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Friendship Potentials, Age of Awakening

Friendship Potentials

Friendship Potentials are different now. Hint: It’s pretty hard to find a photo of friends together that DOESN’T display the outdated items that shows in today’s photo. Can you spot them? (See Comment 1.)

Friendship Potentials! Learn 10 ways to build a better social life in The Age of Awakening. Because great change can bring you great opportunity.

Already we’ve begun to explore “Changing Friendships in the Age of Awakening.” Now it’s time for Part Two of this series.

Friendship Potentials 1. Spiritual Evolution Is Crazy-Variable Now

Why do so many old friends leave you? How come many families stop holding together? Because now different folks often evolve at different rates.

Living in The Age of Awakening, a person can evolve far faster than pre-12/21/12. (Like you Blog-Buddies.) Or one can experiment with spiritual addiction, spiritual shutdown, etc. As summarized in our previous post.

So yes, a person’s degree of spiritual awakening could be just about anything now.

What makes that amount of personal growth soooooooo crazy-variable now? Because:

A person’s state of consciousness doesn’t show.

Although most people think it does. Showing through eating pure. Or carrying a yoga mat.

Seems to me, even yoga classes today aren’t necessarily as advertised. Maybe you’ve already read this extreme example. If not, read it now. And consider it an example of today’s crazy-making confusions.

Your potential opportunity? Don’t be fooled by appearances.

Then your pursuit of friendship can be simpler.

Not complicated by half-lies, or worse.

Friendship Potentials 2. Limiting Your Support Through the Internet

Whatever your interests, whatever your needs… there’s an app for that. Or a group on Facebook.

Consequently, your friends may feel that they need you less. And vice versa.

Sometimes the internet can bring support. Like a certain blog with the best comments. 😉

But research has shown a direct correlation between time spent on Facebook and feeling socially inadequate, etc.

Your potential opportunity? Spend time with people.

Live people, physically present along with you.

Cherish those lines in the supermarket!

Seriously, this fulfills a basic human need: Spend face time with other live, breathing humans. Please stop confusing this with needing friends.

Your deep friendships don’t have to live in the neighborhood. You can call them or Skype them.

Maybe make a monthly appointment to do so. Rather than leaving your happiness to chance.

Friendship Potentials 3. You’re More Spiritually Awake Than Most

Exhibit A? You’re at this blog.

With your current level of consciousness, you’re probably more demanding than most about friendships.

More demanding, for instance, than Hay House Publishing! Which has the lion’s share of prestige, not to mention money. Yet my aura research suggests… Sadly, a shockingly high percentage of Hay House authors now live in extreme spiritual addiction.

So how come you’re here instead? Or you prefer other counter-culture resources within personal growth? Because you’re definitely in the minority today.

Seems to me, that makes you a leader!

But, regarding your friendships, let’s deal with an elephant in your social-gathering room:

Although you are probably willing to stay friends with people who are more sleepy-like in their awareness. Guess what? You’re probably going to make them feel uncomfortable.

Don’t blame anyone for this, please. Except the fact that auric modeling really exists. And it’s a powerful force in sorting out how we feel about people.

Your potential opportunity? Accept that it’s a time of tremendous change. And technology is the least of it.

Spiritually, birds of a feather flock together. Seek friendships with those who are living in Human-Based Spirituality, or even The New Strong. Seek and you really can find!

Friendship Potentials 4. You May Grow Disenchanted with One-Way Friendships

That doesn’t make you fickle! Blog-Buddies, you know the kind of “friendship” I mean. Where you do the giving. Acting like a lay psychotherapist. Or volunteering to do energy healing or energy reading.

I’ll admit it. During my last two “deceased” best-friendships, I fell into that trap.

Imbalanced relationships never work for long.

How come? Maybe because your “taker” friends know the truth, deep down.

  • Sometimes they’ll feel guilty or unworthy. And drop the friendship.
  • Alternatively, you may weary of an imbalanced friendship.
  • Either way, unequal friendships really, really don’t work well since the Shift. More than five years ago, now, right?

Your potential opportunity? Ask yourself. Have been doing more than your share of giving?

