Face Reading #1

Trevor Noah Face Reading

Trevor Noah Face Reading. Warning: You may very well start staring at people’s (magnificent) ears.

Trevor Noah Face Reading? Definitely! He’s a winner.  (Along with SANDRA HAERING.) Winning our latest contest. The Face Reading Parade. To be technical, this is the first of three prizes. In each case, that prize is a face reading.

In Trevor’s case, think EAR, folks! Such ear talents that man has!

You see, I’ll be reading some fascinating ear characteristics on the popular TV talk show host and author of the memoir “Born a Crime.”

My advice? Watch any interview of his you can find. Charm and talent, wisdom and irreverence pour out of him.

Incidentally, for background about my system of Face Reading Secrets®, skip down to the end of this post.

Why Choose Ears for a Trevor Noah Face Reading?

Because he’s got so many fascinating, rare talents. Showing right there, in his ears.

Actually, ears are this face reader’s favorite part of the face. I’ll be giving you quite a tour, Blog-Buddies. Through ear characteristics you may never have heard of, unless you’ve read The New Power of Face Reading. And even then, for Ear Tilt and some other way intriguing face data.

Why do I love to apply the power of face reading to ears? Because this part of the face contains categories that are way deep! How the person subconsciously sorts through reality. No trying involved. And no trying will change it.

This Trevor Noah Face Reading Will Require Three Photographs

Here’s the first picture we’ll use to research Trevor Noah through physiognomy.

Trevor Noah Face Reading Item #1: Unusual Ear Angles

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Each of Trevor Noah’s ears has the same ear angles. It’s way OUT at the top and then moves toward being flush with the rest of the face. Usually I call that Ear Angles Out. At Top Only.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Originality and cleverness at the start of a social situation. (That would include a TV show episode or an interview.) Right away, he makes an impression.

However, once he settles in, there’s not a one-note engagement with others. He can be sensitive to other people’s needs, thoughtful, tactful.

To summarize: Grabs attention yet holds onto good manners.

The Potential Challenge

Can give himself a hard time, whichever he does?

  • Acting outrageous — worrying, “Should I be more deferential?
  • Acting sensitively — worrying, “Am I selling out?”

Trevor Noah Face Reading Item #2: High Ear Position

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Be sure to find a photo on the level, Blog-Buddies. Otherwise it’s nearly impossible to read this face data accurately. Not until you’re a very experienced face reader. (Perhaps a graduate of the Face Reading Secrets® Mentoring Program.)

Our picture here makes it easy. See how the tops of Mr. Noah’s ears are above his eyebrows. Most folks don’t have that ear position. Do you?

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Understands things faster than most people. Also an unusually fast reaction time for sports or other forms of physical coordination.

The Potential Challenge

Frustrated when he must slow things down for people with a different uptake speed?

Now for Our Second Photo for Trevor Noah Face Reading

Just click on this Trevor picture link. Then you’ll be all set.

Trevor Noah Face Reading Item #3: VERY Extreme Ear Tilt

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

The beauty of this photograph is that it shows you something you’ll rarely see.

Look at your own face in 3/4/ view. Even better in profile. (Aided by two mirrors.)

You’ll probably find that it goes up-and-down. Quite perpendicular to the rest of your face.

Some of us (Rose included) have a bit of ear tilt. But that Trevor Noah. I mean, really! Now that’s a whole lot of ear tilt.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

The fresh perspective of an outsider.

I’m guessing, Trevor Noah was just born with that. Because Ear Tilt is one of about 10% of facial characteristics that does not usually change over time. I refer to these talents as “Soul Signature Traits.” And this is a big-deal one.

Any ear tilt is significant. But this much? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with this strong a talent for outsider perspective.

Even if he wasn’t raised under the horrors of apartheid. As a biracial child. Even then, he’d have a quirky perspective. As if Trevor Noah was born for satire and comedy.

Note: That VERY impressive dimple on his right cheek adds social charm. Making him more of a stealth satirist than he would seem otherwise.

The Potential Challenge

Feeling lonely, as if he doesn’t fit in?

And Here’s Our Third, Ear-Showing, Photo for Trevor Noah Face Reading

Think, “Wow, could there even be more?” Definitely. Open up this Trevor-Trove photo for two more fascinating characteristics.

