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Awakening Age Anniversary. 5 Years!

Awakening Age Anniversary 5

Awakening Age Anniversary 5. Today let’s celebrate.

Awakening Age Anniversary 5. Yes, five years ago the Age of Faith ended on earth. Know it or not — and most of us didn’t — what happened? Humanity began to live in the Age of Awakening.

Since then, what’s different for you?

Much has changed since Dec. 21, 2012. Provided you understood this one basic thing:

The psychic barrier left forever. Giving a new vibrational freedom to everyone on earth.

Making this a great day to open up your copy of “The New Strong.” Reread at will.

What if you haven’t read this book yet? Today would be a dazzling day to start.

Celebrate, Even If Others Remain Clueless

How will you celebrate Awakening Age Anniversary 5? Perhaps you might give a copy of “The New Strong” to a friend. Somebody who’s slowly moving away from favorite trends of the New Age Years. (1980-12/21/12)

A smart person you know who’s way too smart to miss out. Millions keep following The Old Rules for success. Whereas they could just as easily follow The New Rules in this Age of Awakening.

And millions have tasted spiritual awakening. Yet have no clue about what to do with it.

Awakening Age Anniversary Mystery

Why, exactly, haven’t more people noticed? Especially since there was so much media coverage for the entire year preceding the Shift.

Later, after The Age of Awakening actually began…. Buh-Bye went all the media coverage.

Kinda nutty.

Really, I don’t understand why more people haven’t gotten it yet. For me the biggest shocker came this year. When I received my author’s copies of “The New Strong.” As published by JAICO, a major and highly respected Indian publisher.

Inspired to see the gorgeous cover, I turned to the back. Where JAICO’s editors had created their own way of describing my book. A very interesting way. Including this statement:

“Vanquish negative vibes from your surroundings and live consciously.”

An interesting concept, for sure. Instantly recognizable as a New Age cliche.

Opposite — exactly the opposite — of the message in “The New Strong.”

So yes. I’ve definitely had occasion to ponder this mystery. Why have so many people been so resistant to acknowledging in this Age of Awakening?

Search me… Maybe you have some ideas… Anyway…

Awakening Age Anniversary 5. Celebrating As the Founder of RES!

Here’s what I’ve noticed, Blog-Buddies, about Rosetree Energy Spirituality. A.k.a. RES. A.k.a. Really Effective Skills.

Big growth for those of you who have been paying attention to The Age of Awakening.  The most dramatic example is what happened right after I offered The New Strong Workshop in person, for the first time.

Within a few months, four course participants moved into Enlightenment.

In general, there’s been a lot of consciousness wake-up among RES book readers, workshop participants, and Blog-Buddies.

Since 12-21-12, so far 28 people have moved into Enlightenment. Equally exciting is the progress of many long-term RES clients. Some of whom may well move into Enlightenment in the near future. Seems to this Enlightenment Coach, they’re mighty close.

Also exciting: Since 12-21-12, many of you have done Name Alignment® Aura Research. Greatly accelerating your spiritual evolution. And the funny thing is, I have a really hard time remembering your original names. They were just so extremely unhelpful, not at all suited to a lively soul expression. While those new names are super-easy to remember.

Discoveries within RES have been similarly easy. Such as the five brand-new in-person workshops I’m preparing for 2018.

Like all these new trademarked skill sets. About as hard to figure out as watching butter melt on a hot sweet potato.

Which New Trademarks? Awakening Age Trademarks!

  1. Causational AGREEMENT Transformation™
  2. Causational BELIEF Transformation™
  3. Consciousness Positioning Consults®
  4. Name Alignment® Aura Research
  5. Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®
  6. Soul Thrill® Aura Research
  7. Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading™
  8. Spiritually Sparkling® Energy Healing Skills
  9. Vibrational Re-Positioning®

When the website redesign goes live, you can read more about all of them. Incidentally, aiming for January 8, 2018 as the launch date.

Awakening Age Anniversary 5. Celebrating Changes in My Personal Life

So much to celebrate when it comes to my personal life, as well.

Increasingly I value my human life, human relationships,  human happiness, human success.

None of this flashy! None of it astral-flashy. (As in The Romance of the Astral.)

In 2017 I even learned how to walk heel-to-toe. Rather than plonking down the top half of each foot. Barely touching down at the heel at all.

