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Prominent Vegan. Aura Readings

John Robbins

John Robbins Aura Reading. Exploring, is it too animal-ey for this sweet idealist to keep his head out of the clouds?

Prominent Vegan! Aura-wise, how well have these three super-prominent vegans been doing?

  • John Robbins
  • Dr. Neal Barnard
  • And PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk.

Thanks to Blog-Buddy STEVE, we’ve got three new candidates to research. Perhaps at a season where some people are very specifically requesting Christmas gifts to support: Their vegan lifestyle. Or their passion for eating raw. Or a new resolve to eat vegetarian. Any lifestyle change that seems to proclaim “Virtue!”

For years, I’ve been following up with aura reading requests at this post. 

Since a fresh trio of researchable vegans is here, let’s splurge. Give each one a whole blog post!

Before we get to these prominent vegans, though…

Context, Please

Unquestionably it’s beautiful when people pursue their ideals. Including through how they deal with eating. Such an inescapable human need!

With our three influential vegans, today, what needs to be said? Before I explore the aura of a single one: Admiration.

Diet is hard for most humans, one way or another. Furthermore, these three opinion-makers don’t just come up with theories. Clearly, they follow through.

So what’s my goal in this aura reading thread? To provide context that seems to be missing. Eating is not just a sort of ideology. Because choices in life do have consequences for spiritual evolution, emotional growth, and plenty more.

Have you ever had a session of Soul Thrill® Energy Research? Then you know this to be true.

Context for Veganism and “Going Raw”

Sometimes folks choose unusual diets just for a cleanse. Choosing to forego animal products as a kind of fast.

I’ve never researched how well this short-term regimen suits a person. Surely it would be a very individual aura study. (And guess what I’d recommend before doing any fast longer than one or two days? Soul Thrill Aura Research!)

Seems to me, pursuing an extreme diet long term? That’s a different matter entirely. Promulgating any extreme diet as The solution for America. Veganism, for instance, as the ultimate way for everybody to eat.

And that’s where today’s three Vegan Celebrities stand. Both personally and professionally. So let’s start researching.

Prominent Vegan #1. John Robbins

Robbins is the The founder of EarthSave International. And author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book, Diet For A New America. Published in 1987. He persuasively advocated for a vegan diet.

By now, how has his experiment worked? Personally worked, as in John Robbins’ own aura.

Let’s use a much more recent photo to get a sense of this courageous man’s aura. John Roberts’ photo shows in a course offered in 2017. So possibly this photograph captures 40 years of vegan consequences.

My heart went out to John’s son, Ocean Robbins. You can see him at this website. Furthering his fathers work, delivering a passionate message.

Anyway, here come the same chakra databanks I’ve researched for others at Aura Reading Vegans.

Aura Reading the Root Chakra Databank for

Making Contact with Objective Reality

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Shut down.


From an aura perspective, John Robbins isn’t making contact with objective reality. Not in a human way.

Apart from his barely-there way of being human, it does seem as if Mr. Robbins is enjoying a natural high. As if random energy awareness fills up the space where most of this chakra databank might otherwise function.

Evidently Robbins feels light and free. Floating around in his “human” life. Lacking the sort of heaviness he may find — and despise — in others.

Aura Reading the Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon. Over-functioning.


The “physical” quality of this chakra databank isn’t human at all. Rather, it’s astral.

Seems to me that John Robbins may feel very healthy indeed. But it’s a quality that comes from identifying with astral beings rather than human beings.

Aura Reading the Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Problem Solving

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Moderate over-functioning.


John Robbins feels so very light and free. Akin to a saint beholding the sad sinners. Not feeling superior, though. More like sorrowful.

Why doesn’t everyone follow his guidance? Then they could all be light and free.

On his own, John feels so blissful, I doubt if he’d even recognize problems, personally.

Accordingly, here’s a hypothetical question: What if others brought problems to him, seeking solutions?

The stoned-out quality of this chakra databank suggests that John Robbins would very quickly find a brilliant solution. Even without checking to learn much about the trivial, human-type details.

“And it’s all so easy.” Blog-Buddies, I could hear that, word-for-word, when researching this chakra databank.

A common slogan for a true believer. Or a shyster. Perhaps a cult leader. Just about any lifestyle that depends upon ignoring reality.

Interpreting reality, for sure, one could find: “And it’s all totally easy.” But refusing to make contact with the genuine article, real life.

Aura Reading the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Over-functioning.


Here’s John in his glory. Feeling wondrously connected to Spirit. “Reading Energies” is more comfortable for John than any other chakra databank I’ve read so far.

Personally, I’d say this is because he has surrendered so fully to spiritual addiction.

John Robbins doesn’t know what he’s missing. The “burden” of paying attention to his human life.

Seems to me, he doesn’t miss one bit what he’s no longer knowing.

Aura Reading the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Shut down.


Here’s where the rubber meets the road, as it were.

Does John Robbins feel wonderfully wonderfully connected with All That Is? With God?


In that stumpy, shut-down version of this chakra databank, no true presence of God exists. Nor significant  spiritual growth.

