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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter. May clean and joyful knowledge continue to ring.

January 2018 Newsletter — our first since the website redesign.

Will I continue to create that free monthly newsletter? Definitely.

“Reading Life Deeper” will continue, for sure. Here I’ll share some “What to expects” that may surprise you.

January 2018 Newsletter: Why Continue?

  1. Maybe you’ve been wondering. Why would I bother to keep on writing this newsletter? After all:
  2. Now we’ve got a much more informative resource about Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). The main website is packed with info. Up-to-date info, at that!
  3. Writing for Pathways Magazine, I’m continuing to create extra articles there. Honored to serve as their first-ever columnist on “Energetic Literacy.” (Reminds me, I haven’t yet used “Second Serial Rights” to share my latest column yet. Well, will do!)
  4. As for this blog, it’s growing livelier. So many wonderful comments thanks to you Blog-Buddies!
  5. Monitoring this blog, and writing new posts — that doesn’t take zero time. Actually it takes a ridiculously large amount of time. (Love it! Since it feels to me like so many of you are visiting me — and each other — every single day.)
  6. But now I’ve also got the Forums for the emerging Online Workshops. And you can expect plenty of them to be developed from now on, you know.
  7. Responding to assignments and questions also take daily time now, like the blog.
  8. Plus all of 2017 went by without my publishing a single book. Which felt weird. Especially since I had one in progress. But just couldn’t take the time to bring it into the world. Being so busy developing Online Workshops.

So why take all the extra time and care… Required to give you the kind of newsletter I’ve been sending out once a month? Mainly this reason:

Seems to me, “Reading Life Deeper” offers you something extra. Such as the topic in this January 2018 issue. Which will be, “Don’t Fear Losing Your Light.”

January 2018 Newsletter: What’s Not Changing

Yes! I’m excited about continuing this monthly tradition. Consistently provided since 2009!

What isn’t changing?

Articles with a bit more depth. Or sometimes controversy. Compared to what shows on this public blog.

And what else isn’t changing?

  • A newsletter given to you for free, no strings attached.
  • Depending on your level of interest, the newsletter can be an easy way to stay informed. I’ve no doubt that some folks just read that newsletter. Then come over here to the blog only when inspired by “The Best of the Blog.” (This regular feature in the newsletter gives you links. Summarizing the standout blog posts for the previous month.)
  • Whereas you avid blog readers appreciate the most in-depth RES knowledge. (Short of taking an  in-person workshop, online workshop, or reading one of my books.)

As for the practical, integrity aspects:

We still keep your private info private.

And we still refuse to rent or — ugh! “share” — or sell your personal details. Geesh!

January 2018 Newsletter: But Just a Bit Will Be Changing

Mainly this change relates to continuing education about RES. Because now I do have the ability to create online workshops. So I plan to incorporate some newsletter content. Or expand upon some of it. As part of an online workshop.

This month’s article, for instance. I got so into writing it for you, wham! In came the idea of a related online workshop. So the next thing I did was to outline that workshop. Which can have loads of related information.

Blog-Buddies, you’re getting the idea, right? Between an up-to-date website and the ability to generate on-demand workshops, a lot more RES-style knowledge is coming.

One technical change deserves to be mentioned as well. Around here, Mitch Weber has several jobs. One is RES Workshop Manager. In this capacity, he used to maintain a separate list of people who asked to be notified about our workshops. Now he’s combining the lists.

So we’re aiming for a monthly newsletter, alternating with a reminder about events of interest. Such as upcoming live workshops! And newly released online workshops!

To give you an idea of how fast RES knowledge is growing… check out the Online Workshops that are starting to populate our Workshops section of this website.

January 2018 Newsletter: Signing Up

If you’re already signed up for “Reading Life Deeper,” no worries. You’re still signed up.

Please, if you’re swapping out email addresses, help us out. Unsubscribe from the old address. Then subscribe using the new one. It’s still the same sweet person getting the newsletter. 🙂 We know.

How about signing up now?

  1. Simply go to the Home Page. (For that, just click on the RES logo at the top of the page.)
  2. Scroll all the way down.
  3. And then you’ll find the signup box. Easy-peasy.

In Conclusion

Thanks for sharing in the ongoing adventure of RES. You inspire me. May those bells of knowledge continue to ring, helping to bring more truth into our world.

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  1. 1
    Evolving says:

    Hi Rose, We just talked.

    How do you handle being friends with someone from your soul group who is in spiritual addiction? I feel like I am supposed to guide her or be of some influence.

    At the same time I have my own self to figure out.

  2. 2

    EVOLVING, thank you so much for sending your first blog comment here.

    You’ve asked such a heartfelt question, and it’s one of general interest as well (which matters, for blog comments to be made live).

    I’m aiming to create a blog post in response next week (this week already being booked up, blog-wise). For now, for you and all the other Blog-Buddies who may share your concern, might I suggest reading this previous article?

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    Looking forward to reading it!

  4. 4

    EMILY, thanks. EVOLVING, this Soul Group Blog Post is — first and foremost — for you.

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