I remember reading about Merlin, from the days of King Arthur. Ascended Master Merlin, as I think of him. According to legend, he was born old and grew younger over the years.

Inspires me, since I was born such a space-case. Unlike many New Agers who believe “earth’s vibrations are rising” or the goal of life is to prepare to live in higher dimensions… And differently from certain Christians who keep wishing for a “Rapture”…

I believe that my planet is here to stay. For a long time to come. And I’m here to help make earth’s future good.

Fortunately, over the years, I really have learned a great deal about living in a human-type body. Living here on earth. Relating to this world as someone who’s identifiably and wholeheartedly human.

Please, share your own stories of growth over the past five years. I know that so many of you have so much to share.

It’s my privilege to serve as a teacher and helper to you. And to keep on evolving along with you.

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  1. 1
    Lilian says:

    Thanks Rose. It’s certainly been helpful to have the knowledge you have to offer.

    Just to offer a typically (from me) unhelpful tangent. I’ve been thinking recently that my Saturn return finished just before the Age of Awakening started. (Dec 11- Oct 12).

    Which confirms to me that my soul was dead set on kicking my arse in this lifetime.

  2. 2
    Lilian says:

    Obviously, Saturn is a taskmaster that keeps your feet on the ground.

    It’s interesting to think how our souls are using these inter age lifetimes as opportunities to evolve. And that’s really nothing to do with vanquishing negatives vibes.

  3. 3
    Valerie says:

    Rose the knowledge and understanding you share with us is invaluable to me, and the New Strong Workshop was a very big part of my 2017 growth.

    I can relate to what you say about increasingly valuing my human life, human relationships, human happiness, and human success.

  4. 4
    AJ says:

    So much has been different for me since moving into the Age of Awakening. Most notably, moving into Enlightenment!

  5. 5
    Sandra says:

    The first New Strong Workshop was amazing, indeed! No surprise so many attendees moved into Enlightenment.

    “The New Strong” continues to be my number one guide for navigating the Age of Awakening. Essential even after moving into Enlightenment!

  6. 6
    Katriina says:

    5 years ago: I had resigned myself to the idea that life from there on was a slow slide to old age and death.

    Falling asleep to audio by Esther Hicks, and trying to meditate more during the day.

  7. 7
    Katriina says:

    Now: engaging fully in my human life with so many projects (fun ones, chosen purely for my own delight) in the works and an inceasing circle of friends.

    Enjoying the ride as the main event instead of something to tolerate or escape.

  8. 8
    Explorer says:

    Counting my lucky stars for discovering RES and you Rose!

    The best gift I could possibly give myself.

  9. 9
    Explorer says:

    Katriina, I’ve been in the same boat as you described in your comments #6 & 7.

    I especially started to more and more appreciate “Enjoying the ride as the main event instead of something to tolerate or escape.”

  10. 10
    Explorer says:

    New Strong has been truly a life safer!

    I get the techniques and apply them, some daily.

  11. 11
    Explorer says:

    Defining technique times however continues to be a challenge for me.

    Especially identifying the Unofficial Technique times, of which most are left overs from the New Age Years of self help and constant psychological analyzing.

  12. 12
    Explorer says:

    Even simply reading a book, not self help but still offering thought provoking insights, can be tricky.

    Yes, over thinking is not fun in the Age of Awakening. Repercussions are much more uncomfortable and confusing.

  13. 13
    Katriina says:

    Explorer, I agree completely with your comment #10. I hate to even imagine where I’d be had I not found RES when I did.

  14. 14
    Kylie says:

    All of these comments resonate with me.

    It has certainly been a growth packed five years for me.

  15. 15
    Kylie says:

    Since 2012 I have become a skilled empath,
    changed my name,
    changed my diet,
    moved into enlightenment,
    completed a graduate degree,
    became a professional,
    moved to a new city,
    learned how to drive and became a car owner,
    learned to speak and read Chinese,
    made wonderful friends,
    went from living with strangers to sharing a home with my sister,
    cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner,
    and more.

  16. 16
    Kylie says:

    Along the way I’ve overcome some pretty big challenges and find that my trust in myself and my trust in spiritual connection grows more every day.

  17. 17
    Emily T says:

    Kylie I love your list! Amazing!

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