Rather, he’s entranced by an astral version of the Divine. Like a charm on a charm bracelet.

To him, a credible stand-in for God. Such is John Robbin’s intoxication by The Romance of the Astral. Or so it seems to me.

In Conclusion

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Also ’tis a season where idealists among us (self included) seek greater goodness.

Perfection in diet may be tempting.

Well, in this Part 1 of 3 articles, I’m not terribly impressed so far. Are you?

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  1. 1
    Rose Rosetree says:

    So here’s my question to you, Blog-Buddies. John Robbins’ consciousness sure has an otherworldly quality. Similar to other long-term vegans I’ve researched for you.

    Read over the aura reading here, if you dare… to view it through the eyes of being a “saint” in the Age of Faith. That other-worldly sweetness sometimes associated with Enlightenment. Then comment, please.

  2. 2
    Emily T says:

    This is so funny to me because 10 years ago I tried the “raw vegan” diet for several months and holy moly can I relate.

  3. 3
    Emily T says:

    At the time, I certainly felt I had life figured out, problems were non-existent and other’s problems seemed so easy to solve.

  4. 4
    Emily T says:

    I felt pretty high all the time and felt like I was growing SO much and was SO spiritual.

    I certainly didn’t like it when I came back to Earth with a bump on my return to my normal eating patterns LOL.

  5. 5
    Rose Rosetree says:

    What a great share, EMILY T. Particularly because 10 years ago you weren’t in Enlightenment.

    Yet you are now.

    And now, if you don’t mind sharing, do you feel as if — with a true high state of consciousness — you have “life figured out, problems … non-existent and other’s problems … so easy to solve?”

    Because there might be a certain irony in all this.

  6. 6
    Emily T says:

    Haha! No I do not!

    There are lots of interesting problems I have that I’m working on and I am sure that once I have solved them and learned from them, I will get a whole new bunch to challenge me some more!

  7. 7
    Isabella says:

    Thank you for doing this research, Rose!

    I think it’s especially important because it can be so confusing. People might think, “I feel good on this diet. It must be good for me.”

    These readings are a resource I can point to for clients (and other interested parties!)

  8. 8
    Rose Rosetree says:

    You get it, ISABELLA. I’m not doing research to dump on a good man of great integrity and personal sacrifice and courage.

    But aura reading brings truth into the world. Everything that sounds good in theory isn’t necessarily good in human reality.

  9. 9
    Rose Rosetree says:

    EMILY T, isn’t that Comment #6 you wrote hilarous!!!!!!!!!!

    Illusions about Enlightenment are probably as plentiful as illusions about diet.

  10. 10
    Gitte says:

    I’ve been vegetarian for 33 years, vegan most of the time although at the moment I do dairy for B12 issues, and raw for 4 years as part of healing serious health issues.

    I miss that feeling of mentally being clear and bright from eating raw.

  11. 11
    Rose Rosetree says:

    GITTE, thank you so much for speaking up here.

    Some vegetarian Blog-Buddies have made it clear to me personally, or in previous posts here, that they wouldn’t change how they eat for anything in the world.

    And I haven’t necessarily found a pattern of problems in auras of long-term vegetarians. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

  12. 12
    Rose Rosetree says:

    However, the purpose of this thread is to bring perspective about eating raw. Ditto, long-term living as a vegan.

    I’ve still got two more aura readings to do in this latest collection. I invite you to read them, too. But please know: Never would I wish to attack your way of life. Besides, we both know that I couldn’t force you to change how you eat.

    For heaven’s sake, GITTE, I know you well enough to be quite clear that I could never force you to do anything. Besides that, and even more important to me personally, RES isn’t about forcing anyone to do anything. Not ever. RES helps people to solve problems and to grow faster emotionally and spiritually — quite different!

  13. 13
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Meanwhile, might I suggest, with all respect? You might consider, that feeling of “mentally being clear and bright” might be related to moving away from a lifestyle that helps you to identify with life as human.

    By contrast, I’ve found strict long-term vegans identify with energy instead. In terms of “The New Strong,” which I’d recommend to any vegan. Or any non-vegan….

    (Haha. Just because the info in there is important for anyone living now who wishes to progress spiritually.)

    What’s the problem with that way of feeling high and clear and bright?

  14. 14
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Ever since 2012, there have been consequences for identifying as an energy.

    Those consequences include:

    * Not making money.
    * Nor having the kind of impact with your work that you might otherwise have.
    * Not having much of a love life.
    * And not relating closely to most humans but, rather feeling distant from them.

  15. 15
    Rose Rosetree says:

    That’s a pretty high price to pay, seems to me.

    Furthermore, as an Enlightenment Coach, I warn the beautiful spiritual seekers who come to me:

    Choices that make you feel high are not necessarily helping you to evolve spiritually.

  16. 16
    Rose Rosetree says:

    So this is a tremendously personal and controversial series of articles.

    And, mostly, we’ve been adding to a set of comments at our main vegan blog post. Which — for now — has the third highest number of comments at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

    What if this topic offends any of you Blog-Buddies (including you, Gitte)? Skip over it entirely. And choose from loads of other topics and ways that RES can help you.

