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Awesome Jim Vance. Aura Reading.

Awesome Jim Vance

Awesome Jim Vance. He had a heart of gold.

Awesome Jim Vance. Reading his aura is my way to pay tribute to Washington D.C.’s longest serving news anchor.

So beloved! To get an idea, read his obituary in The Washington Post. Or pull out your tissue box another time and read yesterday’s article about Jim Vance’s memorial service at the National Cathedral.

Do you think just anybody rates a memorial service at the National Cathedral? 

First of All, Researching Awesome Jim Vance

Here’s the photo I’ll use to read the aura of compassionate Jim Vance. (Of course, to an aura reader, every photo is an aura photo.)

Let’s explore the content of his character, as it shaped his chakra databanks later in life.

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Awesome Jim Vance Root Chakra Databank

For Handling Adult Responsibilities

News anchors sure have that job, don’t they?

Symbolic Size

The size of the Washington Metro Area. Over-functioning.


Evidently Jim Vance came to feel responsible for his viewing audience. In a fatherly way.

This chakra databank shows enormous kindness and caring. That’s worth knowing because media fame works like any other kind of fame. For most who taste it, the drive for fame becomes addictive. Impossible to quench.

Just this morning, for instance, I saw a photo with Ken Burns in the Washington Post. The so-famous documentarian. Ken hasn’t handled fame well. I used some of my Technique Time to research his aura and found extreme spiritual addiction.

Not Jim Vance, though. He was far too engaged in human service to be seduced by fame.

Awesome Jim Vance Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Loyalty

Symbolic Size

20 feet. Normal range for him.


Struggles in Jim Vance’s life — include overcoming a heroin addiction. His use of free will triumphed, though. Which led to an extremely complicated display at this chakra databank.

Awesome indeed is the combination of patience, forbearance, and stubbornness. Evidently Jim Vance insisted on finding the good in people. No matter what.

Awesome Jim Vance Heart Chakra Databank

For Emotional Giving

Symbolic Size

4 inches. Under-functioning.


More complication. Jim really lived his religious faith. One way you can tell is the — well — mess in this chakra databank.

By the time of this photograph, an energetic subroutine had become habitual.

Instead of emotionally giving to people directly. Through his human caring. Oops!

Seems to me, Jim Vance didn’t do that much. Rather than that, Jim Vance would twirl around the circumstances and facts. Then bring in a “more spiritual” way to relate to the person.

Matching his concept of Christian virtue. Or whatever beautiful image he wound up worshiping.

Worshiping images of God? You know, that hasn’t just happened to Israelites who crossed the desert with Moses. Many fine, upstanding members of churches today have pursued a so-beautiful experiment. That can’t work.

Well meant, as experiments go. Even sanctified by belief and religious teaching.

But creating a holy mess in the person’s aura. Beliefs that could produce what’s sometimes called, in a life review after death, a “failed experiment.”

Awesome Jim Vance Heart Chakra Databank

For Emotional Receiving

Symbolic Size

27 feet. Normal range.


One way that Jim Vance embraced his human experience? He receive the love that people gave him. Receiving it in a human way. Not some puffed-up way, like “I’m a big local celebrity. Sadly, you’re just one of the little people.”

And how he could laugh sometimes! Receiving emotionally freed up Jim Vance’s sense of humor.

Awesome Jim Vance High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

That means, expressing his humanity in everyday life. Doing what made him happy.

Symbolic Size

20 feet. Normal range.


Grateful. In a very human way, feeling blessed to live his life.

Awesome Jim Vance Third Eye Chakra Databank

For Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size

18 inches. Under-functioning


Seems to me, Jim Vance really did believe in his religion. In good faith, he tried to live it.

Unfortunately, the nature of that religion given to him, boxed him in. For instance, nothing within that religious framework taught him how to make direct contact with the Divine.

Indeed, he might have been forbidden to seek outside of his church. You could call him a real “success story.” For those who believe in walking a straight and narrow path. And waiting to find your reward “in heaven.”

In Conclusion

Jim Vance really did lead a beautiful life.

As a teacher of energetic literacy, I’m mighty curious. How might people like you and me change the world? What could happen to people like Jim Vance if they learn to research chakra databanks? Accurate, detailed info about themselves. Or anyone else with a photo available.

May we live to see the day!

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  1. 1
    Valerie says:

    How wonderful Rose! I particularly enjoy that Jim felt responsible for his viewing audience in a fatherly way.

    What a sweet way to engage in human service. I also really like that he received love in a very human way.

  2. 2
    Valerie says:

    What could happen to people like Jim Vance if they learned to research databanks?

    My guess is that it could save people from a lot of unnecessary pain. I also think people could grow faster, especially once they realized that just because there is pain, doesn’t necessarily mean they are growing!

    That’s what I used to think.

  3. 3
    Liane says:

    Reading this was a pleasure. A man with the capacity to be of service and receive love.

    Never watched him, never heard of him before today. The reference photo is as lovely as you’ve described him to be.

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