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Sheer Loveliness

Sheer Loveliness

Sheer Loveliness. It’s built into life. Sometimes obvious, other times not. But we can always find it.

Sheer Loveliness. Our world is built out of that. Our faces and bodies. And our friendships, Blog-Buddie-ness included. Thank you for adding your sweetness!

Here comes one of those unabashedly mushy posts from Rose. Uh-oh. I can’t help myself and don’t even want to.

Because this morning I need to remember how this world is still full of goodness. Kindness.

Even good manners, on the whole.

Sheer Loveliness

There I was, out on my driveway this morning. Doing the usual morning prayers, embracing the gorgeous day.

A glorious day!

When a jogger passed right in front of me.

“Hello,” I said with a smile.

“Nothing” said she. Actually, the athletic young woman was probably listening to something more personal. Or at least more electronic.

However, I continued doing my morning prayers. And like any Technique Time, that never fails to bring up…

Sheer Loveliness

A few minutes later, I was still doing various RES techniques. Outside in the fresh air, enjoying my neighborhood.

Ha, my neighbor across the street came out! Before she got into her car, “Hello,” I said with a smile.

“Nothing” said she.

What kind of wacky world is this anyway?

Hadn’t this woman ever heard of “Love thy neighbor”?

No, she’s not my client in search of Enlightenment. Or, even, a bit of spiritual awakening.

Nonetheless, she is my flesh-and-blood neighbor. Wish I didn’t have to turn elsewhere for sweetness when I that deep down she’s got a heart of gold.

Sheer Loveliness

Frankly, I insist upon it. And so I do find it.

Have any of you other Blog-Buddies noticed that lately many people seem to have forgotten their manners? Such easy little words, “Please” and “Thank You”! Words that wipe some of the dust off of life’s loveliness.

No matter. Today I’ll continue to find loveliness. Because I’ll insist upon doing that kind of real-life treasure hunt.

Given my very fortunate life, that’s easy. Beautiful things are all over my home. Including a better-than-thing, a person I love; he is sharing life with me every single day, which is quite amazing if only I pause to notice!

Sheer loveliness unfolds in my little pink office. As I continue to write website edits for the complete redesign — coming soon. And I marvel at what designer AJ is creating. For me and for all who come to It’s going to be fun to announce that switchover to the newly designed website.  Sometime this month, probably.

Loveliness and better communication. That’s what I’m expecting to offer here.

But for here and now, no waiting is needed. Talk about sheer loveliness! Client sessions will arrive later today, including someone I’ll get to meet for the first time. A person sparkling with loveliness for me to discover.

And already my morning has included two adorb emails. (Including the one from you, Gladys, who definitely and intelligently feels new hope.)

Even If It’s Not Quite a Musical Comedy

Admittedly, this is what I expect. Every day. That my life turns into a musical comedy.

Kinda expecting, improbably, that I’ll say “Bon jour” and then even the busiest passerby will say back “Hello! Bon jour!”

And soon we’ll be singing and dancing together. Comedy and love songs all day, every day.

Yes, every single day, that is what I expect. I don’t expect heaven, no no! Rather, I expect to find myself in a really tuneful musical comedy.

Silly of me. Clearly demonstrating that I’m not especially well adjusted to Earth School.

Funny me. Constantly shocked, shocked! Because random people have cares of their own and don’t act as though we’re all in a musical comedy.

Hey, that minor bit of “Why not?” won’t stop me. Won’t keep me from working hard. And playing hard. Every single day.

Better believe it: I’ll seek out the truth and find it, even when that beauty isn’t so obvious. Because, in big ways and small, my life is dedicated to…

Sheer Loveliness

Surely you’ve got oodles of it, too, Blog-Buddies. Already, by this time today, where have you found some loveliness?

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Bonjour, Rose! I did enjoy this post, on this lovely morning. I do experience that shock of life not always being like a musical comedy.

    But it highlights those special occasions when it is.

    Like the other night, when a young girl I know at the library, who recently moved here from Egypt, danced across the floor to me so excited to tell me she had two days off next week. Sweetness like that boosts my whole day.

  2. 2
    Explorer says:

    Hi, Bon jour Rose 🙂 Such a beautiful fluffy snowy day here.