If so, cut it out. Even-Steven is a far better way to maintain friendships in The Age of Awakening.

Friendship Potentials 5. Mind the Gap

Has the difference between friendship expectations and reality ever been greater? Probably not.

Consider: what were you taught about friendship when growing up?

  • That you’d have great friendships with your neighbors?
  • Or that friendship is supposed to be for life?
  • Even this one: That you’d spend more time each day talking to real-live people… than watching TV!

How’s that working out for you?

Your potential opportunity? Please comment below: What were you, personally, taught while growing up… to expect from friendship?

Versus what do you believe now! Taught by life experience rather than expectations.

Friendship Potentials 6. Paying the Price for Friendships

More than ever, in the Age of Awakening, you pay the price for friendship. What if you want more dates, for instance? Then accept reality at this time:

  • You’re going to spend lots of time. And money.
  • Either you’ll join an online dating service. Or several.
  • Perhaps you’ll find a church that’s compatible with your current beliefs.
  • Alternatively you’ll take some classes. Or invest time in volunteer work.

But you knew about paying the price for good things in life, right?

Your potential opportunity? Budget for that.

Instead of expecting to meet the person next door and fall in love.

Or to meet in childhood and become lifelong sweethearts.

Blog-Buddies, feel free to substitute other Age of Faith romantic stories… Which don’t apply any more, either!

You see, you’re living in The Age of Awakening now.

A time with unprecedented potential for fast spiritual growth.

But not the time to incarnate in order to have a nice, stable lifetime. Strongly connected to everybody who lives in your town.

Note: Such places do still exist, of course. But don’t be surprised at what you find… If you visit and research some auras with Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Most likely, the majority of folks there… live in spiritual shutdown.

Friendship Potentials 7. Cherish Every Bit of Human Connection

Are you used to having a special, elevated category called “Friend”?

Which would be, pardon my saying, awfully Age of Faith.

Might you think that nothing else will do, other than having a dedicated friend? Or an official best friend?

Please! You don’t live in that world any more. Maybe you’ll have some good friends, maybe not. (Depends a lot on where you live and who’s available.)

Your potential opportunity? Cherish ever human connection you get. Appreciate this for what it is!

Friend? Schmend! Enjoy every sweet exchange with another person:

In an elevator.

While waiting in line… anywhere.

That friendly receptionist you might bump into every few months at your health club.

Take every chance you get to talk to somebody human.

Go share a smile. Even a simple, surfacey exchange helps to fill you up humanly.

Friendship Potentials 8. Let the Old Expectations Go

Life is no longer tribal. At least for people who are growing rapidly.

You got a big dose of reality if you read “The New Strong.” Including comparing The Old Rules with The New Rules.

BTW, what if you haven’t read that book yet? You might be surprised.

  • At all the insights that explain so much.
  • Easy — but quite indispensable —  dedicated RES Energy HEALING techniques.
  • How much better that short book helps you feel! Plus all you learn about how to live better now.

What if you’re more comfortable learning without so much reading? Check out The New Strong Collection of Online Workshops. Starting with the Free Intro.

Your potential opportunity? Take an inventory.

Questions like these could be good for starters. If I know you, once you answer these four, you’ll generate plenty of extras. All of which can help you to understand better what’s happening NOW with your social life.

  1. How many close friends did you think you’d have by the age you are now?
  2. And how easy did you think it would be to maintain those friends?
  3. Also, did you expect that — inside — they would remain pretty much the same people as when you first met them?
  4. Oh yes, let’s not forget this one: What if your high school friends expected you to stay just the same? Are you sorry that you’ve changed so much?

Friendship Potentials 9. Face Reality

Early years of The Age of Awakening are going to be lonely for many of us. Unless we re-define “lonely.”

  • What if you’re feeling discouraged by the reality of your social life? Might I suggest a personal session of RES Energy HEALING?
  • Concerning fast learning about new friendships? Book a session of RES Energy READING. Send photos of those new candidates for your affection.

And know that one of the very best ways to learn about reality now… Is for you to get yourself energetic literacy (already).

You’ve been able to read this article on your own, haven’t you? Can you imagine how  slowed down you’d be in life, not being able to do word literacy?

