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ONEderful October 2017. Helping

ONEderful October 2017

ONEderful October 2017. I’ll share a handful of plans about HELPING. Looking forward to your shares, too.

ONEderful October 2017. Today I’ll share enthusiasm about five things. Especially past-life regression news — specifically, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Including a new YouTube video. Well, let’s get to it. 🙂

ONEderful October 2017, #1. Helping by Teaching

Around here, some days it feels like working in Santa’s workshop. Except that our goodies can be delivered all year long. Not just Christmas Eve.

How heart-warmed I felt, reading comments on my “big launch day.” Which introduced my first three online workshops for empaths. Wow!

As for teaching the workshops themselves, so far I’ve got three different workshop collections started:

With these free intros, I don’t do much personal teaching. But I do get more involved in teaching once people commit to paying for a quality workshop. Then each lesson includes a confidential Forum. Where all students share. No time limit either. Once they’re allowed to enter, students can return over the years. Learning more. Sharing more.

At these workshop Forums, I read the Aha!s and Success Stories. Also helping with Troubleshooting. This fall I expect to see more folks graduating from the freebies. And moving forward, taking workshops that include Forums where I get to teach them more personally.

ONEderful October 2017, #2. RES Sessions

Although I don’t blog about it often as such…  Every session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is a joy for me.

Just about every day. I’m doing sessions to help my clients.

Phoners and Skype sessions with clients worldwide. In person sessions, occasionally. Like one with a new client who’s driving over today.

Each session presents a new opportunity for service. Mingling creativity with the many skill sets of RES.

I’m so grateful to do this form of service. Highlighting my October. Big fun.

ONEderful October 2017, #3. Past-Life Regressions

What’s new about past-life regression this October? It’s my first full month yet when I’ve finally got no limits…

No limits on letting people know about this one of my specialties.

You see, I used to have an agreement with Darshan Kaur Khalsa. (Of my Enlightenment Life List.) Back in the day I had many sessions of past-life regression, as Darshan’s client. Generously, she told me about the best training resource she knew. Truly amazing advancements in past-life hypnosis. Developed by Dr. Coletta Long, Ph.D.

Darshan knew she was encouraging a “competitor” to do a very local kind of work. Somebody just a 10-minute drive away from her own center. Since past-life regression is almost always done in person — Darshan was encouraging me to set up a practice right in her territory. Alternatively, what if she never mentioned that Coletta still offered this training?

Never would I have known, probably. At the time, Coletta had nearly zero presence online. She was in her late 70’s. And still doing 45-55 hours with clients each week.

Coletta Changed My Life. Helping Me So Much. To Help Others.

Quick as a bunny, thanks to Darshan, I signed up. Graduating in record time.

After I completed Dr. Long’s training (in 2006)… You may know what happened next, Blog-Buddies. I tweaked Coletta’s amazing techniques in several significant ways. Trademarking the resulting system as Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH).

To honor and support Darshan, I volunteered something: Promising her not to promote this specialty in the D.C. area. Not until she told me that was okay with her.

During those years I was free to mention SEAH to clients. Also writing about this a bit at my personal website and blog. Sharing certain blog posts with my not-huge circle of Facebook friends. Plus publishing articles in a journal of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

But not, for instance, saying a thing about SEAH in my Pathways Magazine column. The one I’ve written for years. Never speaking about it at the twice-yearly Pathways Expo. You get the idea.

A Promise Is a Promise, You Know?

Well, small news flash. After 11 years, what happened last month? Darshan gave me her blessing to toot this particular horn. Since she’s retiring. For the foreseeable future, anyway.

So I’ll share with you today a new YouTube video with basic info about my way of facilitating past-life regression. One on one, here in Northern Virginia. Part of Metro D.C.

Yesterday a long-term client came here from England. Met me in person for the first time. Sailing into SEAH. And he did GREAT. So I’m more chuffed than ever that I can offer this form of service. If you’re interested, go for it! Contact Appointment Coordinator Mitch for session appointments and to ask any questions you’ve got.

Or just watch the video below to satisfy some curiosity!

ONEderful October 2017, #4. Gardening

Leave it to Rose Rosetree to be a bit of a flower freak. Well, this year I splurged on fall planting.

Any day, eight new perennials will arrive from Spring Hill Nursery. I can’t wait to plant those plant babies. Pastel pink and blue, yellow, white, purple. Oh, all these great new flower babies!