    I’ve a lovely story. I work in a very busy crowded area surrounded by tall buildings, people everywhere.

  3. 3
    Explorer says:

    Not too long ago early morning on my way to work I noticed a cleaning lady with a small frame, heads down, trying to dust among all busy passing by commuters.

    I couldn’t catch her eyes but whem i got close to her I said “Good Morning” with a big smile.

  4. 4
    Explorer says:

    She looked back up reluctantly, half confused half shocked as to why I’m speaking to her.

    I just smiled lovingly and continued my day.

  5. 5
    Explorer says:

    I saw her the next morning. Almost the same thing.

    The day after that and after that.

    Two weeks passed.

  6. 6
    Explorer says:

    This time it was different.

    She was doing the same thing, same spot, but standing a little taller. Making eye contact every now and then.

    When she spotted me coming, a big beautiful smile covered her face.

  7. 7
    Explorer says:

    This time she said “Good Morning” to me first with a loving smile.

    “Good Morning” I replied back, feeling the warmth and a sweet connection.

  8. 8
    AJ says:

    Yes! I’ve noticed that with my neighbors too. It’s disappointing because I would really love to know my neighbors.

  9. 9
    AJ says:

    And I’m very excited about the website too!

  10. 10
    Julie says:

    I was admiring today that the fall leaves are at the peak of the season.

    Rich in color and blanketing the country roads I drove down today.

    To me that was lovely.

  11. 11
    Julie says:

    Also this week I noticed the smaller friendships. The people that I know only casually, and yet can relax around.

    To a degree that says “I’m home”.

    To me that’s lovely too.

  12. 12
    Lindsey says:

    Loveliness indeed! I found it today in lots and lots of sweet passengers on the airplane today thanking me and the other crew members as they departed and as we said our thank you’s and best wishes too.

    So many with bright happy smiles just pouring out such joy to be almost to wherever they planned to go! Yes, there is so much loveliness to find and enjoy!

  13. 13
    Lindsey says:

    And then, if that weren’t enough, I was able to enjoy such a lovely bike ride this evening through my neighborhood with a few lovely hello’s and waving hands too! 🙂

    Just so sweet! Such a nice day!

  14. 14
    Lindsey says:

    Thank you Rose for your inspiring blog and sharing with your blog buddies!

  15. 15
    Lindsey says:

    I look forward to the surprising new website look! 🙂

  16. 16
    Isabella C. says:

    That’s such a sweet story, Explorer. Brought a tear to my eye.

  17. 17
    Frankie says:

    Hi, I have noticed this total lack of manners lately. Even people I work with no longer say good morning they are so preoccupied.


  18. 18
    Frankie says:

    Loveliness this week includes visiting the desert in Alice Springs and meeting people, looking at aboriginal women’s artwork from the western desert and buying some at Papunya Tula where all the money goes to the remote communities and artists (talk about warm fuzzies). So lovely!!

    Also, spring is here with flowers, bees, (allergies I won’t mention them), sunshine, warmth, glorious sunshine!!

  19. 19
    Jnana says:

    Running, I get onto the train just as the doors close. I smile at the porter and he smiles back

    I feel a warm glow as we connect through our smiles.

  20. 20
    Jnana says:

    Such a kindly man, so full of happiness that a stranger made it on the train and didn’t have to waste time waiting for the next one.

    A dose of loveliness for the day.

  21. 21
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Loveliness stories here from Asia, Australia (bouncy welcome to the blog, FRANKIE), Canada and the U.S.

    As well as flying the world with LINDSEY.

    Reminds me that love may not “conquer” all, as the saying goes. But it sure can bring human glory into life. Everywhere. I’ll settle for that.

  22. 22
    Explorer says:

    Thank you Isabella C. I’ll dedicate my next Good Morning exchange with her to you 🙂

  23. 23
    Sophie G. says:

    Lovely contributions…made me happy to read them.

    I’ve encountered the lack of manners. But for me personally there is so much friendliness around too, every day. People looking at each other, smiling, laughing. Saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Thank you’ or randomly talking for a short while. I love such encounters. They make me feel alive.

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