At a time when everybody is evolving at different rates, please give yourself this gift. Along with knowing more about The Age of Awakening. Discover how Stage Three Energetic Literacy will transform your life. Especially your social life.

Your potential opportunity? Understand and accept that you’re living in The Age of Awakening.

Even if others aren’t talking about it. Or our 24/7 media. (Weird, I know. Nonetheless, true.)

Media silence notwithstanding, friendship is different now. You’re different now. Your speed of evolution can be way faster now.

So learn what’s what!

Friendship Potentials 10. Set New Friendship Goals. Then Follow Through!

It can help you to assess what you’ve got going now socially. How many close friends? How many casual relationships?

Your potential opportunity?

To improve things, what are you willing to do? Can be this simple:

  1. Make a plan, like 5 minutes daily researching: Where can I go, physically go, to meet other people?
  2. Once or twice a week, get out and go.
  3. Making new friends is a numbers game. Keep at it, again and again. Don’t give up, and you will find your new friends.

Remember, be prepared to pay that price.

Otherwise you do have a very different choice: Revise your expectations. Right-size them to fit your personal priorities now, as a leader of The Age of Awakening.

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  1. 1
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Outdated items? Cocktails. Booze.

    Isn’t it common to associate alcohol with making friends? Sloshed as the great way to gain social confidence?

    Only you may know that even craft beers and exquisite wines can spell trouble now, in The Age of Awakening.

  2. 2
    Rose Rosetree says:

    On the other hand, living in The Age of Awakening means that you’ve got a new, huge, vibrational freedom.

    You don’t need liquor for loosening up any more. Without drinking, your consciousness flows quite freely.

    Same with cannabis, BTW. So outdated!

  3. 3
    Lilian says:

    So many good ideas here Rose.

    Personally, I’m used to my life being fairly unexplainable to innocent third parties while growing up, so I’ve actually figured out a similar way of going about things as outlined here.

    When you can’t take certain things for granted, there are a whole bunch of social skills you can develop.

  4. 4
    Lilian says:

    The main thing has been to appreciate what a particular person can bring to you, within a certain context, and appreciate that for what it is.

  5. 5
    Lilian says:

    And not build up more expectations that are unrealistic.

  6. 6
    Lilian says:

    A newer thing is: “Because now different folks often evolve at different rates.”

    This is something I have to consciously factor in nowadays… and it’s difficult to act on this, but it’s worse to force things that just don’t work anymore…

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    I love this blog post and the one before it–for me learning the lessons in this post has been a major focus of the past several years.

    Letting go of friendships that weren’t working, and letting go of the hurt when people have not been interested in friendship with me. Learning to discern who is a person I can have true friendships with.

    I have definitely found this to be true: “Although you are probably willing to stay friends with people who are more sleepy-like in their awareness. Guess what? You’re probably going to make them feel uncomfortable.”

  8. 8
    Kylie says:

    Strengthening my deeper perception has helped me to recognize quickly who is a “bird of the same feather” and not to waste my time trying to develop a connection with people who do not want or are not able to connect.

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    I also prioritized moving to an area where I knew I could have good friends, and I am so glad I did that.

    Having good friends makes all other troubles in life easier.

    Having friends who are interested in emotional and spiritual growth accelerates my own growth.

  10. 10
    Kylie says:

    I also love what you say about enjoying every sweet exchange that you do have.

    I have come to notice those kind of interactions more and more.

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    I also think it is really important to actively seek out and develop connections.

    In college, it is easy to make friends.

    As an adult, if you want friends you have to actively go after them. Especially if you don’t have skills of deeper perception–it really is a numbers game. How many new people do you meet through your job? And if you don’t meet them there, where are you going to meet them?

  12. 12
    Mel says:

    I’ve met nice people my age but I find it so hard to get the relationship past the texting or social media level and into phone calls or face-to-face contact.

    So while I’m in this middle place it’s nice to read a perspective like this blog post.

  13. 13
    KayCee says:

    I was taught nary a thing about friendships as a child, but I learned a lot on my own through curious observation.

