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Empath Names Matter

Empath Names

Just because you were born an empath doesn’t mean you were born with skill. Kids start by learning names for things. Likewise empath skill, at any age… begins with correct naming.

Empath Names Matter. More than you might think as a newbie. When choosing an empath coach, pay attention to the names used for different empath gifts. Are they misleading or accurate?

A fresh example from today inspired this post. Which includes some brand new insights that I’ve never shared before. Ideas that may prove helpful regardless of your skill level, so far, as an empath.

My muse for this morning is CAMERON. After finding a blog post with quick summaries of all 15 empath gifts

Look at what he wrote, at Comment #45:

I am an emotional empath with an intuitive sense. Is this rare? My emotional sensory is at higher level then the intuitive sense. I always knew i was senstive but not as an empath i never knew until yesterday i already had the experience but never knew the official name.

I want to know to get my gifts stronger so i can help people better.

Empath Names Matter Especially…

If You Wish To Help Others

Many an empath is motivated like CAMERON, wishing to be of service to others.

Sadly, until an empath learns effective skills to direct his (or her) talent, guess what? That empath is likely to do unskilled empath merge. Or even prolonged unskilled empath merge.

Also known as “How to scramble your own aura. Causing problems for everyone in your life. Especially you.”

Of course, I can teach you how to completely prevent this problem. That runs rampant among unskilled empaths. Any one of three self-help books with the previous links… can help you a lot. (What’s the best order for self-study? According to this empath coach, this is your Royal Road to Empath Happy Land.)

Empath Names Matter to Smart Consumers

Obviously I’m not the only empath coach in today’s busy marketplace. All the more reason to use discernment.

Granted, I’m not sure how CAMERON came by the term “Emotional Empath.” But probably my website wasn’t his first research stop.

Because plenty of empath “experts” use that term. Just lookee here. As of this morning, that’s 218,000 hits. And I’m glad not to be among them. Unless today’s debunking article lands me on that list. Which sure would be ironic!

  • Could be, “Emotional Empath” is the mark of an empath coach who isn’t using much energetic literacy. That is, somebody who can’t yet investigate empath anything very precisely.
  • Not yet.
  • Due to only reading auras with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. The beginner’s stage, with talent but no significant skill yet.

For me, the ability to read auras in depth and detail was required. Before I could develop responsible ways to teach empaths.

Want to read a specific example?

Empath Names Can Confuse, Not Clarify At All

Here’s what have I found. From teaching empaths and naming the gifts that show at aura-level. Fact is, only 2 of the 15 empath gifts are about anything emotional. Meaning, there’s an emotional nature to both “Emotional Intuition” and “Emotional Oneness.”

Here’s the tricky part, though. The impact of any empath gift could be emotional. Especially the combo of loads of talent with — no disrespect intended — zero skill yet as an empath.

For instance, you could have only one empath gift: Mechanical Empath Ability. Meaning, you can join in consciousness with machines.

Well, hello! Plenty of strong emotions might arise, thanks to unskilled empath merges.


Newbie CAMERON, for instance, calls himself an “Emotional Empath” for now.

Empath Names Also Matter Concerning “Intuitive”

Blog-Buddies, did you also notice this? CAMERON announced that he has “an intuitive sense”?

That probably tells us a lot about where he’s been getting his information about being an empath. Because what happens if you google “Intuitive Empath“? As of this morning, 140,000 hits.

Are you an empath who seeks empowerment? Then note: This term is also flat-out wrong. (In my opinion at least.) Misleading. And likely to cause some pretty unfortunate problems.

Why, Why, and Why?

Here’s the truth behind the mislabeling. Empaths do something with consciousness, inner awareness. Could even be called “spiritual awareness.”

My definition of empath is this: Somebody with at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.’

That direct experience happens subtly, with consciousness.

So what happens if an empath coach starts calling that “intuitive”? That word has been co-opted by psychics. As a consumer, you might find it fascinating to start hearing the dog whistle. Pay attention from now on. How often does an empath expert tells you “I’m a psychic”? Or “I’m a psychic empath”? Or “All empaths are psychic”?

