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Energetic Literacy 21 Ways

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages . No longer “just” 15. Learn the latest.

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages — Reflecting the rapid growth of Energy Spirituality.  Surprise!

Today I’ll publicly up the number of stages from 15-21.

Have you been a client for Energy Spirituality sessions with me or other Energy Spirituality Experts? Then you’ve been benefiting from some of the newer upgrades of energetic literacy. Because these simply developed. Similar to how you once were three feet tall. Remember? Somehow more height snuck up on you.

  • Did your folks ever make pencil marks on the wall? Tracking your growth.
  • If you’re a parent, have you done that? Glad to say, I’ve got some of those gorgeous pencil marks at home. Measuring the height of my son. Far surpassing his Mom. Astoundingly, all the way up to 5 feet, 9 1/2 inches.

Growth Is Worth Measuring, Right?

For yourself, or as a parent or grandparent, isn’t growth mysterious? Day by day, did you notice much? Eventually, one does think to measure things.

Most noteworthy about today’s post: Updating you on that growth from a mere 15 Stages of Energetic Literacy.

Today’s growth of skill isn’t just about me as the Founder of Energy Spirituality. Opposite that, really. Going from 15-21 stages of energetic literacy matters… Because it brings new learning potential for you. And allows you to benefit from new skills, like Causational Agreement Transformation and Causational Belief Transformation.

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages, The Flowchart

Energetic Literacy 21

Energetic Literacy 21 Flowchart reveals how far Energy Spirituality has grown by November 2017.

To see that flowchart bigger, see if you can increase the magnification on the device you’re using to read this.

For instance, I’m using a PC. Where all I need do is to hold down CONTROL and then move the wheel on my mouse. Also you can click on the link at the end of this post. Your choice!

If any of you know other ways for me to show you a readable view, just add that as a comment below.

Since I want you to be able to read this updated chart. You know, a saying kinda like this: “Fun is in the details!” 😉

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages, Getting Practical

Here are some of the main reasons why today’s news is a bit of a big deal.

For those of you who have been learning the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, you know that you really can learn those skills. No clairvoyance required. It’s just literacy, folks! Check out this graduation essay, for instance.

Here’s Some News!

  1. Over the years I’ll be making more and more workshops available online. So that you can learn more and more skills. And learn them more easily, too.
  2. When you see the announcement for Energy Spirituality Workshops in 2018, guess what? This much I can tell you in advance. As we’re close to having the plans all figured out. Just not quite there yet. Four of my five in-person workshops for 2018 will be brand new. 
  3. No longer will I do as I’ve done since 1986. Teaching the same 101 or 102-level workshops. Year after year. Much as I’ve loved doing that for Energy Spirituality students, those days are over. Now it’s time to build onto skills that you develop, choosing the timing that you prefer.
  4. The body of knowledge in Energy Spirituality is delightful to learn. Practical to use. Why hold yourself back from learning? Why would I hold myself back from co-creating more sophisticated knowledge?
  5. Already, for some Energy Spirituality skills, beginners can learn beautifully from online workshops. Results for that are already coming in. Otherwise there’s personal mentoring. Or, if you prefer learning from books, for many of the Level 1 skills, you can definitely learn from my how-to books.
  6. New online workshops are coming. As fast as I can make them in a quality, interactive way!
  7. What if you haven’t learned aura reading yet, why not check out the new online workshops? Consider that I developed that five-lesson Free Intro just for you!

Frankly, Blog-Buddies, sometimes I feel as if I’ve been pregnant for 15 years. Time to bring out those kids (of knowledge)! I think you’re going to love them.

21 Energetic Literacy

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  1. 1
    Explorer says:

    So exciting… Congratulations Rose!

  2. 2
    Liane says:

    I feel like saying happy BIRTH-day!

  3. 3
    Katriina says:

    Whoa! I thought at first this was varieties of Stuff, until I started reading the list. This is very impressive!

    I am looking forward to finding out what new workshops will be offered. Man, there’s a lot to learn!

  4. 4
    Isabella C. says:

    Awesome! Those new workshops will be revelatory, no doubt! Way to make 2018 awesome already. 🙂

  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:

    On a happy/sad note, this morning I was thrilled to read election results in my state, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    One cause for celebration was the election of Danica Roem to our House of Delegates. (Read that as Virginia’s equivalent of the “House of Representatives” at the federal level.)

  6. 6
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Ms. Roem is the first openly transgendered person to be elected and seated to a state legislature in the U.S.

    And the piece of work she ran against, Del.?Robert G. Marshall, refused to call her “she.” Since Danica Roem had been born with a male gender.

    Talk about gender fundamentalism. Not to mention disrespect!

  7. 7
    Rose Rosetree says:

    The man in power also refused to debate her, informing voters in advance of the election.

    So, for many reasons, I felt overjoyed. And immediately after reading the newspaper this morning, I prepared to shred my work plans for this morning and enthusiastically celebrate the election victory.

    Minutes ago, I sat at my desk, beginning a new blog post to honor Danica Roem with a Skilled Empath Merge.

  8. 8
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Sadly, my initial research revealed one more person in public life in extreme spiritual addiction.

    Actually, when I’ve researched other trans people, this has often been the case. A notable exception is Janet Mock, whom I watched as a guest on the PBS ancestry show “Finding Your Roots.”

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Why is it often the case that trans people do a Caitlyn Jenner and lose their human identities during the process of changing gender?

  10. 10
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Mysterious and sad! I don’t have answers why.

    Equally troubling, Danica Roem is hardly the only politican to live in extreme spiritual addiction.

    For instance, nearly every well known actor in the Trump White House has gone that way. Most recently John Kelly and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

  11. 11
    Rose Rosetree says:

    What can we do to avoid extreme spiritual addiction? (And help to make this a better world?)

    * Live with integrity.
    * Be ourselves.
    * Do what we can to bring truth into this world.
    * Keep our auras in reasonable balance. Maybe even live in a self-actualizing manner. And maybe even live The New Strong.

  12. 12
    Gillian says:

    Re: comment 11.

    Hear hear!

    Rose, your comment reminds me to keep up the ‘truth light’ habit (I’ve been forgetting, lately).

  13. 13
    Lilian says:

    Thanks Rose. Please don’t plan to die soon.

    You need to outlive my stubbornness and idiosyncratic learning patterns!

  14. 14
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Warm laughter, LILIAN.

    And GILLIAN commenting right before you, good to hear, hear from you.

    Thanks to all who have commented at this post so far.

  15. 15
    Emily T says:

    Excited for the workshops, both online and in person!

    Want to attend at least one in person workshop next year. Excited for all the future learning!

  16. 16
    Valerie says:

    Very exciting news Rose! You can’t imagine the joy it brings me to learn about new ways I can grow!!

  17. 17
    Lindsey says:

    I am grateful for all these skills and the knowledge and understanding behind them that you have and teach.

    Thank you Rose, they do help so much! 🙂

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