    I’d like to think that, over the years, I learned to put in to my relationships, to nurture them. Then I learned about putting in too much!

  14. 14
    KayCee says:

    Now I’m learning to trust what is right for me, even when relationships are dwindling. Takes discernment and not staying too long in less-than scenarios.

    Not easy. Downright frightening, sometimes, especially while navigating through other major transitions.

  15. 15
    KayCee says:

    But, you know? This post is validating and so encouraging. So much here!

    This really landed: “Spend face time with other live, breathing humans. Please stop confusing this with needing friends.”

  16. 16
    KayCee says:


    Been hard on myself when the best I could do was get to the store or do errands. But, once I stopped expecting to be terrorized by the world, and put some effort back into dressing nicely for the day, my mood lifted.

    I met lovely people in short windows of time. It was fun!

  17. 17
    KayCee says:

    Just now recalling my granddaughter telling the group that I make friends everywhere we go. Rolling her eyes, with a grin on her face.

    Means a lot to realize I’m teaching her something and, in many ways, the buck really has stopped here.

  18. 18
    KayCee says:

    As an aside, I am a young grandmother with a youthful spirit. Been wanting to say this to those of you who are interested in knowing each other better here.

    Trying to balance participation and growth with not saying too much. ?

    As always, thank you all for these conversations.

  19. 19
    KayCee says:

    (Sorry, Rose.) PS, it helps that my grief is lifting now but I would still love to hear ideas.

    How do you all press through wanting to isolate because you don’t think you’ll be good company? Yet, needing to be with others.

  20. 20
    Jean says:

    Great post!

    So helpful to see options for connecting with like minded others.

  21. 21
    Jean says:

    Setting appointments to chat is one thing that works for me 🙂

  22. 22
    Jean says:

    “You see, you’re living in The Age of Awakening now.

    A time with unprecedented potential for fast spiritual growth.

    But not the time to incarnate in order to have a nice, stable lifetime. Strongly connected to everybody who lives in your town.”

    Important for me to keep the above concept… plugged in.

  23. 23
    Jean says:

    “Although you are probably willing to stay friends with people who are more sleepy-like in their awareness. Guess what? You’re probably going to make them feel uncomfortable.”


  24. 24
    Anchie says:

    Rose, thank you so much for this blog post.

    So many points resonated with me- including, “Spend face time with other live, breathing humans. Please stop confusing this with needing friends.”.

    Thank you for clarifying expectations versus reality, as well as providing clear suggestions for how to fulfill a basic human need of being with other live humans! I will be re-reading this post many times.

  25. 25
    Gillian says:

    I just watched a really interesting TED talk about how to live to 100 (perish the thought!).

    Very interestingly, the top factor was NOT close relationships (though that was also very important), but rather, ‘social interaction,’ as in, the extent to which a person interacted with people throughout their day -with the postman, the person walking their dog, the sales assistant etc. I thought that chimed pretty well with this post!

  26. 26

    GILLIAN, I agree. Excellent chiming! Thanks so much for sharing here.

    You know, at Earth School we’re animals and have some needs that have more to do with being in animal bodies than some of the other considerations. Seems to me, the need to be in the physical presence of other humans helps to satisfy this kind of need.

    While deeper needs for friendship are altogether different, and related to our spiritual evolution.

  27. 27
    Gillian says:

    Yes! Also interestingly, the same TED talk referred to some neuroscience research where they compared the value of being in the physical presence of someone as opposed to simply contacting them virtually. And the brain scans revealed very clearly that being physically present with someone had huge benefits compared to texting, email etc.

    You got there before them, Rose :-), but it’s interesting that neuroscience is finding the same thing.

  28. 28
    Caroline says:

    I just saw this article in the New York Times from 4/16/18 about how people who are friends seem to have brain activity more alike – and it made me think of the influence of auric modeling.

    I wonder if there is a connection between what they are measuring and other auric similarities.

  29. 29

    What a great share, CAROLINE. Thank you.

    Brain activity is one way to assess friendship. Listening to how friends converse is another. Aura reading is yet another.

    Amazing Earth School offers us innumerable ways to gain perspective on human behavior, fleshing out the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

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