Can’t remember the last fall I planted a bunch of bulbs and other perennials. Maybe 10 years ago? (That’s ages in Rosie-years.)

More nurturing! Because I get a big chance for service, garden-type service, this October! I’ll be getting deliciously dirty and singing my “Welcome” song to all the new plants.

ONEderful October 2017, #5. Donating

No doubt most of you Blog-Buddies know. Such devastation this last hurricane season! So you’ve volunteered or donated cash.

Me too. So far this year, Mitch and I have donated towards rescue efforts in Houston and then Florida. Now we’re looking forward to donating more. This time to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. And the Virgin Islands.

This time it’s very personal for me. I grew up knowing and loving Americans who left Puerto Rico and moved to New York. So I’ve got skin in this game.

Question: Have any of you Blog-Buddies researched the best charitable organizations? From what I’ve heard, these days, the Red Cross might have lost some of its luster.  Do any of you have suggestions? Please comment below.

ONEderful October 2017. Your Turn.

Please comment, also, with your plans. Blog-Buddies, what are you looking forward to? It’s sure to be a ONEderful, unique, October 2017.

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  1. 1
    Deirdre says:

    Regarding good ways to help Puerto Rico – I am supporting this initiative for sending solar lanterns to PR – it’s in partnership with Solar Sister, a non-profit which has experience in working with supporting energy independence and women’s entrepreneurship in Africa (and its founder is a personal friend)

  2. 2
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thank you, DEIRDRE.

    And if this is your first time here at the blog, welcome!

  3. 3
    KayCee says:

    Irma hit close to home, literally. And now Maria, oh my!

    Sent as much cash as I could to a best friend in the Keys who lost everything. (88 years old, heart of gold and strong as she can be!)

  4. 4
    KayCee says:

    Helping in other ways with my former mother-in-law who also lost everything.

    And I’m responsible for a large deductible to replace my roof.

  5. 5
    KayCee says:

    Transitional time of multiple challenges, even before the storms and current flooding rain in my area.

    Yet, I still feel blessed in so many ways.. and grateful. 🙂

  6. 6
    KayCee says:

    Was just wondering how I can still give or do more.

    How timely that “Volunteer Gold” is today’s reading in “Let Today be a Holiday”!

    [Then KAYCEE quotes a chunk from that part of “Let Today Be a Holiday.”]

  7. 7
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thanks so much for your comments here, KAYCEE.

    Let’s do even better than quoting one chunk.

    Here’s a link to’s page for “Let Today Be a Holiday.” Go for LOOK INSIDE.

    Then type “Volunteer Gold” into the search box that Amazon provides for browsing the book. You’ll get the whole page.

  8. 8
    Lindsey says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy! Thank you Rose! This will keep me busy the rest of this year and next learning those beautiful empowering skills that you teach so wonderfully!

    Also, congratulations on the news of SEAH! Thank you dear Darshan! I very much appreciate you and Rose both. 🙂

  9. 9
    KayCee says:

    Posted earlier, then went to pack for jury duty, overnight.

    Hm, even this is a way of donating. And now back to embrace ALL of the topic of Oct plans.

    1. Learning more from Rose, the aura healing, and deepening my well-being.

  10. 10
    KayCee says:

    2. Working on my fledging business as never before possible. Self-employment is a longtime dream!

    3. Spending more time in nature, hopefully in cooler, drier weather. Our area is home to many types of birds and wildlife. Lots of land, gorgeous trees, river and ocean, too!

  11. 11
    KayCee says:

    4. DIY projects around my home. Repairs, preparedness for weather events and practical comforts of home are favorite hobbies.

    5. Spending time with my family in creative, new, fun ways. We are all up in the winds of change!

    Even an 8-year-old tradition is evolving. Weekly Family Dinner Night at my house will now be on rotation between 3 homes.

  12. 12
    KayCee says:

    Enjoyed reading about your plans, Rose.

    Your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Thank you for this opportunity to share what I look forward to.

  13. 13
    Emily T says:

    I’m excited to continue with the online Aura Reading Workshop.

    I’m excited to continue having regular RES sessions.

    I’m excited to have a SEAH session coming up!

  14. 14
    Emily T says:

    I tried to post Puerto Rico links but it didn’t seem to save.

  15. 15
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Email to me then, EMILY T. I’ll see if I can manage it. Thanks for both your comments, plus the one(s) that didn’t take.

  16. 16
    Emily T says:

    Another few things I am excited for, is trying out new things with my new hairstyle, and also trying out my new make up!

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