  17. 17
    Gitte says:

    Just to be clear, I’m not offended at all, just sharing my positive experience with it as a counter to the blog content.

    I totally see, though, how the vegan and raw lifestyle affects people in a negative way, having seen THAT often enough in real life but also personally knowing people for whom is the right choice in Rose’s sense of being more connected to humanity. To me, co-owning a school of natural health, there are as many right diets as there are people.

  18. 18
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Thank you so much for making this clear, GITTE. You’re a real voice of experience on the topic of diets.

    It’s a lovely idea that there are as many right diets as there are people. Researching food choices for clients, I’m inclined to agree with you, mostly. Except that I think — well, you know what, about some of the more extreme diets.

    But that’s just because I care very much about people taking advantage of their opportunity to evolve spiritually…

  19. 19
    Rose Rosetree says:

    From my perspective, there’s spiritual evolution. And then there’s not much evolution but doing something else that’s education.

    Not only do I applaud the sacred choice of each person’s free will: Even if someone were to devote his entire life to veganism, as John Robbins has done, he’s doing something important for himself and others. Educational, too.

    Although, if my aura research here has been accurate, Robbins is not nearly as well connected to human life as he believes.

  20. 20
    Rose Rosetree says:

    It will be interesting as I explore the other two public figures in this little research set, passionate believers in a vegan diet.

    The founder of PETA, for instance, she’s clearly active and engaged in life. But what will her aura show?

  21. 21
    Gitte says:

    Okay, Rose, extreme diets excepted, I agree! In general nothing extreme is ever healthy (on any level of life experience) although sometimes an extreme diet helps the body return to health, like in my case. However, eventually my raw diet ended up causing new health problems for me.

    I do believe that people are so different that everyone has a different diets that suit them best. And which diet suits them best changes as they and their life change. We are all unique people with unique bodies at unique times in our unique lives.

  22. 22
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Gobbling up every word here, GITTE. While nodding “Yes.”

    Pausing only when reading the part about how you’ve suffered.

    Given that, as well as the rest of your experience you’ve shared here, I thank you extra-much for your participation here on this topic.

  23. 23
    Louise says:

    I’m not vegan Rose but that picture with the guy’s head in the clouds and in the process of walking off a cliff has done more for me the last few days than you can imagine when I catch myself daydreaming!

  24. 24
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Funny, LOUISE. Clearly you’re ready to come back to earth.

  25. 25
    Sophie P. says:

    Hi Rose,
    I remember your blog article about cloned beef,

    I have not heard much lately about cloned animals for human consumption. However increasingly there is news coming out about lab grown meat and synthetic meat and milk.

  26. 26
    Sophie P. says:

    The lab grown meat process apparently uses stem cells taken from a live animal (which reportedly causes no long term harm to the ‘donor’ animal), and then the stem cells are grown on a medium in the lab.

    I’m not sure if this process would pass vegan ethics standards or not, though possibly not because an animal is involved.

  27. 27
    Sophie P. says:

    Maybe it would pass vegetarian ethics standards as no fully functioning animal is killed.

    I am interested to hear your view on lab grown and synthetic meat and milk, and if they too would be considered a dead food?

  28. 28
    Sophie P. says:

    From what I have read and heard about synthetic meat and milk production, the raw ingredients are plant-based, and some types of the milk are grown from yeasts.

    This all sounds much more preferable to producing cloned animals, and much much more preferable to introducing cloned animal products to the food chain.

  29. 29
    Sophie P. says:

    I learned about the different qualities of food as described by Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese and Hippocratic medicines, which I find helpful to refer to when making dietary choices, especially across the yearly seasons.

    The lab grown foods seem like they might be a different quality / category. Do you think they would have more lively auras than, say, highly processed junk food?

  30. 30

    SOPHIE P., how delightful to hear from you! We do go back a long ways.

    Bet you didn’t think of it this way, but back when I read cloned animals. They. Were. Animals. With photos.

    And, thus, their auras showed in their photos. Not true of pictures of food. Somehow I have a hunch that aura reading is not why so many folks post restaurant photos on Facebook. 😉

  31. 31

    Although food has energy, it doesn’t have an aura in the way that you do. Or I do.

    So, how CAN I help you and others concerned about what you’re eating? A personal session of Soul Thrill Aura Research. (Especially check out the description in the Asian eggplant-colored box a bit down from the top.)

    Looking forward to being of service to you, SOPHIE.

  32. 32
    Emily T says:

    Ooh Sophie if you do end up doing Soul Thrill Aura research on this, please report back!

    I researched organic VS non-organic vegetables for example, and there was a big difference for me. I wonder what your results would be!

  33. 33

    EMILY T, thank you for all your blog contributions today.

    From what you just wrote, I gather that for you, organic veggies were far superior. However, I want to make sure that everyone know that I have also done Soul Thrill Aura Research that has gone exactly the other way.

  34. 34

    For example, see the video demo that I did with a very good sport. Who received shocking results.

    To find this YouTube video, go onto this page about RES Energy READING-type sessions.

    Then scroll down. The video is right above the heading “How to Prepare.”

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