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Cool Contest

Cool Contest

Cool Contest. Enter and you may win a free aura reading, face reading, or Skilled Empath Merge.

Cool Contest! Because considering somebody “cool” is a matter of opinion. YOUR opinion, in this case. Adding an element of fascination right there! Since many of us readers and lurkers have come to know and care about… many of you who comment here often. Who will KAYCEE and SEAN consider cool?

Whether you usually comment here or not, consider yourself cordially invited. Come, enter this contest — naming any public figures you think are cool.

What else might you want to know, just for fun? First of all, is this our first contest at this blog in 2018. Besides that, have I ever written a blog post on a cooler day? Never! Not since the first blog post here. Over 10 years ago, in September 2007.

Because the latest freaky, cranky weather that’s sweeping up America’s East Coast? Soooooooooo cold. Here in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., it’s 4 degrees, what with wind chill.

Considerably below freezing. And in a locale where, usually, you’d barely need a winter coat in January.

So, Blog-Buddies, if you happen to read this post in a place that just as nippy… or even more frigid… May this contest warm your heart, at a minimum.

Cool Contest. Where YOU Define “Cool”

Yes, we’re going to have fun with this contest.

Nominate public figures who are cool. Far as you’re concerned.

Which is all that matters. (Maybe not all that matters in life. But all you need for entering this contest.)

Cool Contest — How to Enter

Enter as often as you like. Please use a separate comment box for each contest nominee. To be considered a contest entry, your comment needs to include all the following:

  1. Choose a public figure whom you consider to be COOL.
  2. Supply the name of your nominee. (But you knew that. 😉 )
  3. Please supply a photo link to your nominee, a one-click type link. Please choose a photo clearly showing that person’s face from the front. Also, it would be great if that photo included some of that person’s torso, also facing front.
  4. Indicate which you would prefer to receive about the public figure — and why. Will you choose a face reading? An aura reading? A Skilled Empath Merge?
  5. Say what you mean by “cool.” (To some it’s admirable, to others it’s about wearing the latest fashions, etc).
  6. Describe what that person has done as  a public figure.
  7. Best of all, let us know: Why cool?

Contest closes February 7, 2018, awarding three prizes in weeks to follow.

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  1. 101

    SEAN M, I’m glad you’re looking forward to those follow-up posts as well. Due to the timing of that contest, awarding the majority of prizes is delayed by what? Can you guess?

    Every year I do Aura Reading Movie Reviews, in advance of the Academy Awards ceremony. Which will occur on the first Sunday in March. Expect follow-up blog posts for the Cool Contest to appear after that date.

  2. 102

    Second prize in this contest went today to MORGAN. With her nomination of big-hearted novelist Robin Hobb.

    You’ll find it here.

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