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Miriam Makeba. Sound Aura Reading

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba. Singing like a Divine trumpet — sending out her call for political and social justice

Miriam Makeba. Aura reading this world-class singer from the days of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. What about her aura shows through her voice?

Miriam Makeba, Why Read Her Aura Now?

Blog-Buddies, I’m so excited about our latest contest. And how fabulous nominations are coming in. Still in advance of the closing date for our Performance Contest… I’m very eager to do this new kind of aura reading blog post on one of my old faves.

As a teenager, I loved her music. Beautiful. Captivating. And somehow conveying some of the soul of Africa.

  • Only when researching a YouTube sample to use for today’s aura reading…
  • Only then did I learn what a force she was. Supporting the civil rights struggles in her country.

Once again, I have to say,”Wow!” And that’s even in advance of reading her aura with the Sound Aura Reading Technique. First introduced in this blog post.

Miriam Makeba. What I Chose for Us

Not only a chance to hear the great vocalist. And a recording for me to incorporate into the Sound Aura Reading technique that I’ll use.

Besides that, did you ever hear of the Click Languages? Amazingly, you can both hear of it and hear it. Just one mouse click, or phone finger jab away!

Also she introduces this song while speaking gorgeous French. Early on she says that her name isn’t really “Miriam Makeba.” Then she starts telling it like it is, in a click language. Moves me to tears every time.

What else before going into the aura reading? By all means, follow up by learning good energetic literacy skills.

Either with my online workshops, starting with the 5-lesson freebie. Or by getting your own copy of the how-to, “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” Reading about aura reading is fun. Even more fun is actually doing aura reading on your own.

Okay. Ready. Set. Click.

Miriam Makeba Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Physical Reality

Symbolic Size

40 feet. Large side of normal. (Extra strong because she is performing.)


This is the aura of a survivor. Holding herself together with equivalent of duct tape. And a lot of soul. Plus determination.

Notably: And without bitterness.

Miriam Makeba Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Anger

Symbolic Size

40 feet.


Directness. Honesty.

Would I call what she’s got fearlessness? Hardly. More like making calculated moves, because effective handling of anger requires discernment. (For instance, if you grew up in South Africa under apartheid. As Makeba did.)

Miriam Makeba Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Stability

Symbolic Size

45 feet


Singing live, she’s giving the audience the best that she has. Sending love.

Seems to me, the process of giving emotionally to others helps her. Especially help for giving her emotional stability.

Beyond that, Blog-Buddies, here’s what I find in this chakra databank. And what really moves me.

She finds emotional stability by enjoying the good times… while they last.

It’s a survival-type habit. Experiencing this moves me deeply. Because my life has been so blissfully uneventful. Particularly when compared to lives like hers.

Miriam Makeba Throat Chakra Databank for Communication as a Performer

Symbolic Size

Fills the room — times five.


Charisma. Talent. Joy. Magic!

Through performing a song like this one, it’s like knowing the secret of fire. Illuminating every heart that wishes to light up.

Miriam Makeba High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size

Out to deep space.


Divine blessing lights Miriam Makeba up. When performing, it’s as though the Divine is telling her:

Go and bring send forth the joy from your home.

Send it out to people elsewhere in the world who can appreciate it.

Doing so, you’ll bring hope to your own people. So they may find that kind of joy again. And believe in it.

In Conclusion

Such a world server! Doing exactly what she came to earth to do. Packing her suitcase with exactly the talent and courage that she would need.

Can we even imagine what it was like? Despite today’s troubles and horrors. Can we even imagine, fighting along with Nelson Mandela for all those decades. Or simply trying to survive day by day. Living as a black person, in South Africa, under apartheid…

The preamble to this extra YouTube video is shocking. Afterwards you get to hear this courageous artist find music to convey so powerfully what lies in her heart.

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  1. 1
    Jean says:

    A great post.

    I had somehow not been aware of Miriam Makeba…
    thanks to you I now am.

    Hugely inspiring on many levels.

  2. 2
    Valerie says:

    Thank you for this Rose!

    I LOVE Miriam Makeba. When I lived in Kenya, the matatus (taxi buses) used to play her music very loud.

    There was such joy that carried the passengers when her music was played.

  3. 3
    Valerie says:

    It is a joy that goes right to your bones. Now I understand why her music has always impacted me so strongly!

    I’m sure that her influence has brought strength to all of Africa, and the challenges they continue to endure.

  4. 4
    Valerie says:

    I particularly enjoyed reading about how she finds emotional stability while enjoying the good times, while they last.

    And illuminating every heart that wishes to light up, how beautiful!

  5. 5
    Valerie says:

    I also appreciate that it isn’t fearlessness that she has, but rather that she makes calculated moves.

    I can do that. Especially on a day when I’m not feeling particularly fearless 🙂

  6. 6
    Liane says:


  7. 7
    An Avid Reader says:

    What a stunning voice! And an interesting reading!

  8. 8
    Sophie G. says:

    What a fantastic + strong person.

    Thank you for this reading. Makes listening to her music even more joy- and powerful.

  9. 9
    Lindsey says:

    Powerful and inspiring! Yes, love the fearlessness! Thank you both!

  10. 10
    Isabella C. says:

    Loved listening to these recordings… as soon as she started singing, I felt the sunshine of South Africa. (Not that I’ve been there.)

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    Very inspiring!

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