Trevor Noah Face Reading Item #4: Inner Ear Circles Bigger

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

First of all, your ears and mine — every human being’s ears — will contain this:

  • An Inner Ear Circle, near the ear hole
  • An Outer Ear Circle, near the edge
  • An Ear Border. Separating the Inner Ear Circle from the Outer Ear Circle.
  • A proportion: One of the two ear circles being larger than the other. Or perhaps they are equal.

Well, Trevor Noah’s Inner Ear Circle is much, much larger than the Outer Ear Circle. VERY! much larger.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Without trying, Trevor Noah notices the inner aspect of life. Subjective reality.

Far more than physical reality, the outer aspect of life.

Interpretations. Angles. Beliefs. These matter to him far more than what everybody expects.

As a social satirist, you couldn’t ask for a better gift of the soul. (Except maybe for the final one on our list.)

The Potential Challenge

People who trust only what shows to their senses. Will they get his humor? (Unlikely)

Will Trevor Noah be able to please them? Probably not.

Trevor Noah Face Reading Item #5: Raised Ear Borders

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

See the explanation in Item #4 of ear structure. Having a Raised Ear Border means that this part actively sticks out. Usually it doesn’t.

Like the difference between lanes on a highway. Versus a raised median strip. A Raised Ear Border is like having that median strip. Most folks just have the highway.

Almost nobody has a Raised Ear Border.

Oprah Winfrey used to. But I just did a photo search on her. And it’s really hard to find a current picture with Oprah’s ears showing from the side… Her latest, massive hairdo gets in the way.

Anyway, Trevor Noah definitely has Raised Ear Borders. And that’s what matters here. You can see them in the picture provided.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Loves to tickle people… right at the place where reality meets interpretation.

In Trevor Noah’s case, that could be how noticing what happens in society turns to something entirely different. Thought-provoking satire.

The Potential Challenge

Could the satirist annoy some people? Sure! Especially those who just like objective reality. Or maybe subjective reality. And never like to take away the tidy compartmentalization.

Want to Learn More about Face Reading?

Easiest way is to play along with a dedicated how-to book. One that teaches you systematically and in depth. One that is based on the system of Face Reading Secrets®  . Two good choices are:

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  1. 1
    Sandra says:

    Thank you, Rose. So much just in his ears!

  2. 2
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    LOVE this guy!

  3. 3
    Emily T says:

    Wow I never noticed Ear tilts before! Excited to keep a look out for it now.

  4. 4
    An Avid Reader says:

    This was so incredibly interesting! The photos of his ears grabbed my attention in a big way! He has really unique looking ears!

    I also loved reading your face reading of his ears. So awesome. So glad I took the time to open up the photos!

    Thank you, Rose!

  5. 5
    morgaine says:

    Actress Natalie Portman also has the same “ear tilt” thing going on. As does Steven Colbert (at least one of his ears). Now he has unusual ears!

  6. 6
    Rose Rosetree says:

    MORGAINE, it’s good that you’re looking at people like a face reader.

    Now let’s add some precision.

    NATALIE PORTMAN has a moderate amount of Ear Tilt. Not “the same.”

    Maybe your next step is to compare and contrast a bit.

  7. 7
    Rose Rosetree says:

    There are implications, in terms of the corresponding meaning, when you do a face reading. Well-intended but inaccurate observation leads to inaccurate face reading. Which, in turn, detracts from credibility about all of face reading.

    So, all you Blog-Buddies, if you’re going to comment here or elsewhere about face data on people, please take a good look. Don’t just go from memory. Or a quick glimpse from the front to find ear tilt.

  8. 8
    Rose Rosetree says:

    From a physiognomy standpoint, it’s quite shocking how folks bandy about comments about how other people physically look.

    They wouldn’t dream of saying “The Washington Beltway” (a circular highway around the nation’s capital) is just like “Route 95” (an up-and=down highway along the East Coast of the U.S.)

    You know, “because they’re both roads.”

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    But non-face readers, or well-meaning newbies can say the equivalent.

    Steven Colbert, though? I agree. One of his ears, at least, does have VERY Large Ear Tilt.

    Well observed, MORGAINE! The other one you got in the ballpark, but this one was a home run.

    And, of course, it’s great to be the first one at this thread to start applying the knowledge from this post.

  10. 10
    Isabella C. says:

    This is lovely! Makes me want to learn more and more about face reading.

    And to watch Trevor Noah again – haven’t watched The Daily Show much lately. Very inspiring, and fun to learn about Ear Tilt!!

  11. 11

    More Trevor Noah face data is on parade at a new blog post, here. Fans ahoy!

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