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Empath Mentoring PURPOSE

Empath Mentoring Purpose

Empath Mentoring Purpose. There’s more than one. Crowned by owning knowledge of Skilled Empath Merge.

Empath Mentoring PURPOSE. So much noise in the empath marketplace can obscure “What’s the point of empath mentoring?”

Today I’ve got answers for you.

It’s especially joyful writing this because, in my last blog post, what happened? I published my first online workshops for empaths. Including a Free Intro to Empath Empowerment® with five fast-moving lessons.

Empath Mentoring. What Can You Get, Ideally?

As a consumer and all-around smart person, what would you be wise to look for as you investigate improving your life as an empath?

Maybe not surprisingly, I recommend what is in the system Empath Empowerment. But if you can find it elsewhere and better, go for it.

Empath Mentoring  Starts Here

Learn about Your Empath Gift(s).

So validating! About core aspects of your own identity.

Imagine if nobody had told you what it meant to be right-handed or left-handed, or ambidextrous?

You might not even had understood the concept.

To make this analogy more applicable… Let’s suppose you were left-handed. In a society where almost everyone else was right handed?

Might it clear a lot of things up to learn, “You’re left-handed. Stop blaming yourself for not being right-handed.”

Besides Self-Knowledge, There’s Throwing Away False “Knowledge.”

Crazy-talk abounds among those who teach empaths. Or give them “support.”

Maybe you’ve encountered some of that crazy-talk already. Like my student who studied with an empath trainer with a group of weepy folks. All believed they had a weird sort of disability. Which would require them to be hyper-vigilant about cleaning their auras. Every day. For the rest of their lives.

Gladys was the only one who wasn’t crying. Including the trainer!

An empath trainer who isn’t clear about the many gifts that could legitimately count as “empath” might not be that skilled as an empath yet.

For instance, beware those who use terms like “psychic empath” and “intuitive empath.” Or, ugh! “A Sensitive.”

In The Age of Awakening, everyone who wants to be energy sensitive is energy sensitive. No skill required.

Although the excited person may celebrate spiritual awakening. And believe he is very, very skilled indeed. You know, because he’s discovered how to be energy sensitive.

Oh, empaths! You can do much better in your selection of an empath coach . Better than than someone who says, in effect, “I feel. Therefore I am an empath coach.”

Empath Mentoring Ideally Shows How to USE Your Gifts

Learn how to turn your empath gift(s) OFF as a matter of habit.

An unskilled empath suffers. So it’s not just you. And the many, many problems common to all unskilled empaths? You can solve them by learning real skills. Effective skills.

Why all those problems? Basically because an unskilled empath continually takes on STUFF from other people.

(For energy healing, “STUFF” is a term I coined for most Energy Spirituality skill sets, including training empaths. STUFF means stuck emotional and astral debris, at a level within you that corresponds to your subconscious mind.)

Boundary work and the other approaches listed above have, to my knowledge, zero impact on teaching an empath how to have gifts turned OFF.

Empath Mentoring Helps You Develop This Habit:

A Default of Empath Gifts OFF

As skilled empath, how can you turn your empath gift(s) OFF habitually?  By using consciousness, effortlessly.

Techniques that teach you how to make this shift in consciousness? Sure.

  • It is possible (but unlikely) that some other empath expert can do this.
  • Or teach this effectively.
  • Tested those techniques rigorously.
  • Or is skilled enough as an aura reader to check. Beneath the surface, are the empath skills effective? Done clean?

Why “clean”? Because it is very, very new to turn empath skills off with consciousness.

Even more rare for someone to automatically do this effortlessly.

Hidden habits of effort, focusing, or strain would undermine empath skills. Especially over time.

Blog-Buddies I can promise you this. The techniques of Empath Empowerment do work. And they’re clean.

It just happened that I am lucky that way. Turns out, I couldn’t have had a better background for developing these effortless skills. That position consciousness appropriately. But without effort.

Mentoring Empaths Includes Skilled Empath Merge

Every skilled empath deserves to explore the glory part. Using dedicated techniques to turn your empath gift(s) ON.

(Clean techniques.)

That’s doing “Skilled Empath Merge.”

Why The Glory Part?

If you do Skilled Empath Merge:

  • Only after you’ve mastered those aforementioned empath skills and knowledge.
  • Only when using a dedicated technique. Effective. And expressly designed for this purpose

Then Skilled Empath Merge is safe.

Beyond that, doing those merges in consciousness can be… Powerfully insightful! And waaaaaaay more insightful that what non-empaths can do.

In my opinion, having the capacity to do Skilled Empath Merge is awesome.

It is so awesome that this, alone, is reason enough for 1 in 20 humans on earth today to have chosen to incarnate as empaths.

Empath mentoring does not have to include doing Skilled Empath Merge, but this is definitely part of Empath Empowerment.

Optional? Yes. But this invitation to dance in consciousness is the best part of all.

When You’re Ready, I Would Love To Teach You

Skilled Empath Merge

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  1. 1
    Explorer says:

    ‘Positioning my consciousness effortlessly’… What a power packed, life changing concept!

  2. 2
    Explorer says:

    The weight of all the STUFF i used to carry around before I discovered RES made it that even more challenging to grasp that concept let alone practise.

    Session by session and mentoring with Rose gave this Empath first hope, followed by self discovery then self authority.

  3. 3
    Explorer says:

    I’ve not met anyone like Rose who truly understands the gift the intricacy of being an emapth and delivers such safe, simple yet undeniably powerful techniques.

  4. 4
    Explorer says:

    Continuing the analogy, here is to owning “being left handed in a right handed society” and embracing our gifts with self authority,respect and much needed humor.

    Mentoring with Rose is one of the greatest present I’ve done for myself.

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