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ONEderful December 2017

ONEderful December 2017

ONEderful December 2017 can mean a month of great expectations for you. Expectations fulfilled!

ONEderful December 2017 can be a month of completion.

Hmmm, what will best complete this year for you? I’ll lead off the sharing. Inviting you to look forward with a courageous heart. And maybe do some sharing here as well.

Because so many joy-filled possibilities await us in this December 2017.

ONEderful December 2017. Celebrating Winners

Contest winners are a’coming. Do you remember our Performance Contest?

Three prizes being awarded. Every one, a Sound-Based aura reading. Something new in 2017.

Expect to read all three of these contest prizes this December.

ONEderful December 2017. Brand New In-Person Workshops

Blog-Buddies, sometimes I feel like one of the elves at Santa’s workshop. Only I’m not creating toys. Instead, super-practical learning events!

Especially I’m excited about delivering you some new RES workshops. Aiming to announce them this month.

Why is it possible to bring you so many exciting new workshops? In-person workshops! More new workshops than any previous year….

All thanks to the RES On-Demand Workshops — which many of you have been taking! Therefore, I’m free to present new material. Some of which will have prerequisites (whether from certain on-demand workshops or else live workshops that you may have taken already). Some won’t have any requirements for previous study.

Yes, you heard that right. Felt it. Saw the idea:

3 of the 5 workshops I’m offering in 2018 are open to you. No previous RES knowledge required at all.

(Planned to be powerful workshops, though. Even if you’re a grad of any or ALL previous RES workshops. Trust me here!)

And 4 of these 5 workshops are new. First time evers!

For some of you, these new offerings may make something pretty wonderful happen at last: Enticing you to come to our workshop hotel in Sterling, Virginia. Enjoying a sweet weekend experience of fast personal growth.

Hey, I’ll announce all five workshops this December. So you can decide for yourself what’s what.

ONEderful December 2017. Celebrating Trademark #3

What a year this has been! Including many additions to the set of Rose Rosetree trademarks.

This December I’ll write a blog post to celebrate my latest trademark to become legal in 2017. And how it might prove helpful to you!

Keeping track, this is my trademark #3 for 2017. More important, it’s #9 altogether.

Doing book-related research this year, I discovered that my Mom’s dad, Julius Sussman, also got a patent. Only his was for pipe-fitting at a steel factory. Personally, I find that pretty hilarious. Not just that I have an actual relative who patented something, or got a registered service mark. (Him and me, respectively.)

Nope, what amuses me is the history of all that steel in the family. Because, really, it takes a certain steel-like something to keep moving forward in these early years of The Age of Awakening.

Maybe that was my big inheritance from Grandpa Sussman. 😉

ONEderful December 2017. More Brightness Coming

Sometimes my husband Mitch calls me “Optimist Eyes.” (That’s a face reading term.) Because I do tend to see potential. And not because — God forbid! — I’m trying to be incessantly cheerful and only good vibes-ey.

Granted, some people might say that December will bring the year’s shortest day. And they’d be right.

But what interests me? Bouncing back from that turning point. Since, of course, that’s going to be our opportunity this December.

And, speaking of gaining a powerful momentum from the opportunity of the winter solstice, two words:

Goal Setting

Okay, to be a bit more specific… four words…

Goal Setting for 2018!

Whatever else you do, or don’t do, in December 2017, please set some goals for 2018.

You know me, I use the skill sets in my books. And that includes a full array of quick goal-setting skills from a certain RES book about success.

Whichever way you prefer to set goals, do it! Goals can help make it a personal triumph, your completion of 2017. And also preparing for wonderful achievements in 2018.

I’m so glad to be living now, Blog-Buddies. Grateful to be sharing my life with you.

Anyone else wish to share details of your plans for this shiny new month?

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  1. 1
    Emily T says:

    So excited to hear what the new workshops are!

  2. 2
    Emily T says:

    I’m also looking forward to settling into my new home which is so lovely already.

    Looking forward to my birthday coming up and celebrating by eating some delicious food.

    And Christmas! Going to be making up a Christmas tree with my friend and now housemate tomorrow!

  3. 3
    Rose Rosetree says:

    EMILY T, what wonderful things to look forward to! Thanks for sharing.

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    So neat to hear of your steel inheritance, Rose.

    I can see the resemblance:)

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    I look forward to really working hard this month. I have some extra work lined up and will also be studying for a career change.

    But yes, just looking forward to seeing what I can do, when I apply myself with focus and ambition.

  6. 6
    Katriina says:

    I too am looking forward to learning about four brand new live workshops.

    I am looking forward to crossing something off my bucket list this month – watching the sun rise on the ocean, from the top deck of a cruise ship.

  7. 7
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Good to read, JULIE and KATRIINA. 🙂

    Funnily enough, Katriina, I’ve just been working on those workshop outlines… and decided to make all five of them brand new workshops.

    And only one will have any prerequisites. Hooray!

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