That third idea is definitely untrue. As for the other two? Those ideas can cause problems for students of these so-called “empath experts.”

An important distinction, why?

Because psychics do not own “consciousness” as something to investigate. In fact, to be clear, my research has revealed just the opposite. Psychics are not experts at learning with their consciousness. They’re experts at working with spirits.

So any empath teacher who pulls you towards psychic development or intuitive development is unintentionally misleading you.

For sure, the system of Empath Empowerment doesn’t involve chatting up spirits. Or getting spaced out. Or, as tends to be the case with most psychics today — living in spiritual addiction or even extreme spiritual addiction.

In Conclusion, a Sporting Analogy

Blog-Buddies, let’s compare empath talent with athletic talent. Suppose that you’re seeking for a trainer to help you get good at a sport.

Will that sport be soccer (football) or basketball or what? A good coach can help you learn skills.

However, plenty of kids don’t have access to a good athletic coach. In the neighborhood where I grew up, for instance, we kids would play outside any chance we got. Unsupervised and having a blast! My highest achievement was “Throw the ball into the sandbox.” An excellent game, as I recall. 😉

Whether you had a proper coach or not, you’d get sweaty. Remember that good, clean, drenchiness sweat of childhood squirminess?

Well empath experts who claim to teach “Emotional Empaths” and “Intuitive Empaths” make me think of a haphazard athletic coach: Joe. Who tells kids, “You’re learning the sport called Sweaty. And you’re very, very talented at it. Such a rare and special being you are!”

Honestly, what foolishness!

Can you remember when you learned accurate names for your empath gifts?

Did that make a difference? Please share your stories.

Especially can you share any unhelpful names that you discarded along your journey to becoming a skilled empath?

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  1. 1
    Lilian says:

    You know Rose. I’m still not entirely sure what my empath skills are. I think I’m clear on two: intellectual and environmental empath. Both pretty abstract and they don’t fit the standard “an empath feels other people’s feelings” mould.

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    Though it’s nice to be able to switch them off thanks to “The empowered empath.” And go back to this when I have some time…

  3. 3
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Good point in your Comment #2 here, LILIAN. Just use your skills, no perfectionism required.

    To clarify your empath gifts more, you have three excellent choices, seems to me.

    Option one: Take the on-demand workshop Free Intro, Empowerment Free Intro, then Empath 101 and Empath 102.

  4. 4
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Or start with Book 1 of the Empath Empowerment® Series. Go through that “30-Day Program for Empath Empowerment.”

    Then slow & sloppy, go through Book 2, “The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy.”

    Then you’re ready to gain extra benefit from Book 3, “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.

  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Finally, you might enjoy a Day of Mentoring for one-on-one coaching, a chance to ask your questions, and receive the most hand-in-glove fit for learning. Any workshop I teach, that I can teach in a way that comes closest to meet-you-at-your-mind.

    Just today I’m doing a 2 1/2 hour Skype session with a client, doing half of a Day of Mentoring. If you can manage it, this is a great way to learn RES skills.

  6. 6
    Explorer says:

    As an Empath reading these books and taking these workshops is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself so far.

    I so wish for every Empath to explore these options and get to the other side living fully with their sense of self strongly shinning.

  7. 7

    Responding here to a long rant from a first-time commenter here at my personal blog, “Cara.” I’ve chosen not to publish her words.

    But to all who choose to critique my work publicly and then demand that I call them to discuss… I don’t think so.

  8. 8

    Empath Empowerment® is a system. Folks who choose to learn it tend to do well. If you choose to learn it, learn it. Don’t mix and match from other things you’ve studied previously, or just picked up along the way. Good advice for anyone who wishes to benefit from life-changing skills as an empath!

    Of course other systems exist, and if you prefer them, fine. No pressure from me. Either you study my system and see what it can do for you or else don’t. Quite simple, really.

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